500 Most Common Sight Words List

Sight Words List. Sight words are a fundamental aspect of learning to read. They are words that children are expected to recognize instantly without having to sound them out. These words make up the bulk of the text in a typical children’s book and therefore, it is essential for children to master them.

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Sight Words

Sight words are words that are recognized immediately upon sight and are often taught to young children to help them learn to read. They are also known as high-frequency words or sight vocabulary.
10 Sight Words List with sentence:
I – I like to eat pizza for dinner.
a – She wants to buy a new car for herself.
the – The cat slept in the sun for hours.
and – I like to read books and play video games.
to – I want to go to the park to play basketball.
in – There are many different animals in the zoo.
is – The sky is blue and the sun is shining.
you – Can you help me with my homework, please?
that – The book that I am reading is very interesting.
it – The rain is falling and it is very wet outside.
he – He likes to play soccer on the weekends.
was – Yesterday, it was very hot outside.
for – She bought a new phone for her sister’s birthday.
on – The food is on the table, ready to eat.
are – There are many different kinds of fruits in the grocery store.
of – The color of the sky is changing from blue to pink.
with – She is going to the beach with her friends.
his – His favorite color is green.
they – They are going to the movies tonight.
at – I will meet you at the library at 2 PM.

Dolch Sight Words

A Our Your
Give She Rain
Or But I
Will For Get
Play Long Water
Say What Into
Away Make Didn’t
Most More About
Words No Did
Big Time Came
Know Just The
When Be Which
Their By Use
As Two And
Is Would Could
Boy Called Very
Love Made Out
School Where Off
See These His
Looked From He
Mum Goes Because
Were An If
Come With Said
Way People Can
Do This Me
Run Saw Been
Them Before Only
Upon Stayed Up
Each Then Not
There Of Us
May Some Go
So Gave We
How Good Went
Who First Should
You Friend Now
Has Over That
Than Other All
Yes Its Many
Quite In On
Are Why It
Dad Like Little
Him Again Was
To One Had
Girl Her Right
My Too After
At They Find
Have Down

Sight Words List

High Frequency Words

Kindergarten Sight Words

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