Future perfect tense examples & formation

future perfect tense examples! positive, negative & interrogative sentences are completely explained with their structure formation and examples. You can download pdf of this lesson.

Future perfect tense

In future perfect tense describes an action that will be finished by a certain future date. “will have” “shall have” are the help verbs of this tense.  “will have” is used with the he, she, it, they, you, and all nouns. “shall have” is used with only first person pronoun “I” and “we”.


Subject + will have/ shall have + past participle + object.

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Affirmative sentences

In this case third form of verb is used along with the will/shall have as the helping verbs.


Subject + will have/ shall have + past participle + object.


  1. She will have played hockey.
  2. Lee will have played match.
  3. The train will have reached.
  4. The driver will have reached.
  5. Aisha shall have finished her work.
  6. I shall have finished my work.
  7. They will have heard the songs
  8. We shall have solved the problem.
positive or affirmative sentences future perfect tense

Negative sentences

In the negative sentences “not” is added between “will” and “have”.


Subject+ will not have/ shall not have+ past participle+ object.


  1. Adam will not have committed this mistake.
  2. They will not have gone to market.
  3. They will not have gone to the picnic party.
  4. Children will not have played the match.
  5. Students will not have played the tennis match.
  6. We shall not have reached school.
  7. It will not have rained.
  8. It will not have smog.

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negative sentences future perfect tense

Interrogative sentences:

For making interrogative sentences of this tense “will/ shall” is placed before the subject. And after subject the “have” is placed.


Will/shall + subject + have + past participle + object?


  1. Shall I have reached Islamabad?
  2. Will Ahmad have reached USA?
  3. Will the waiter have rung the bell?
  4. Shall we have worked hard?
  5. Will the girl have completed the Holy Quran?
  6. Will my letter have reached New York?
interrogative sentences future perfect tense

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