English Vocabulary Words For 3 class

English Vocabulary Words For 3 class. This article contains a list of English words that are appropriate for students in third grade. These words will help expand the child’s vocabulary and allow them to better understand and communicate in the English language. Some of the words included in this list are: astonished, available, brave, careless, and curious.

English words for class 3

Unit Vinegar Tenant
Want Wheel Tonight
Wave Trip Until
Verb Town Trying
Toothache Tail Travel
Team  Wisdom Tonsillitis
Weight Veal Wear
Torture Temple Throat
Walk Thumb Triumph
Unite Virgin Vacate
Water- chestnut Wait Vagina
Try Ten Tiny
Treacle Today Tie
Testicle Usually Washer-woman
Top Volunteer Unusual
Vote  Value Valuable
Vomit Thrive Understand
Weather  Woe Waist
Ypical Tongue Wall
Together Week Urine
Train Use Tell
Tone Teeth  Wit
Waste Typhoid Vein
Teach Tamarind TRUE
Trachea Walnut Table
Turmeric Transport Warm
Trouble Toe Toward
Wart Take Tomcat
Tree Twenty Venison
 Talent Usual Vanilla
Wander Those Uncle
Think Watermelon Vehicle
Vowel Thought Visit
Throw System War
Thousand Tire Washer-man
Tuberculosis Vision Trade
Tear Teacher Urge
Thigh Transfer Tremble
Touch Test Took
Tomorrow Vigil Tigress
Taste Tiger Told
Climate Publish Record
Section Subject Syphilis
Irritate Marine Symbol
Syllable Sword Swim
 Swift Swell Sweetmeat
Sweet lemon Sweat Swear
 Survey Surprise Surface
Sure Sun-stroke Sun
Summer  Suitable Suggest
Stutterer Stumble  Struggle
Strong Strive String
Strike Stride Strew
Street Strawberry Strange
Straight Story Store
Stop Stood Stone
Stomach Stock Sting
Stick Step-son Step-sister
Step-mother Step-father Step-daughter
Step-brother Step  Steer
Steal Stead Stay
State  Starve Starve
Start Star Stand
Stammered Stag Squint-eyed
Square Spring Sprain
Spleen Spinning Spindle
Spin Sperm Spend
Speed Special Spear
Speak Spasm Spade
Space Sow South
Sour ice Soup Soon
Son-in-law Song Son
 Solution Solution Sole
Soft Snow Snacks
Smile Small pox Slumber
Slow Sling Slide
Sleep Slay Sky
Skull Skip Skin
Skimmed Size Six
Sit Sister-in-law Sir
Sink Single Sing
Sincere Since Simple
Similar  Signal Signal
Sign Sickle Shrink
Show Shovel Shout
Shoulder Short Shoot
Shiver Ship Shine
She-goat She-camel Shear
She Shave Shape
Shall Sew Several
Settle Sesame Serve
Servant Sermon Sent
Sensitive Send Semolina
Seem Seed Sect

Hard words for class 3

Second Seclusion Sea
Scythe Screw Scream
Scissors Science Scatter
Scar Scale Scabies
Scabbard Saw Save
Sauce Saturday Satisfy
Salt Saliva Sail
Sago Saffron pulp Saffron
Sacrifice Sabre Run
Rump Rule Row
Rot Rosewater Rosary
Room Rock Rob
Roar Road River
Rise Rise Ringworm
Ring Ridiculous Ride
Rich Rice-gruel Rib
Revolver  Revive  Reverse
Resurrection Rest  Responsible
 Respect Resign  Resident
Rescue Repair Rend
Remember  Remark  Rely
Relative Relation Region
Refuse Reduce Red chili
Red Recompense Recognize
Recital recitation Receive
 Recall Reason Real
Ready Reach  Rare
Rapier Ran Raisin
Rain Race Quiver
Quite Quiet Quick
Question Queen Quarrel
Qualify Pus Purpose
Purblind Punish Pulse
Pulpit pulse Prove
Protect protest Prostrate
Prompt prong Prohibit
Progress Product Produce
 Process Problem Probable
 Privilege Print Princess
Prince  Primary  Prevent
Pretend Press Present
 Predict Predict  Predator
Preceptor Preach Prank
Power Pound Possible
Position Pose Poppyseed
Poor Pomegranate seed Pomegranate
Polio Poetess Poet
Pneum  Plunge Plum
Plough Pliers Pleasant
Plaque Plane Plan
Plain Pistol Pistachio
Piper cubeba Pineapple
Pine nut Pimples Pilgrimage
Persuade  Perform Peer
 Pause Patient  Pastime
 Passage Passage  Outcome
 Origin  Ordeal  Opposite
Opposite  Opponent Onia
Occur  Observe  Nursery
Nice Nervous  Nectar
 Nation  Mystify  Mural
Multiply  Moisture  Misery
Milk  Method Mend
 Marsh  Magnificent  Loyal
 Locate  Limit  Launch
 Journey Invitation  Intend
Intelligent Infer  Individual
 Imitate  Harsh  Habit
 Grasp  Gradual  Grace
 Globe  Glide Get done
 Gasp Furious Friend
 Frail  Fortunate  Flutter
Flexible  Fierce Fatal
 Fan  Explore Experience
Example  Examine Endangered

Vocabulary for class 3

Vocabulary words for class 3

 Enable  Elegant Elect
Effect Driver  Drift
 Doze Division  Distant
 Disease Disappointed  Digest
 Diagram Diagram  Device
Develop Details Describe
 Delicate  Defend Defend
 Deed  Decay Dangle
 Custom Culture  Crumple
 Crew Credit Cream
 Coward  Convince Contrast
 Continent  Contain Construct
 Consider  Confess Compare
 Coast Cling  Climate
 Clever  Chill  Certain
Cause Careless  Capture
 Cable  Brilliant  Brief
 Border  Bold  Avoid
 Average Attract  Attitude
Assist Arrange Argue
 Arctic  Approach  Ancient
 Ambition Agreeable  Advice
 Advantage  Adopt  Actual
 Act Accuse

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