English Vocabulary Words For 6 Class pdf

English Vocabulary Words For 6 Class PDF, Vocabulary words are very important in learning English language. Here is a collection of vocabulary words for class 6. it is very useful lesson for the beginners to learn English, speaking English etc.

English vocabulary for class 6

Possess Origin Rigorous
Variable Preliminary Tentative
Unique Stifle Meager
Viewpoint Linger Maximum
Recount Priority Paraphrase
Leeway Likeness Reinforce
Massive Subordinate Originate
Lure Precise Mimic
Urban Reluctant Soothe
Manipulate Prejudice Objective
Transfer Loathe Marvel
Minute Negotiate Terrain
Tangible Unruly Obedient
Similar Treacherous Solution
Realistic Poverty Retrieve
Prominent Persecute Oblivious
Resolute Quote Omniscient
Vibrant Liberate Vow
Trait Optimist Vacate
Primitive Suspense Narrate

English Vocabulary Words For 6 Class

Hard words in english for class 6

Verdict Terminate Supplement
Remote Quest Solar
Sanctuary Salvage Siege
Stationary Superior Pursue
Predicament Mere Knack
Violate Remorse Strategy
Vital Significant Repetition
Plummet Restrain Rural
Transform Predict Monotonous
Parody Literal Strive
Retrieve Majority Prosper
Legislation Swarm Obstacle
Prosecute Jovial Manipulate
Makeshift Provoke Lofty
Leisure Prediction Subsequent
Refuge Transport Onset
Retaliate Persuade Painstaking
Verge Peculiar Unanimous
Propel Migration Analyze
Artifact Declare Extend
History Irrigate Intimidate
Insists Innovation Ingenious
Influence Inevitable Inept
Improvises Immense Ignite
Idiom Hypothesis Hostile
Hoax Hazardous Habitat
Government Genuine Genre
Generate Futile Fuse
Frequent Frequency Formulates
Former Ferocious Factor
Extract Extinct Extensive
Expression Exploit Expanse
Exclude Excel Exaggerate
Exaggerate Evolve Evaluate
Esteem Erupt Equivalent
Encourage Encounter Elude
Eligible Elaborate Efficient
Effect Eerie Economy
Eclipse Dwell Duration
Drastic Drastic Dominate
Domestic Diversity Distinct
Dissolve Dissent Discretion
Diminish Dimension Diligent
Dialogue Deteriorate Desperate
Designate Deposit Deplete
Dense Democracy Deluge
Declare Cumulative Cultivate
Cordial Cope Convenient
Controversy Contribute Contrast
Continuous Continuous Context
Contaminate Construct Constant
Conspicuous Conserve Consequence
Consequence Consent Congruent
Conclusion Concise Composure
Compose Compact Commentary
Commend Collide Collaborate
Clarity Civilization Civic
Citizen Chronological Catastrophe
Capital Capacity Campaign
Calculate Burden Boycott
Boisterous Blunder Benefit
Beneficial Beacon Barren
Awe Arrogant Arid
Appropriate Apprehensive Appeal
Apparel Anxious Anticipate
Anticipate Anguish Ample
Ambition Allegiance Agony
Adjacent Adhere Adequate
Adapt Accumulate Accommodate
Access Abundant Abandon

Vocabulary words class 6

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