English Idioms About Shopping

Shopping is something most of us do, whether we’re buying food, clothes, or toys. But did you know there are fun and interesting phrases, called idioms, that people use to talk about shopping? These idioms make talking about shopping much more colorful and can help you sound like a native English speaker. Today, we’re going to explore a special idiom related to shopping that will add a sparkle to your conversations. So, grab your shopping list, and let’s dive into the world of shopping idioms to discover a new way of expressing ourselves!

What is Shopping?

Shopping refers to the activity of browsing or buying goods and services from stores or online platforms. It’s not just about purchasing necessities; it can also be a leisure activity where people look for items that bring them joy or fulfill their desires. Shopping can vary from grocery buying to indulging in luxury items, making it a versatile and universal experience.

Idioms About Shopping

1. Shop till you drop

Meaning: Exhaustively

  • Shopped till we dropped, utterly exhausted.
  • They shop till drop every Saturday.
  • Shop till you drop? Challenge accepted.

2. Window shopping

Meaning: Browsing

  • Just window shopping, not buying today.
  • They enjoyed window shopping downtown.
  • Window shopping can be surprisingly fun.

3. Retail therapy

Meaning: Rejuvenation

  • Needed retail therapy after a tough week.
  • Retail therapy always boosts her mood.
  • He went for some quick retail therapy.

4. Shopping spree

Meaning: Extravagant

  • Went on a shopping spree yesterday.
  • Their shopping spree lasted hours.
  • Celebrated with an epic shopping spree.

5. Bargain hunting

Meaning: Searching

  • Loves bargain hunting at flea markets.
  • Bargain hunting, found incredible deals!
  • Weekend plan? Definitely bargain hunting.

6. Cost an arm and a leg

Meaning: Expensive

  • This dress cost an arm and a leg.
  • Refused to pay an arm and a leg.
  • Luxury cars cost an arm and a leg.

7. Penny pincher

Meaning: Frugal

  • He’s a real penny pincher.
  • Penny pincher at every sale.
  • Saves a lot, true penny pincher.

8. Dirt cheap

Meaning: Inexpensive

  • Found dirt cheap vintage jeans.
  • Tickets were dirt cheap!
  • Dirt cheap prices, unbelievable deals.

9. Break the bank

Meaning: Expensive

  • This purchase will break the bank.
  • Wanted the sofa, but it’d break the bank.
  • Luxury vacation might break the bank.

10. Pay through the nose

Meaning: Overpriced

  • Paid through the nose for delivery.
  • Gourmet food costs, pay through the nose.
  • Pay through the nose at tourist traps.

11. Tighten one’s belt

Meaning: Economize

  • Had to tighten our belts this month.
  • Post-holiday, time to tighten the belt.
  • Tighten your belt, save more money.

12. Cut-rate

Meaning: Discounted

  • Bought cut-rate electronics online.
  • Cut-rate tickets available now.
  • Cut-rate sale ends today.

13. Shopping list

Meaning: Planned

  • Made a shopping list, budgeted well.
  • Forget the shopping list at home.
  • Shopping list saved us time.

14. On a shoestring

Meaning: Budget

  • Living on a shoestring, shopping wisely.
  • Traveled Europe on a shoestring.
  • Decorating on a shoestring budget.

15. Splash out

Meaning: Spend

  • Decided to splash out on shoes.
  • Splash out for anniversary dinner.
  • Rarely splashes out, but today’s special.

16. Nickel-and-diming

Meaning: Overcharging

  • Felt nickel-and-dimed at every turn.
  • Hate being nickel-and-dimed.
  • Nickel-and-diming hurts customer loyalty.

17. Buyer’s remorse

Meaning: Regret

  • Suffered buyer’s remorse after expensive purchase.
  • Buyer’s remorse? Return it.
  • Avoid buyer’s remorse, shop wisely.

18. Fork over

Meaning: Pay

  • Had to fork over big bucks.
  • Reluctantly forked over the cash.
  • Fork over more for quality.

19. Cheapskate

Meaning: Stingy

  • He’s a bit of a cheapskate.
  • Cheapskate avoids upscale stores.
  • Cheapskate? More like smart.

20. Money to burn

Meaning: Wealthy

  • Acts like she has money to burn.
  • Money to burn, shopping non-stop.
  • Money to burn? Lucky them.

21. Steal of a deal

Meaning: Bargain

  • Got a steal of a deal today!
  • Steal of a deal on shoes!
  • That car was a steal of a deal.

22. Worth its weight in gold

Meaning: Valuable

  • This tool is worth its weight in gold.
  • Advice that’s worth its weight in gold.
  • A loyal friend, worth their weight in gold.

23. Go Dutch

Meaning: Share

  • Let’s go Dutch on this gift.
  • Prefer to go Dutch on dates.
  • Went Dutch at the lunch outing.

24. Keep the change

Meaning: Generous

  • Told the cab driver, keep the change.
  • Generous mood, said keep the change.
  • Keep the change, enjoy it!

25. Pick up the tab

Meaning: Pay

  • He always picks up the tab.
  • Picked up the tab, felt good.
  • Will you pick up the tab?

26. Cost-effective

Meaning: Efficient

  • Found a cost-effective smartphone.
  • Cost-effective choices save money.
  • Always opts for cost-effective solutions.

27. Price gouging

Meaning: Overpricing

  • Accused of price gouging during crisis.
  • Price gouging is sadly common.
  • Hate price gouging tactics.

28. Shopaholic

Meaning: Obsessed

  • She’s a confessed shopaholic.
  • Shopaholic friends are the best!
  • Being a shopaholic drains wallets.

29. Buy in bulk

Meaning: Wholesale

  • Buy in bulk, save more.
  • Buying in bulk is often smarter.
  • Bulk buy event this weekend.

30. Sold out

Meaning: Unavailable

  • The concert tickets sold out immediately.
  • Always sold out of the best stuff.
  • Sorry, that item’s sold out.

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