English Idioms About Money

In the world of English, there are many special phrases called idioms that make the language colorful and interesting. Today, we’re going to explore an idiom about money, something everyone uses but might not think about in a fun way. Money idioms can help us understand how people view and talk about money in different situations. As we dive into this phrase, you’ll see how English speakers use creative words to talk about something as common as money. So, get ready to add a shiny new idiom to your treasure chest of English vocabulary words!

What Does Mean Money?

Money is a tool used for buying and selling goods and services. It comes in the form of coins, paper notes, and digital numbers in bank accounts. Money allows people to trade what they have for what they need or want, acting as a universal medium of exchange in societies around the world.

Idioms About Money

1. Bring home the bacon

Meaning: Earn

  • He worked hard to earn.
  • His job to bring home bacon.
  • Responsible for the family’s earnings.

2. Pay through the nose

Meaning: Overpay

  • Overpaid for the rare collector’s item.
  • Always pays too much, unfortunately.
  • Holiday expenses, significantly over budget.

3. Money doesn’t grow on trees

Meaning: Scarce

  • Reminded kids about money’s scarcity.
  • Saving carefully, money isn’t plentiful.
  • Taught to value every single penny.

4. Cost an arm and a leg

Meaning: Expensive

  • Her new car was extremely expensive.
  • Renovations cost more than expected.
  • Luxury vacations always cost significantly more.

5. Tighten one’s belt

Meaning: Economize

  • Had to economize after job loss.
  • Less eating out, tightening budget.
  • Financial challenges require spending cuts.

6. Break the bank

Meaning: Bankrupt

  • Nearly bankrupted by unexpected expenses.
  • That purchase could break the bank.
  • Avoiding costly investments to save money.

7. Penny pincher

Meaning: Frugal

  • Known as the neighborhood frugal.
  • Always searching for the cheapest option.
  • Never spends without a discount.

8. In the black

Meaning: Profitable

  • Finally profitable after many months.
  • Their business remains in the black.
  • Strives to keep finances positive.

9. In the red

Meaning: Debt

  • Company financials dipped into debt.
  • Constant struggle to avoid debt.
  • Monthly bills keeping account in red.

10. Cash cow

Meaning: Profitable

  • That product became surprisingly profitable.
  • Their main source of steady income.
  • Relies on this for financial success.

11. Money talks

Meaning: Influential

  • Wealth often makes one influential.
  • His donations gained significant influence.
  • Money speaks louder than words here.

12. Make a quick buck

Meaning: Profit

  • Sold items online for quick profit.
  • Always looking to earn fast.
  • Opportunistic sales during holiday season.

13. Rolling in dough

Meaning: Wealthy

  • They seemed unexpectedly wealthy recently.
  • Luxury lifestyle, clearly rolling in wealth.
  • New mansion shows significant riches.

14. On a shoestring

Meaning: Cheap

  • Managed a trip on minimal budget.
  • Startup operating on a tight budget.
  • Crafting with very cheap materials.

15. A dime a dozen

Meaning: Common

  • These gadgets are quite common.
  • Affordable products, easily found anywhere.
  • Common, low value items everywhere.

16. Penny for your thoughts

Meaning: Opinion

  • Curious about his quiet opinion.
  • Offered a penny for her insight.
  • Silently pondering, requested his thoughts.

17. Bet your bottom dollar

Meaning: Sure

  • You can be sure of this.
  • He was certain, risked everything.
  • Guaranteed success, bet confidently.

18. Nest egg

Meaning: Savings

  • Built up a solid retirement savings.
  • Their savings for future security.
  • Carefully saved for eventual emergencies.

19. Go Dutch

Meaning: Share

  • They shared the meal’s cost.
  • Friends always split expenses evenly.
  • Dinner out, everyone pays equally.

20. Nickel and dime

Meaning: Overcharge

  • Felt overcharged by every little thing.
  • Hidden fees really add up.
  • Constant small charges annoyed him.

21. Filthy rich

Meaning: Extremely wealthy

  • Inherited wealth made them extremely wealthy.
  • They live in opulent luxury.
  • Known for their extravagant spending.

22. Not have two pennies to rub together

Meaning: Broke

  • He’s completely broke these days.
  • Couldn’t afford the simplest pleasures.
  • Struggles financially, barely making ends meet.

23. Put your money where your mouth is

Meaning: Commit

  • He committed with a significant investment.
  • Prove it by investing yourself.
  • Support your claims with cash.

24. Rags to riches

Meaning: Ascend

  • His story is one of ascension.
  • Went from poverty to significant wealth.
  • Self-made millionaire, a true transformation.

25. For a song

Meaning: Cheaply

  • Bought the antique surprisingly cheaply.
  • Acquired assets at minimal costs.
  • Sold old furniture for almost nothing.

26. Golden handshake

Meaning: Severance

  • Received a generous retirement severance.
  • Golden handshake eased his retirement.
  • A lucrative exit from the company.

27. Born with a silver spoon

Meaning: Privileged

  • Grew up extremely privileged.
  • Never worried about money, born wealthy.
  • His privilege evident from birth.

28. Money is the root of all evil

Meaning: Destructive

  • Often says wealth is fundamentally destructive.
  • Believes greed leads to many problems.
  • Sees major moral issues with wealth.

29. Cash in one’s chips

Meaning: Settle

  • Decided to retire and settle.
  • Sold his shares, settling financially.
  • Ending his investments, cashing out.

30. Live beyond one’s means

Meaning: Overspend

  • Constantly overspending, financial trouble brewing.
  • Lived lavishly, beyond financial means.
  • Debt accumulated from excessive lifestyle.

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