English Words For Class 5

English Words For Class 5, This article will list some essential English vocabulary words for class 5 students. By becoming familiar with these words, students will be better equipped to understand their lessons and homework. In addition, they will be able to communicate more effectively with their classmates and teachers. These words are a great starting point for anyone looking to improve their English vocabulary.

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English difficult words for class 5

Rough Resemble Frequent
Pasture Waddle Tension
Colony lurch Premature
Numerous Liberate Deteriorate
Consistent Ferocious Hoist
Ample Drama Terminate
Exert Destination primary
Dense Harsh Jubilation
Challenge Carnivore Nonchalant
Yearn Significant Stupendous
Somber jostle Context
Gale Payment Evaluate
Prey Extract Historic
Cease summit Huddle
Afraid Patient Trait
puny Tolerant Slither
Cousin Repetition Decline
Battery terminal Edible Abdicate
Electricity Excavate Dormant
Compatible Foolhardy Solo
Greek scarce Expansion
Immense Gigantic Seldom
Illegible Upbringing Raise
Unwieldy Conclude Immigrate
Decade Desperate Concept
Relation Evident Consist
Kin Cask Negative charge
Pursue Laid Resume
Investigate Previous Formal
Cumbersome Rebel Lure
Prohibit Summarize Steadfast
Interrogative obstacle Despair
Horizontal Survive Tolerate
Familiar Topple Reassure
Unexpected Pattern Adventure
Suspend Occasion Flee
Meddle Prose Extinct
Hesitate Avalanche Mimic
Decade Predict Horizon
Expand Access Provide
Pamphlet Banquet Pedestrian
Thwart hilarious Companion
Euphemism Revolt Export
April Trouble Pledge
Comprehend outskirts Resistor
erupt Very Catapult
Heroic Tempest Equation
Inflict Brilliant Dry cell
Petrify Former Culture
Employ Exult Meager
Terse Conceal Dictate
Lyric Revert Limb
Morsel Loathe Expel
Painstaking Intercept Compensate
penetrate Influence Hilarious
erode Radio Voyage
Crevice Order of operations sever
Elegant Altitude Cargo
Unfamiliar Subsequent Overthrow
Reign Flimsy Began
Major Animated Dissatisfied
Favorite Remote Flail
Limerick Abolish Alert
equivalent Electric charge Route
Substantial Oppose Require
Approximate Another Forms
tremble Bland Trace
Gist Inequality Haiku
Accommodate Prone Purchase
perish Harbor Disaster
Lumber riot Assign
Carcass Anxious Spectator
Comply City Tropical
Available Relationship Soar
Announce Obsolete Hostile
Notable Confident Proclaim
Grim Urban Aroma
Jest Does Ascend
Transform effortless Entertain
Accurate Electromagnet Nostalgia
Frigid Umpire Distress
Tremor portrait Source
Betray Duration Mighty
Saunter Minor Fascinate
Accomplish Depart Daybreak
Dominate Solitary Afflict
Encounter Option Wither
Explain Maximum Hostile
Extend Thumb Assemble
Course Expectation Approach
Beverage Convalesce Persuade
Escalate sparse Fume
Primitive Moral Decrease
Express Investigate Associate
overdue Sudden Suffocate
obedient Guardian Monstrous
Distract Protrude Absurd
exhaust heroic Freight
Expression Population Establish
Rigid Brace obscure
Cluster Bask Briskly
Opposed Avoid Experiment
Hangar Ordinary recently
Electron Provoke Negotiate
Burly Donate Beacon
Grudge Frivolous Circuit
Likeness Retain Prelude
Budge Illuminate Equivalent
Evade Conquer Stimulate
Imperative Sensation Sluggish
They Fracture Wilderness
Denounce Visible Taper
Preserve Review Ripple
Superior Barren Accelerate
Prosper Makeshift Cultivate
Drought Reference Ancestor
Argument Convince Able
Cinquain Contact Revive
Aggressive Burden Source
Stall Oasis Methodical
Astride Station Accurate
Combine Height Famine
Huddle Celebrate Stress
Copy Gorge Pardon
Idle Retire Exasperate
Restrict Salutation Intense
Torch rouse Passage
Bungle Vertical Harvest
Stunt Character Approximate
Context Bondage Once

English vocabulary for class 5

English vocabulary words for 5 grade

English Words For Class 5

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