English Vocabulary Words For Hobbies

English Vocabulary Words For Hobbies. Many people have hobbies that they enjoy. Some people like to collect things, while others might enjoy playing sports. There are a variety of hobbies that people can enjoy, and each one requires different supplies or equipment.

English vocabulary words for hobbies can help hobbyists communicate with others who share their interests. By learning the words associated with different hobbies, people can connect with others who share their passion.

English Vocabulary Words For Hobbies

Ice skating Acting
Blogging Graffiti
Listening to music Volleyball
Sports Collectibles Chess
Martial arts Shopping
Painting Bowling
Language learning Pool
Candle making Drum Set
Cheese Tasting Karate
Video gaming Astronomy
Beer Brewing Geocaching
Spirits / Liquor Tasting Cricket
Stamp Collecting Acting/drama
Fine Art Collecting Wine Tasting
Board Games Vinyl Records
Scale Models Tennis
Yoga Competitive Eating
Fishing Fencing
Oboe Ham Radio
Mah Jong Squash
Ceramics / Pottery Puppetry
Clarinet Paintball
Skiing Quilting
Hiking Trumpet
Architecture Fly Fishing
Outdoor swimming Concert Posters
Model Rockets Foosball
Skateboarding Scuba diving
Watching movies Autograph Collecting

Hobbies vocabulary list pdf

Hobby english vocabulary

Gardening Sandcastle building
Listening to music Billiards / Pool
drawing Sports Trading Cards
RC Helicopters Model building
Running Magic
Break Dancing Banjo
Arcade Games Rugby
Collecting Card Tricks
Salsa Cycling
Boating Sunbathing
Car racing Swing
Guitar Rapping
Snorkelling River rafting
Rugby Cello
Waltz Badminton
Knitting Shooting
Caving Parrots
Table tennis Coin Collecting
Hookah Smoking Baseball
Camping Music Memorabilia
Basketball Mahjong
Cross stitch Harmonica
Darts Outdoors
Model Airplanes Jewelry Making
Fashion Design Violin
Cooking Film Making
Liquor Distillation Climbing
Origami Movie Memorabilia
longboarding Rodents
Magic Tricks Bass Guitar
Exercising Floristry
Colouring Crochet
Sake Tasting Snowboarding
Boxing Woodworking
Tango Jigsaw puzzles
Turtles Rock Climbing
Swimming Paper Airplanes
Reading Scrapbooking
Calligraphy Dancing
Mountain Biking Piano Keyboard
Gun and Pistols Canoeing
Cross stitch Bridge
Reptiles Handball
RC Cars Card Games
Grilling Parkour
Pinball Machines Creative writing
Beer Tasting Kite flying
Doll Collecting Kayak and Canoe
Hockey Embroidery
roller skating Backpacking
Bartending Hunting
Ballet Cheerleading
Train spotting Model Cars
Flower arranging Snooker
Snakes Netball
Watch Collecting Action Figures
Car Collecting Start A Band
Football/soccer Tea Drinking
Photography Hot Wheel
Dogs Meditation
Ball and Jacks Skating
Singing Golf
Juggling Birdwatching
Mountain climbing Home improvements/DIY
Tattoo Surfing
Matchbox Cars Walking
Spoon Collecting Manga
Cigar Smoking ketball
playing computer games Horse riding
Laser tag Beekeeping
Baking RC Boats
Podcasting Line Dancing
Dominoes Sailing
Animation Coffee Roasting
Rabbits baking
Weight training Caving
Flying Wrestling
French Horn Sculpting
DJing Wine Making
Sewing Furniture building
RC Planes Robotics
Breakdancing Archery
Playing a musical instrument Lacrosse
Trombone Skydiving
Rouring Sushi Making
Fishkeeping Nail art
Viola Metal detecting
collecting things Stand Up Comedy
Water polo Cats
Model Railroading Painting and Drawing
Gymnastics Antiques
Watching movies Model Ship / Boat Kits
Comic Books

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