Other Ways To Say Just Kidding & It’s Funny

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wanted to lighten the mood after making a joke or sarcastic comment? We’ve all been there, desperately searching for alternative phrases to say just kidding that will keep the laughter going. Well, look no further! In this article, we are going to explore some hilarious and creative ways to indicate that your previous statement was meant purely in jest. So get ready to expand your comedic vocabulary and never miss an opportunity to add a little humor into any conversation!

What does mean Just Kidding / It’s Funny?

“Just kidding” is a phrase that is commonly used to indicate that the preceding statement was meant as a joke or not to be taken seriously. It’s often used to clarify that something said earlier wasn’t intended to be taken at face value, but rather as a humorous or lighthearted remark. For example, if someone says something that might be interpreted as offensive or hurtful, they might follow it up with “just kidding” to show that they didn’t mean any harm.

“It’s funny” is a phrase used to express that something is humorous or amusing. It’s a way to convey that you find a particular situation, comment, or event to be funny or entertaining. It’s often used in response to a joke or a humorous situation to acknowledge the humor and share in the enjoyment of it.

Here are 10 Alternative words for Just Kidding / It’s Funny:

  1. Joking
  2. Teasing
  3. Playing
  4. Humorous
  5. Laughable
  6. Amusing
  7. Hilarious
  8. Comical
  9. Giggling
  10. Chuckling

Other Ways To Say Just Kidding & It’s Funny

  • A bit of humor!
  • All a jest!
  • All in fun!
  • All just fun!
  • Amusing, right?
  • Amusingly said!
  • Amusingly!
  • Banter!
  • Can’t be serious!
  • Can’t help but tease!
  • Can’t hold it!
  • Chuckle-worthy!
  • Clowning around!
  • Clowning!
  • Couldn’t keep it up!
  • Couldn’t resist joking!
  • Couldn’t resist!
  • Crack a smile!
  • Fooling around!
  • For a laugh!
  • For laughs!
  • Funny stuff!
  • Giggling here!
  • Got you, right?
  • Gotcha!
  • Gotta tease!
  • Had a chuckle!
  • Had to jest!
  • Had to joke around!
  • Had to joke!
  • Had you fooled!
  • Had you going!
  • Haha, kidding!
  • Having a chuckle!
  • Having a giggle!
  • Having a good time!
  • Having a jest!
  • Having a laugh!
  • Having a rib!
  • Humor alert!
  • Humor me!
  • Humorously!
  • I’m kidding!
  • In a jestful tone!
  • In jest!
  • It’s a hoot!
  • Jestful moment!
  • Joking!
  • Jokingly!
  • Just a jest!
  • Just a prank!
  • Just goofing!
  • Just having fun!
  • Just messing!
  • Just playing!
  • Kidding aside!
  • Laughable!
  • Laughingly said!
  • Light teasing!
  • Lighten up!
  • Light-hearted moment!
  • Light-hearted!
  • Making fun!
  • Making light of it!
  • Making light!
  • Messing with you!
  • No seriousness!
  • Not being real!
  • Not being sincere!
  • Not for real!
  • Not for real, obviously!
  • Not genuine!
  • Not real, obviously!
  • Not serious at all!
  • Not serious!
  • Not to be believed!
  • Played a trick!
  • Playful banter!
  • Playful vibe!
  • Playing around!
  • Prankster mode!
  • Pulling your leg!
  • Pure humor!
  • Quipster mode!
  • Quirking a smile!
  • Smile-inducing!
  • Teasing!
  • Tickled by that!
  • Tongue-in-cheek!
  • Trolling!

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Formal Ways to Say Just Kidding / It’s Funny

  • In jest, of course.
  • Pardon my jest.
  • Please take it lightly.
  • Humor me for a moment.
  • I speak in jest.
  • Permit me a jest.
  • I jest, naturally.
  • I jest in earnest.
  • Allow my levity.
  • My humor shines.
  • Permit my mirth.
  • With jest in mind.
  • All in good humor.
  • Jesting, of course.
  • In light-heartedness.
  • With playful intent.
  • A touch of jest.
  • Pardon the jesting.
  • Lightly spoken jest.
  • With a playful air.
  • A humorous aside.
  • Lighthearted banter.
  • A moment of jest.
  • Permit a witticism.
  • My jocular notion.
  • A playful interlude.
  • Pardon my wit.
  • Let’s laugh gently.
  • Permit a quip.
  • Jesting aside.
  • Light humor intended.
  • A touch of mirth.
  • I share a jest.
  • Allow a light jest.
  • Permit a jesting tone.
  • Light-hearted quip.
  • Humor me a bit.
  • A dash of jest.
  • Let’s smile together.
  • With jesting grace.
  • My humorous note.
  • A touch of amusement.
  • Pardon my lightness.
  • Please sense the humor.
  • I jest with respect.
  • I share a witticism.
  • With jocund intent.
  • Permit a playful phrase.
  • Jesting, I assure you.
  • A touch of whimsy.
  • Allow a humorous turn.
  • My jest is gentle.
  • With a light jest.
  • Please see the wit.
  • Permit a light chuckle.
  • In a jesting manner.
  • Humor me kindly.
  • With good-natured jest.
  • A moment of levity.
  • I play with words.
  • A touch of merriment.
  • I share a light jest.
  • Permit a jesting nod.
  • Let’s share a chuckle.
  • Humor me graciously.
  • In playful fashion.
  • With a touch of wit.
  • I jest, considerately.
  • Permit a jovial note.
  • A dash of mirth.
  • Please sense my humor.
  • In jest, I confide.
  • With a jocose spirit.
  • Permit my whimsy.
  • A touch of jesting grace.
  • I jest in all honor.
  • Allow a humorous twist.
  • My jest is sincere.
  • With lighthearted humor.
  • Permit a jesting wink.

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Informal Ways to Say Just Kidding / It’s Funny

  • Nah, joking!
  • Playing around.
  • Pulling your leg.
  • Teasing, obviously.
  • Messing with you.
  • Didn’t mean it.
  • I’m joking, man.
  • Lighten up, it’s a joke.
  • Not serious, relax.
  • Kidding, relax.
  • Just having fun.
  • It’s all in fun.
  • Don’t take me seriously.
  • Having a laugh.
  • Not for real, don’t worry.
  • Just kidding, seriously.
  • No harm intended.
  • All in good humor.
  • Just messing around.
  • No need to fret, joking.
  • Not being serious, honestly.
  • Joking aside.
  • I’m being playful.
  • It’s a gag, chill.
  • Can’t you tell it’s a joke?
  • Light-hearted moment.
  • Not a big deal, kidding.
  • It’s a prank, calm down.
  • Playing a little trick.
  • Not serious at all.
  • Just fooling around.
  • Just a jest, buddy.
  • Not speaking the truth, FYI.
  • It’s a joke, no worries.
  • I’m being facetious.
  • Just a little humor.
  • Having some fun.
  • It’s a lighthearted comment.
  • Just messing, relax.
  • Just being goofy.
  • It’s just a quip.
  • Just yanking your chain.
  • Not to be taken literally.
  • Just having a giggle.
  • Just a wisecrack.
  • It’s a goof, you know.
  • It’s all in jest.
  • Not a serious statement.
  • It’s a chuckle-worthy moment.
  • I’m just clowning around.
  • Just horsing around.
  • It’s a play on words.
  • Just playing the fool.
  • It’s a light-hearted jab.
  • Just joshing with you.
  • Not speaking the truth, relax.
  • It’s a mock, don’t stress.
  • I’m just being silly.
  • Just playing games.
  • It’s a jest, no sweat.
  • I’m just kidding, alright?
  • It’s all a game.
  • Just a little banter.
  • Not being serious, mate.
  • Just toying with you.
  • I’m not for real, chill.
  • It’s a wind-up, no biggie.
  • Just joking, okay?
  • I’m just goofing off.
  • It’s all fun and games.

Idiomatic Ways to Say Just Kidding / It’s Funny

  1. Tongue-in-cheek: His compliment was so over-the-top that I thought he was being serious, but it turned out to be tongue-in-cheek.
  2. Having a laugh: We were just having a laugh when we told you that outrageous story.
  3. Pulling your leg: I’m just pulling your leg about the unicorn sighting.
  4. Joking aside: Joking aside, your impersonation of the boss was spot on!
  5. Tickling your funny bone: Her witty remarks always manage to tickle my funny bone.
  6. Messing with ya: Don’t take it personally, I’m just messing with ya.
  7. Playing the fool: He’s not actually scared of spiders; he’s just playing the fool.
  8. Crackin’ wise: She’s always crackin’ wise, even in serious situations.
  9. Flipping the script: He flipped the script and turned the awkward situation into a hilarious anecdote.
  10. Kidding around: We were just kidding around when we said the concert was sold out.
  11. Teasing the tiger: He likes teasing the tiger, pushing boundaries to see people’s reactions.
  12. Making a jest: She made a jest about the crazy weather we’re having.
  13. Putting on a show: His dance moves at the party had everyone laughing; he was really putting on a show.
  14. Taking the Mickey: He’s always taking the Mickey out of his friends in a friendly way.
  15. A bit of a spoof: The news article turned out to be a bit of a spoof, not an actual event.
  16. In jest, my friend: I said I’d eat the whole pizza, but that was all in jest, my friend.
  17. Just having a lark: We were just having a lark when we pretended to be characters from that TV show.
  18. Not for real though: I said I won the lottery, but not for real though!
  19. All fun and games: We were just pranking each other; it’s all fun and games.
  20. Stirring the pot: He’s always stirring the pot with his sarcastic remarks.
  21. Just a gag, mate: Don’t take it seriously; it’s just a gag, mate.
  22. Twisting reality: His stories tend to twist reality for comedic effect.
  23. Having a giggle: We were all having a giggle about the funny mishap earlier.
  24. Joking on the square: She was joking on the square when she said she wanted a pet elephant.
  25. A whimsical fib: His claim of being an expert unicorn trainer was just a whimsical fib.

Professional Ways to Say Just Kidding / It’s Funny

  • Merely jesting.
  • Utterly humorous.
  • Purely facetious.
  • Simply amusing.
  • Solely in jest.
  • Totally comical.
  • Entirely lighthearted.
  • Absolutely a joke.
  • Exclusively for laughs.
  • Entirely tongue-in-cheek.
  • Unquestionably playful.
  • Wholly for fun.
  • Clearly a jest.
  • Plainly for giggles.
  • Absolutely in jest.
  • Exclusively humorous.
  • Unmistakably funny.
  • Entirely a quip.
  • Completely for amusement.
  • Undeniably light-hearted.
  • Simply for grins.
  • Absolutely in good humor.
  • Purely for chuckles.
  • Totally a gag.
  • Solely for entertainment.
  • Clearly a rib.
  • Unquestionably for levity.
  • Definitely a jest.
  • Merely to provoke smiles.
  • Entirely whimsical.
  • Absolutely for comic relief.
  • Totally a witticism.
  • Solely to elicit laughter.
  • Unmistakably a prank.
  • Clearly meant in fun.
  • Simply as a jape.
  • Utterly for jesting.
  • Wholly a funny remark.
  • Exclusively light-hearted banter.
  • Unquestionably a wisecrack.


What are some alternative phrases for “Just kidding”?

There are several alternative ways to convey that you’re not being serious. Some options include “I’m just pulling your leg,” “I’m messing around,” or “I’m being facetious.”

How can I express that something is funny without saying “It’s funny”?

There are various ways to indicate amusement. You can say “That’s quite a laugh,” “It’s a real hoot,” or “That’s really tickling my funny bone.”

What are some professional alternatives to saying “It’s funny”?

To maintain a professional tone, you might consider using phrases like “It brings a smile,” “It elicits amusement,” or “It’s quite the chuckle.” These alternatives keep the conversation light-hearted while still being appropriate for a professional setting.

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