English Vocabulary Words For Class 4

English Vocabulary Words For Class 4. As children enter the fourth grade, they are expected to have a mastery of the English language. This includes a working knowledge of grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. By fourth grade, most students have a good grasp of the basics of the English language.

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However, there are always new words to learn. Here are some English vocabulary words that your fourth grader should know.

English difficult words for class 4

Weary Legislative Jaunt
Garbled Entertain Column
Landlord Limb Ascend
Dusk Result Queasy
Contrast Variety Argued
Apparent Metamorphic Distress
Ecosystem Entirety Agriculture
Valiant Right angle Essential
Windshield Terror Exclaimed
Contribute Mushroom Disclose
Earthworm Humble Scarce
Inform Desire Lighthouse
Carnivore Kimono Invertebrate
Surface Reason Peer
Parallel Predict Fragile
Captivity Critical Proceed
Vacant Calculate Scalene
Yew Global Mature
Unidentified Permit Distract
Entrance Venture Patient
Furious Surgeon Basic
Demonstrate Disappointed Compare
Chamber Hail Tightrope
Lukewarm Routine Shabby
Feat/feet Summarize Master
Tour Javelin Concern
Unhurriedly Afford Shallow
Organized Immigrant Simplify
Exploration Accurate Assist
Sprout Causing damage Distribute
Reveal Response Awkward
Obvious Increasing Crafty
Accomplish Jaywalk Orchard
Jagged Attentive Disaster
Eager Vertebrate Support
Lecture Equation Cactus
Adaption Source Considerable
Ultimate Zesty Soar/sore
Inspire Effective Capable
Modest Median Frontier
Descend Prefer Tragic
Evidence Thistle Estimate
Cardboard League Century
Difference Baggage Practice
Mistrust Frontier Minimum
Colony Boundary Border
Purpose Pain/pane Prediction
Jaguar Peculiar Bamboo
Tradition Invisible Plentiful
Urgent Address Attractive
Jersey Complete Prepare
Release Circular Zucchini
Umpteen Temporary Recognize
Scene/seen Usable Entire
Hole/whole Reduce Heroic
Sedimentary Frequent Ease
Concentrate Gavel Resist
Wildflower Host Mock
Passage Upholstery Annual
Herbivore Content Confuse
Sually Computation Develop
Vast Seam/seem Generosity
Population Separate Attempt
Sole Plaza Laminate
Circular Communicate Request
Hardship Detail Caregiver
Automatically Idle/idol Flexible
Isosceles Locomotive Toothpaste
Judicial Benefit Sturdy
Arena Envy Fairground
Impact Lacrosse Ancestor
Concluding Omnivore Seedling
Destructive Arrest Blossom
Analyze Recent Fern
Fair/fare Frantic Attorney
Alert Previous Approached
Select Portion Jagged
Leaflet Gesture Noble
Peninsula Perpendicular Example
Extraordinary Recognize Confirm
Garment Independence Kayak
Herb Meadow Conclude
Persuade Democracy Carefree
Fortunate Essential Except
Competitor Executive Burrow
Mode Impact Adaptation
Unify Sprint Cent/scent/sent

English Vocabulary Words For Class 4

English words for class 4

Giddy Appropriate Instant
Kindling Pointless Manufacture
Defend Focus Plead
Fingerprint Undernourished Indicate
Eliminate Insert Mean
Typical Describe Taking heed
Weekend Increase Lack
Severe Yucca Unique
Threat Jostle Recommend
Surround Weathering Convince
Undeniable Create Yearn
Road/rode Infant Gazebo
Locate Make smaller Coax
Threatens Blend Decrease
Tidy Gondola Maximum
Travel up Experiment Avoid
Cause Legendary Teammate
Rarely Knead Yonder
Precious Guest Represent
Outstanding Lagoon Survive

Hard words in english for class 4


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