50 Slang Words for Retirement

Slang Words for Retirement can help us understand how people talk about this exciting time in life. Retirement means stepping back from work and enjoying new adventures. These fun slang terms make it easier to share our dreams and plans for the future. If you’re an English learner, student, or just curious, let’s explore these unique and lively words to understand this new chapter better!

Slang Words for Retirement

Golden Years

Meaning: The time of life after retirement.

  1. “She’s saving for her golden years.”
  2. Golden years mean more time with family.”
  3. “He’s enjoying his golden years in the countryside.”
  4. “In their golden years, they travel extensively.”

Senior Moment

Meaning: A lapse in memory or mental focus.

  1. “He forgot his glasses—must be a senior moment.”
  2. “Losing keys is just a senior moment.”
  3. “Can’t find my book—senior moment.”
  4. “Everyone has a senior moment

Bucket List

Meaning: A list of goals to achieve before death.

  1. “Their bucket list includes a road trip.”
  2. “She plans to visit Europe on her bucket list.”
  3. Bucket list checked: hiking the Rockies.”
  4. “Retirement is perfect for bucket list

Encore Career

Meaning: A new career pursued after retirement.

  1. “His encore career involves volunteering.”
  2. “She enjoys her encore career in consulting.”
  3. “Teaching yoga became her encore career.”
  4. “After retirement, he started an encore career.”

Empty Nest

Meaning: The period after children move out.

  1. “They have an empty nest
  2. Empty nest living means peace and quiet.”
  3. “The empty nest offers more freedom.”
  4. “She’s adjusting to empty nest

Silver Surfers

Meaning: Retirees who frequently use the internet.

  1. “These silver surfers are active on social media.”
  2. Silver surfers love video calls with family.”
  3. “More silver surfers are creating blogs.”
  4. Silver surfers enjoy browsing retirement tips.”


Meaning: Moving to a smaller home after retirement.

  1. “They’re downsizing to a cozy condo.”
  2. “After retirement, downsizing to an apartment felt right.”
  3. Downsizing reduces maintenance and expenses.”
  4. “Retirees consider downsizing for easier living.”

Golden Handshake

Meaning: A financial incentive offered for voluntary retirement.

  1. “He accepted the golden handshake and retired early.”
  2. “The golden handshake was too good to refuse.”
  3. “Her company offered a generous golden handshake.”
  4. Golden handshake packages often include bonuses.”

Second Wind

Meaning: New energy for post-retirement activities.

  1. “After retiring, she found her second wind.”
  2. “Their second wind involves community volunteering.”
  3. “Retirement brought them a creative second wind.”
  4. “He got a second wind and opened a bakery.”

Travel Bug

Meaning: A strong desire to travel.

  1. “She caught the travel bug after retirement.”
  2. “His travel bug means frequent cruises.”
  3. “The couple’s travel bug took them to Asia.”
  4. “Her travel bug keeps her exploring.”

Prime Time

Meaning: The best or most active time in life.

  1. “They’re making the most of prime time.”
  2. “Their prime time includes painting and writing.”
  3. “She’s living her prime time on her terms.”
  4. “Exploring new hobbies defines their prime time.”


Meaning: Retirees starting their own businesses.

  1. “The seniorpreneurs opened an art gallery.”
  2. “These seniorpreneurs turned their hobbies into income.”
  3. “As seniorpreneurs, they manage a small shop.”
  4. Seniorpreneurs offer a wealth of experience.”


Meaning: A person receiving retirement benefits.

  1. “As a pensioner, she enjoys gardening.”
  2. Pensioners often join retirement clubs.”
  3. “Many pensioners pursue new hobbies.”
  4. “Some pensioners use savings for travel.”


Meaning: A vacation with grandchildren.

  1. “Their grandcation included a visit to Disney.”
  2. “On a grandcation, they explored the mountains.”
  3. “The grandcation strengthened their family bond.”
  4. “A grandcation is their favorite new tradition.”

Life of Leisure

Meaning: Enjoying a relaxed, unstructured lifestyle.

  1. “Their life of leisure includes long walks.”
  2. “Reading by the lake defines his life of leisure.”
  3. “In retirement, they lead a life of leisure.”
  4. “Gardening daily is her life of leisure.”

Put Out to Pasture

Meaning: Retire from work or daily responsibilities.

  1. “He’s finally been put out to pasture.”
  2. Put out to pasture, they took up fishing.”
  3. “The company put out to pasture many older employees.”
  4. “He didn’t want to be put out to pasture.”

Golden Ticket

Meaning: An opportunity that enables retirement goals.

  1. “Her business’s sale was their golden ticket.”
  2. “A rental property became their golden ticket.”
  3. “They consider the new job their golden ticket.”
  4. “The inheritance became their golden ticket to retiring early.”

Freedom 55

Meaning: Retiring at age 55.

  1. “Their investments allowed for Freedom 55.”
  2. “The Freedom 55 plan worked for them.”
  3. Freedom 55 sounds ideal but takes planning.”
  4. “Many people set Freedom 55 as a goal.”

Cruise Control

Meaning: Living at a relaxed, steady pace in retirement.

  1. “In retirement, they’re on cruise control.”
  2. “With savings, they can retire on cruise control.”
  3. “Their investments let them live on cruise control.”
  4. “He’s grateful to live on cruise control.”

New Lease on Life

Meaning: Feeling rejuvenated and ready to try new things.

  1. “Retirement gave her a new lease on life.”
  2. “After downsizing, he got a new lease on life.”
  3. “Traveling brought a new lease on life.”
  4. “Their new hobbies provide a new lease on life.”

Silver Generation

Meaning: Older adults and retirees.

  1. “The silver generation contributes to volunteering efforts.”
  2. “Many in the silver generation remain active.”
  3. Silver generation members often form social groups.”
  4. “New retirement communities attract the silver generation.”

Senior Citizen

Meaning: An elderly individual, often a retiree.

  1. Senior citizens qualify for retirement benefits.”
  2. “Retired senior citizens sometimes move closer to family.”
  3. Senior citizens look forward to community events.”
  4. “New policies improve care for senior citizens.”

Time Millionaire

Meaning: Someone with ample free time after retirement.

  1. “He feels like a time millionaire
  2. Time millionaires enjoy leisurely activities daily.”
  3. “Retirement gave them a time millionaire
  4. Time millionaires fill their days with hobbies.”

Over the Hill

Meaning: Past one’s prime but still active.

  1. “He doesn’t mind being over the hill.”
  2. “Even over the hill, she’s vibrant and active.”
  3. “The birthday card joked he’s over the hill.”
  4. “Many don’t consider themselves over the hill.”

Old Timer

Meaning: An older, experienced person.

  1. “The old timers have valuable wisdom to share.”
  2. “The old timer teaches fishing to the youth.”
  3. “These old timers enjoy reminiscing together.”
  4. “An old timer leads the community group.”

Age Gracefully

Meaning: Stay healthy and positive while getting older.

  1. “She’s working to age gracefully through yoga.”
  2. Aging gracefully means embracing life’s changes.”
  3. “Maintaining hobbies helps people age gracefully.”
  4. “Regular walking allows him to age gracefully.”

Third Act

Meaning: The final phase of life, often retirement.

  1. “In her third act, she travels widely.”
  2. “Their third act is filled with purpose.”
  3. “A meaningful third act includes volunteering.”
  4. “He sees his third act as a time for exploration.”

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