English Idioms About Love

Love is a special feeling that can make our hearts beat faster and put big smiles on our faces. There’s a sweet saying, “Love makes the world go round,” which means love is very important and makes everything in life better. Just like the sun brings light to the earth, love brings joy and happiness to our lives. It’s a magical force that connects people and makes them care deeply for each other. Let’s explore some fun sayings about love that help us express this wonderful feeling and learn new ways to talk about it in English!

What Does Love Mean?

Love is a deep, complex emotion that encompasses a range of feelings, behaviors, and beliefs, including strong affection, protection, warmth, and respect for another person. It can also apply to objects, principles, and self. Love is often considered the cornerstone of human experiences, fostering deep connections and leading to personal fulfillment and happiness.

Idioms About Love

1. Love at first sight

Meaning: Instantaneous

  • She felt love at first sight.
  • Their connection was instantly recognizable.
  • It happened during their first meeting.

2. Puppy love

Meaning: Adolescent

  • It’s just puppy love, nothing serious.
  • Remembered his first crush fondly.
  • School days filled with innocent affection.

3. Wear your heart on your sleeve

Meaning: Open

  • Always honest about his feelings.
  • She openly displayed her affection.
  • His emotions are never hidden.

4. Tie the knot

Meaning: Marry

  • They decided to tie the knot.
  • Wedding plans after knot tying discussion.
  • Invitations sent for the knot ceremony.

5. Love knows no bounds

Meaning: Limitless

  • Their love overcame all obstacles.
  • Distance couldn’t limit their feelings.
  • Boundless affection despite differences.

6. Head over heels

Meaning: Enthusiastic

  • He’s head over heels in love.
  • Fell for her, completely mesmerized.
  • Their romance, passionately unrestrained.

7. A match made in heaven

Meaning: Perfect

  • Their partnership seemed divinely appointed.
  • Everyone acknowledged their perfect match.
  • Truly, a heavenly aligned connection.

8. Steal someone’s heart

Meaning: Captivate

  • She stole his heart effortlessly.
  • His charm quickly captivated her.
  • Heart stolen during their first dance.

9. Old flames

Meaning: Ex-lovers

  • Rekindled romance with old flames.
  • Memories lingered of past lovers.
  • Unexpected meeting with an old flame.

10. Blind love

Meaning: Unconditional

  • Loved him despite his faults.
  • Her affection was without conditions.
  • Ignored flaws, loved unconditionally.

11. Lovebirds

Meaning: Affectionate

  • The park’s benches hosted lovebirds.
  • Always together, like true lovebirds.
  • Their constant affection, visibly apparent.

12. Heartthrob

Meaning: Attractive

  • Became the school’s latest heartthrob.
  • Her celebrity crush, a real heartthrob.
  • Heartthrob spotted at the local cafĂ©.

13. Fall head over heels

Meaning: Enamored

  • Instantly fell for her charm.
  • He was quickly smitten, captivated.
  • Their romance blossomed unexpectedly fast.

14. No love lost

Meaning: Dislike

  • Clearly, there was no love lost.
  • Their rivalry, devoid of affection.
  • Mutual disdain, no love evident.

15. Love is blind

Meaning: Unseeing

  • Overlooked his mistakes, love blinded.
  • Her love saw no imperfections.
  • Ignorance of faults, blinded by love.

16. Cupid’s arrow

Meaning: Smitten

  • Struck suddenly by Cupid’s arrow.
  • Her affection appeared suddenly, deeply.
  • Cupid’s arrow sparked their sudden romance.

17. The apple of one’s eye

Meaning: Cherished

  • He was always her cherished.
  • Protected her like a precious gem.
  • Her granddaughter, the family’s treasure.

18. Pop the question

Meaning: Propose

  • Decided it was time, proposed.
  • Nervously, he popped the question.
  • A romantic dinner to propose.

19. Love-hate relationship

Meaning: Ambivalent

  • Their interactions, marked by ambivalence.
  • Fought often, but loved deeply.
  • Passionate arguments, yet deep affection.

20. Heart skips a beat

Meaning: Excited

  • Every time he called, excitement.
  • Her presence made his heart flutter.
  • Joyous heartbeats when together.

21. Made for each other

Meaning: Compatible

  • Clearly, they were perfectly compatible.
  • Their interests and hearts aligned.
  • A couple that fits perfectly.

22. Kiss and make up

Meaning: Reconcile

  • After arguing, they quickly reconciled.
  • A simple kiss resolved their fight.
  • Disputes ended with loving reconciliation.

23. Love triangle

Meaning: Complicated

  • Their relationship became unexpectedly complicated.
  • Jealousy arose within the trio.
  • A story of tangled affections.

24. Walk down the aisle

Meaning: Wed

  • Finally, their day to wed.
  • Dreamed of the aisle walk.
  • Their vows exchanged walking the aisle.

25. Play the field

Meaning: Noncommittal

  • He played the field, noncommittally.
  • Enjoyed casual dates, avoided seriousness.
  • Not ready to settle, dated casually.

26. Set one’s heart on

Meaning: Determined

  • She was determined to win him.
  • His heart set on her love.
  • Focused solely on achieving her affection.

27. Love conquers all

Meaning: Triumphs

  • Their love triumphed over difficulties.
  • Challenges met with triumphant love.
  • Obstacles overcome by their strong love.

28. Whisper sweet nothings

Meaning: Flirt

  • Flirted quietly, whispering affections.
  • Sweet words exchanged in secrecy.
  • His whispers filled with flirtatious words.

29. Love shack

Meaning: Hideaway

  • They retreated to their cozy hideaway.
  • Weekend getaway at the love shack.
  • Hidden cabin, their romantic escape.

30. Sparks fly

Meaning: Excite

  • Their chemistry made sparks fly.
  • Instant attraction, sparks visibly flying.
  • When they met, excitement ignited.

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