English Words For Class 1 pdf

English Words For Class 1 PDF, In this article, we will be discussing some English vocabulary words for class 1. These words are important for students to know in order to improve their English language skills. By the end of this article, students will have a better understanding of these words and how to use them correctly.

Belch Class Curry leaf
century Declare Believer
Aid Dill Leader
Busy Control Build
Curd Cromp Actress
Abortion Awaken Appear
Accusation Squirm Chin
Report Cholera Blind
Oconut Consist Curve
Bury Cause Bachelor
Circle Adopted Coriander powder
Bring Measuring Book
Belong anemia Broke
Fascinating Apostate jealous
Protect Ankle Drag
Breast Bad cold cell
Distant Create Disappoint
Able Admit Frustrated
Ascetic Door Bake
Disappear Cherry Die
Directress Break Bronchitis
Comfortable Ordinary Decade
Always Absolution Cow
Attempt Bay leaf Arise
Discuss Miserable Certain
Decide Gigantic Burn
Dress Ignore Course
Cleave Repeat City
Call Clarified Carry
Clap Area Listen
Bran Basil seeds Dictionary
Become Embarrassed Blue
Best Butter milk Bind
Black pepper Giving

Colic pain

English Words For Class 1

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Naming words for class 1 Opposite words for class 1

Done Cheese Cut
Opposite Against Uncomfortable
Care Often Direct
Dive Bird Suddenly
Between Blame Banana
cool Special Citric acid
Reminds Cure Crusade
Buttocks Dad Apostle
Big Begin Arrest
Anchor Box Almond
Art destroy Cardamom
Curious Awake Do
Cataract Blood Nervous
charge Cent Believe
Cottage cheese Consequences consonant
Blow Important Searching
Climb Fair Observing
Compulsory Cheek Believe
Beat Defeat Butter
Positive Catridge Feast
Beget Bid Accuse
Beard Bend Question
Better Aniseed Before
Divide Warning Constitution
Accept Brain Design
Client Backbone Claim
Cumin seed Cough Alkanet root
Disappointed Diarrhea Alms
Diabetes Deep Brother
Asafoetida Clean Ablution
Day Behold Armpit
Negative Case Children
Correct Nibbled Bad
Am Explore Surprise
Decimal Bridge of the nose Deaf
Atheist Center Brother-in-law
Director Develop Dates
Belly Acidity Chest
Camel Come Among
Behind Adopted son Custard
Rhyme Directress Ear-wax
Earn Adopt Anorexia
Advise Dance Answer
Asthma Bottom Bullet
Bull Cheddar Catarrh
Crease Above Choose
Copy Afternoon Respect
Accusation Common Cashew nut
Daughter Early Discover
Child Cousin Brown
Draw Investigate Bow
Actor Custard apple Bruise
Collect Brought Coriander seed
color Ago Note
Chisel Adieu Pretty
Cost Abide Albino
Apocalypse Authoress Auger
Bite Agree Carbage
Enormous Clear Base
Contain catch Worried
Bread Car Annoy
Act Abuse Deceive
Check Apply Attack
Black cumin seed Connect Bank
Dig Complete Black salt
Did Bough Chase
Dagger Mumble Lovely
Compass Aunt Customer
Beg Angle Cat
Bitch list Don’t
Author Focus Describe
Clavicle Bright Bed
Allspice Bear Arm
Beef depend Corn-ear
Devil Black Both
Cock Be Exhausted
Crush Behave Cry
Complexion Break one’s fast Cross
Arrange Stomped Directions
daily Spotless Decide
Acne All Crow
Constipation Rum Blister
Notice Suggestion Beauty
Anus Calm Breath
Cue Cleaver Armour
Choose Proud Apple
Dog Boy Ball
Bladder Wonder Count
Arrow Cancer Colf
Grumpy Invite Ascension

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