Government Vocabulary Words List PDF

Government Vocabulary Words List , Here is a list of government vocabulary words. Learning English can be difficult, especially when it comes to vocabulary. However, there are some basic English words that everyone should know.

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Government vocabulary words list pdf

Alliance Control Cadre
Chicanery Opportunist Fray
Confirmation Hypocrisy Denigrate
Reputation Election Debacle
Budget Persecution Bipartisan
Monarchy Reckless Regime
Temptation Covert Claim
Integrity Oligarchy Communism
Demagogue Solicit Unsavory
Incident Influence Deflect
Revelation Floor Mendacity
Constitutional Engagement Gain
Corruption Greedy Defamation
Conceal Confidence Bribe
Tarnish Retaliation Representative
Act Illegal Calendar
Minority Massive Deception
Furor Obscure Partial
Malfeasance Adjourn Censure
Amendment Majority Sloth
Resignation Scandalous Onerous
Refute Lobby Anonymity
Empire Manipulate Bamboozle
Scandal Privilege Sovereignty
Unjust Impeachment Ignorant
Laconic Parry Authoritarian
Patriarchy Caucus Dictatorship
Deny Assail Proxy
Unethical Deficit Scapegoat

Government Vocabulary Words List PDF

Politics vocabulary

Ratification Intimidation Collaboration
Prestidigitation Tycoon Plutocracy
Obtain Infringement Expose
Irresponsible Beleaguer Acolyte
Autocracy Fiscal year Allegation
Filibuster Coterie Bill
Subterfuge Saga Patronage
Mercurial Oligarchy Endorsement
Impunity Dictator Rebut
Benefit Career Aspiration
Fiasco Democracy Extortion
Embezzlement Anarchy Appropriation
Tainted Coercion Rider
Blame Plagiarism Hearing

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