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Dawn vocabulary PDF download! Here is a collection of Dawn vocabulary words with their meaning .It is very interesting lesson for the beginners to learn and speak English fluently. Must try this huge list of dawn vocabulary words to improve your English.

List of words synonyms

Extrapolate  predict on the basis of existing data
Fastidious  very fussy
Glacial  icy
Altruism  Self-sacrifices
Radical  revolutionary
Equanimity  peace of mind
Depreciatory  devaluing
Momentous  of great importance
Exasperation  frustration
Credulity  belief on slight evidence
Phobic  fearful
Impetuosity  impulsiveness
Salvageable  can be saved
Steadfastness  loyalty
Encroach  trespass
Rectitude  uprightness
Intemperate  not moderate
Pilfer  steal
Reclusive  Avoid other people
Mandate  permission
Substantiate  give supporting evidence
Insolence  lack of respect
Autonomy  self-Government
Despoiled  plunder
Arcane  esoteric
Docile  obedient
Marred  spoiled
Stifling  suppressing
Hubris  excessive pride
Corroborated  supported
Unwitting  not deliberated
Censure  criticize
Intermittent  on & off
Motley  varied
Emancipators  those who set others free
Warped  twisted
Succulent  juicy
Exemplar  excellent example of
Vex  annoy
Equitable  fair and equal
Futile  useless
Affinity  kinship
Intuition  sixth sense
Rehash  revamp hurriedly
Apathetic  lacking energy or interest
Cumulative  building up
Lithe  flexible
Discrepancy  inconsistency
Consummate  supremely good
Deliberation  careful thought
Vacillate  waver
Multifarious  having many aspects
Sycophant  toady
Fraudulent  crooked
Devious  cunning
Scuttled  sunk
Slipshod  careless
Tremulous  hesitant
Foil  frustrate
Debacle  disaster
Nefarious  infamous
Profundity  depth
Conciliatory  bringing together
Heterogeneity  variety
Dilatory  slow
Pathos  sadness
Dearth  shortage
Perquisites  perks
Invocation  prayer
Contagious  passed on through touch
Eclectic  taking things from different sources
Corpulence  very fatness
Incoherence  lack of clarity
Vicarious  experience indirectly
Alleviate  make less serve
Mitigate  moderate
Opulence  lavish display of wealth
Faction  section
Indigenous  native to a locality
Entourage  group of followers
Sermonize  give moral lecture
Ceorce  compel
Cognitions  mental knowledge
Fawning  groveling
Fidelity  faithfulness
Encompassed  included
Amassed  accumulated
Ingenuous  naive
Proponent  supporter
Wannow  sift
Disingenuous  crafty
Secluded  lonely
Exacerbate  make worse
Unequivocal  certain
Sophistry  devious logic
Finagle  wheedle
Gestures  signals

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A to Z dawn vocabulary PDF

Waning  declining
Copious  in large amount
Phlegmatic  calm
Supplant  replace
Sarcasm  sneering
Expeditious  speedy
Esoteric  obscure
Presumption  assuming too much
Cerebral  concerned with thinking
Reprehensible  very bad
Treacly  too sweet
Debilitate  weaken
Tangential  off the point
Inscrutable  not easy to comprehend
Resolute  firm of purpose
Distension  swelling
Irony  something unexpected
Dubious  doubtful
Monotonous  dull
Flabbergast  shock
Venality  corruption
Lamentable  regrettable
Recrimination  blame me
Raze  known down, destroy
Anachronistic  out of normal time range
Denuded  stripped
Knack  trick
Placid  peaceful
Alacrity  speed & eagerness
Irresolute  lacking firmness of purpose
Prosaic  ordinary
Opacity  lack of transparency
Vindictive  seeking revenge
Judicious  fair
Magnanimous  generous minded
Affluence  wealth
Scrutinize  examine carefully
Innocuous  harmless
Extant  still in existence
Coalition  a union of two parts
Agnostic  unsure of the existence of god
Juxtaposition  placing two things next to each other
Sanctity  holiness
Prudent  wise
Derided  mocked
Soporific  sleep inducing
Therapeutic  medicinal
Capricious  whimsical
Quell  suppress
Myopic  short sighted
Idiosyncratic  quirky
Extirpation  destruction
Concord  agreement
Dalliance  non serious involvement
Insular  narrow minded
Insipid  flavorless
Disillusioned  freed from wrong ideas
Undermine  weaken
Precursor  forerunner
Surfeit  excess
Petulant  touchy
Hackneyed  commonplace
Lucid  clear
Intonation  tone of voice
Belied  contradicted
Overhaul  renovate
Convergence  coming together
Rudimentary  elementary
Disparaging  critical
Boorishness  rudeness
Nondescript  having no special qualities
Animosity  hostility
Epitome  essence
Officious  interfering
Exorbitant  excessive
Effacement  wiping out
Viscous  thick and sticky
Belabor  over emphasizing
Envisioning  imagining
Impudent  cheeky
Robust  strong and sturdy
Aberration  deviation
Resilience  strength
Endorsed  supported
Rhetoric  persuasive language
Squelch  suppress
Rambunctious  boisterous
Remiss  neglectful
Vulnerable  open to attack
Nihilism  belief in nothing
Acumen  sharpness of mind
Penurious  miserly
Reprieve  let off
Punctilious  meticulous
Somber  gloomy
Infusion  influx
Opting  choosing
Adroit  skillful
Irreverence  lack of respect
Rancor  bitterness and bad feeling
Grimy  dirty
Inconspicuous  not easily seen
Flag  to lose energy
Manifesto  statement of values
Meticulous  thorough
Regressive  moving backwards
Miffed  annoyed
Amalgam  mixture
Pliant  flexible
Exotic  strange
Demagogue  mob leader
Foundered  sank
Solace  comfort
Supple  flexible
Negate  wipeout
Scouring  cleaning thoroughly
Ascertain  find out
Solicitous  expressing care and concern
Insurrectionist  rebel
Voluminous  large
Tenacious  holding firmly to idea or purpose
Opportunism  grabbing opportunities
Cursory  superficial
Inconsequential  unimportant
Embellished  adorned
Litigious  seeking legal remedies
Notoriety  infamy
Bountiful  generous
Astute  wise
Onerous  burdensome
Infelicity  unsuitability
Lobby  to try to persuade
Palliative  sth that makes better but doesn`t cure
Insolvent  bankrupt
Circumvent  avoid
Versatility  ability to do many things
Augment  increase in size or number
Convivial  sociable
Temporize  put off
Jeopardize  put at risk
Paucity  scarcity
Plaudits  praise
Validated  proved right
Empathetic  exhibiting deep emotional understanding
Ambiguous  vague
Furtive  secretive
Modicum  tiny amount
Floridity  floweriness in language
Histrionic  melodramatic
Retraction  removal
Adulation  worship
Delineate  outline
Vindication  proving right
Integrity  honor
Disarming  charming
Condone  tolerate
Embodiment  living example of
Wistful  sad
Autocrat  absolute ruler
Cacophony  noise
Debunk  throw out old ideas
Abstruse  Difficult to comprehend
Meager  small
Connoisseur  expert with good taste
Reprimanded  scolded
Insufferable  cannot be tolerated
Articulation  joining
Corollary  consequence
Erudition  learning
Affability  friendliness
Rousing  stirring
Brevity  briefness
Temperamental  volatile
Unyielding  not giving up
Obsequious  slavish
Embittered  full of bitter feelings
Discernment  judgement
Callous  cruel & unfeeling
Bypass  avoid
Languid  Lacking energy
Curtail  cut short
Finesse  skill
Purportedly  apparently claiming
Indulgent  kindly
Frugal  economical
Indomitable  unshakeable
Glutton  greedy
Extol  praise
Exonerated  proved not guilty
Foster  support
Sporadic  intermittent
Occlusion  shutting out
Circumstantial  accidental
Benevolent  kindly
Mandatory  compulsory
Grating  harsh
Compendious  containing a lot in a small space
Arable  cab be cultivated
Eradicate  wipeout
Valor  bravery
Byzantine  excessive
Deferment  putting off
Empiric  found by experiment/practice
Sedate  calm
Conflagration  great fire
Formidable  inspiring awe
Peer  An equal
Transitory  short lived
Stipulated  insisted
Elitist  favoring top group
Wrath  anger
Derelict  rundown
Polarized  divided into two extremes
Egotistical  selfish
Sustain  support
Subversive  intending to overthrow
Consecrate  dedicate
Ornate  extremely decorated
Advocate  support
Serene  peaceful
intrigued  interested and curious
Nemesis  fate
Penchant  tendency
Spurned  shunned
Gratuitous  free
Candid  truthful
Preclude  prevent
Truculence  stubbornness
Squander  waste
Inane  silly
Indiscriminate  without thought
Belitters  people who criticize/disparage
Eulogy  praise
Volatile  evaporates easily
Pragmatism  practicality
Seditious  causing division or rebellion
Arbitration  mediating between disputing sides
Predilection  liking for
Propensity  tendency
Morbidity  concern with death and disease
Didactic  intending to preach or teach
Fitful  intermittent
Sedulous  thorough
Libelous  open to prosecution for libel
Manipulative  deceptive
Thwarted  prevented
Mercenary  seeking money above all else
Vigilant  wary

english vocabulary words with meaning

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english vocabulary words with meaning 1000 english vocabulary words pdf

Learning English vocabulary words

Legitimate  to make legal
Quixotic  idealistic
Excise  cut out
Naiveté  innocence
Aural  through the sense of hearing
Congenial  friendly
Imperious  in a commanding manner
Wary  cautious
Tactile  through the sense of touch
Hilarity  great laughter
Elusive  difficult to pin down
Repertoire  range
Temper  moderate
Ignominy  shame
Barrage  bombardment
Arboreal  living in trees
Insightful  perceptive
Holistic  whole
Irreproachable  cannot be criticized
Estrangement  separation
Husbandry  careful management of resources
Indictment  charge
Facile  over simplified
Ineffable  can’t be expressed in words
Ineptitude  lack of ability
Jaded  tired
Demonstrative  expressing emotions freely
Amiable  friendly
Lavish  to spend freely
Redolent  smelling of
Tribulation  trouble
Ameliorate  make better
Prospectus  brochure
Peevishness  childish sullenness
Ratify  give approval to (official)
Archaic  old fashioned
Lackadaisical  lazy
Deleterious  harmful

dawn vocabulary pdf list of english vocabulary words

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