English Vocabulary Words For 2 Class

English Vocabulary Words For 2 Class. In this article, we will be discussing some English vocabulary words that are appropriate for students in class 2. These words will be beneficial for students as they continue their education and expand their vocabulary. By becoming familiar with these words, students will be better equipped to understand and communicate in English.

Vocabulary is an important part of language learning. It helps learners to understand what they read and hear, and express themselves more confidently and accurately. Here are some English vocabulary words for class 2 students.

There are many English vocabulary words for class 2. However, some of the most important ones are listed below. These words will help your child understand and communicate in class.

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Some of the most important English vocabulary words for class 2 include:

  • -Nouns: these are words that represent people, places, things, or ideas. For example, “table,” “chair,” and “school.”
  • -Verbs: these are action words. For example, “run,” “jump,” and “write.”
  • -Adjectives: these are descriptive words that modify nouns or pronouns. For example, “happy,” “sad,” and “blue.”
  • -Prepositions: these are words that show relationships between other words in a sentence. For example, “in,” “on,” and “under.

English vocabulary class 2

Cliff Gout Net
Gonorrhea Material Award
Prefer Settle Ground
Intestines Volunteer Harm
Describe Handsaw Life
Design Notice Feast
Hand Ambulant Travel
Attention Gather Pack
Governess Couple Interest
Branch Expect Center
Zigzag Grass Present
Scholar Worry Madam
Invite Fresh Exercise
Parade Hour Mango
Famous Board Leucorrhoea
Steady Tiny Hundred
Lip Level Career
Warn Slight Mace
Heal Float Rumor
Publish Hide Green Cardamom
Grinder Frighten Finally
Insist Heap Hind
Conclusion Universe Edit
Leaned Heart Governor
Poke Greet Lime
Arranged Improve Island
Wealthy Grand Collect
Heir Peeking Sum
Plan Herd Maternal grandfather
Join Lungs Hew
Hoe Field Evening
Gust Dawn Diagram
Enemy Grapefruit Cause
Mark Tower Annoy
Strand Listen Irrigate
Inch Steaming Gland
Headmaster Shiver Grew
Proof Gunpowder Claw
Heavy Insect Hard
Data Injure Hot
Govern Skill Treasure
Groin Nibble Necessary
Noticed Atlas Core
Machine Nervous Continue
Wise Hole Seal
Matter Husband Joke
Guest Connect Corner
Telescope Search Grandfather
Instrument Predict Process
Clear Shy Idea
Analyze Swoop Estimate
Dome Heroine Green Coriander
Malaria Grapes Intermittent
Stormy Indigestion Reflect
Iron Shelter Investigate
Fold Lunacy Gravy
Include Drowsy Horse
Pale Hero Heel
Happy Insomnia Moist
Green chili Gruel Flood
Cycle Stupid Harvest
Difference Suppose Agree
One Living Hair
Inherit Discard Huntress
Ocean Graze Main
Opinion Map Crowd
Heat Luminosity Dive
Stack Group Haunch-back
Inquire Hold Observed
Hernia Maternal aunt Hepatitis
Initiation Doubt Bounce
Fever Gram Inform
Lie Increase Demolish
Infidel Lion Famous
Gleet Ice Greedy
Wonder Classify Mango powder
Hiccup Lost Glass
Sway Cooperation Hunt

English Vocabulary Words For 2 Class

English vocabulary words for class 2

Headmistress Planet Marrow
Local Enormous Amusing
Dozen Detail Lot
Support Gums Joy
Great millet Lonely Maternal grandmother
Join Grip Goddess
Avoid Groundnut Weak
Joint Cheer Jaundice
Jaggery Hang Club
Involve Accident Stream
Hire Friendly Impress
Shivered Happen Vanish
Grandmother Base Gripes
Hen Guess Half
March Hunter Helpful
Guava Safe Beach
Got Hunt Let
Connection Lioness Motor
Heard Jaw Maid-servant
Holy Basil Lizard Leap
Besides Revise Curious
Handcuff Astronomy Soil
Deep Mare God
Male Earth Smooth
Label Share Records
Whisper Community Similar
Chew Gold Maternal uncle
Inflammation Invent Lover
Arrive Hate Hatch
Yard Tremble Village
He-goat Effect Brain
Bare Amaze Hatchet
Goiter Brave Hammer
Grow Blast Flap
Import Humanity Peak
Gift Frown Hope
Discover Inspect Different
Past Escape Separate
Jam Team Hear
Love Gravity Flock

New english words for class 2

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