Collective Nouns For Tools (With Meaning and Examples)

Collective nouns, also known as group nouns or noun phrases, are a fascinating aspect of the English language. These unique words are used to describe a collection or group of individuals or things. While collective nouns for animals and people may be well-known, it is less common to explore the realm of collective nouns for inanimate objects. In this article, we delve into the intriguing world of collective nouns for tools.

What is the Collective Noun For Tools?

The collective noun for tools is a “set” or “kit” of tools. For example, you might say, “He has a set of tools in his garage” or “She carries a kit of tools in her backpack.” These terms are commonly used to refer to a collection of various tools that are used for specific tasks or purposes.

Here are the 10 Collective Nouns For Tools:

  1. Arsenal of tools
  2. Array of tools
  3. Assortment of tools
  4. Compilation of tools
  5. Trove of tools
  6. Cache of tools
  7. Kit of tools
  8. Accumulation of tools
  9. Inventory of tools
  10. Set of tools

Collective Nouns For Tools

  1. Ensemble of implements
  2. Inventory of contraptions
  3. Batch of tools
  4. Bundle of tools
  5. Store of implements
  6. Aggregation of machinery
  7. Range of tools
  8. Compilation of machinery
  9. Trove of tools
  10. Reserve of tools
  11. Stockpile of devices
  12. Inventory of utensils
  13. Aggregation of tools
  14. Cluster of tools
  15. Stock of tools
  16. Set of gear
  17. Assortment of implements
  18. Batch of machines
  19. Repertoire of implements
  20. Cluster of contrivances
  21. Selection of gear
  22. Gathering of implements
  23. Compendium of equipment
  24. Lot of tools
  25. Collection of tools
  26. Trove of appliances
  27. Combination of implements
  28. Batch of gadgets
  29. Group of tools
  30. Stockpile of tools
  31. Ensemble of tools
  32. Pool of tools
  33. Bank of tools
  34. Compilation of tools
  35. Collection of contraptions
  36. Host of gadgets
  37. Array of tools
  38. Accumulation of gear
  39. Cache of tools
  40. Accumulation of tools
  41. Array of implements
  42. Assembly of gear
  43. Array of equipment
  44. Kit of tools
  45. Medley of tools
  46. Set of utensils
  47. Suite of tools
  48. Cache of devices
  49. Amassment of tools
  50. Set of tools
  51. Collection of instruments
  52. Muster of tools
  53. Trove of equipment
  54. Stock of devices
  55. Pack of equipment
  56. Gathering of tools
  57. Panoply of gadgets
  58. Aggregation of implements
  59. Pack of tools
  60. Store of tools
  61. Combination of tools
  62. Cluster of implements
  63. Variety of tools
  64. Assembly of tools
  65. Trove of machinery
  66. Selection of tools
  67. Muster of utensils
  68. Mob of tools
  69. Set of implements
  70. Bank of instruments
  71. Compilation of implements
  72. Combination of gadgets
  73. Array of utensils
  74. Accumulation of implements
  75. Horde of tools
  76. Grouping of tools
  77. Suite of appliances
  78. Arsenal of tools
  79. Bundle of utensils
  80. Mix of tools
  81. Panoply of tools
  82. Grouping of machinery
  83. Host of tools
  84. Multiplicity of tools
  85. Selection of machines
  86. Assortment of tools
  87. Gathering of contraptions
  88. Inventory of tools
  89. Repertoire of gear
  90. Assortment of gadgets
  91. Repertoire of tools
  92. Mob of devices
  93. Mass of tools
  94. Pool of instruments
  95. Mix of implements
  96. Assortment of contraptions
  97. Assortment of machines
  98. Compendium of tools
  99. Mass of equipment

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What is the Collective Noun For Tools

Collective Nouns For Tools With Meaning and Examples

  1. Kit

Meaning: A compact set of tools kept together for a particular function or task.


first-aid kit, sewing kit, survival kit

  1. Assortment

Meaning: A diverse collection of various tools or implements.


hammer, screwdriver, wrench

  1. Array

Meaning: An ordered arrangement of tools or equipment.


drill, saw, pliers

  1. Collection

Meaning: A group of tools gathered or assembled for a specific purpose.


gardening collection, crafting collection, cooking collection

  1. Batch

Meaning: A quantity of tools produced or gathered together as a set.


woodworking batch, baking batch, painting batch

  1. Inventory

Meaning:  A complete list or stock of tools available in a particular place.


kitchen inventory, garage inventory, workshop inventory

  1. Array

Meaning: A selection of tools presented in an organized manner.


fishing array, barber’s array, makeup artist’s array

  1. Accouterment

Meaning: Tools or equipment that complement or accessorize a specific activity.


baking accouterment, photography accouterment, camping accouterment

  1. Resource

Meaning: A pool of tools and materials that can be utilized for various purposes.


educational resource, artistic resource, mechanical resource

  1. Trove

Meaning: A valuable collection of tools, often acquired over time.


antique trove, craftsman’s trove, technology trove

  1. Muster

Meaning: A gathering or assembly of tools for inspection or use.


carpenter’s muster, electrician’s muster, military muster

  1. Cache

Meaning: A hidden supply or stash of tools for emergencies or convenience.


emergency cache, explorer’s cache, survivalist’s cache

  1. Outfit

Meaning: A complete set of tools required for a particular activity or occupation.


barbecue outfit, plumbing outfit, medical outfit

  1. Assemblage

Meaning: A collection of various tools brought together for a common purpose.


gardening assemblage, painting assemblage, electrical assemblage

  1. Gather

Meaning: A group of tools or equipment gathered or prepared for use. Examples:

camping gather, artist’s gather, construction gather

  1. Equipment

Meaning: A set of tools used for a specific task or activity.


photography equipment, gardening equipment, sports equipment

  1. Instrumentation

Meaning: A collective term for tools or devices used in scientific or technical work.


medical instrumentation, scientific instrumentation, aviation instrumentation

  1. Arsenal

Meaning: An extensive collection of tools, often associated with specific skills or expertise. Examples: culinary arsenal, writing arsenal, DIY arsenal

  1. Implement

Meaning: A tool used for carrying out a particular action or task.


farming implement, carpentry implement, cooking implement

  1. Apparatus

Meaning: A complex set of tools or equipment used for a specific purpose.


laboratory apparatus, firefighting apparatus, musical apparatus

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