50 Slang Words for Real

Slang Words for Real convey the inventive ways people express authenticity in everyday language. These terms emphasize when something is genuine or sincere, adding flair to conversations. For English learners, students, and anyone interested in slang, understanding these expressions will help you speak confidently and clearly about what’s authentic. Let’s uncover this engaging vocabulary to better navigate the nuances of modern language!

Slang Words for Real


Meaning: Genuine or authentic.

  1. “His collection of vinyl records is legit.”
  2. “The documentary is a legit source of information.”
  3. “Their startup idea is pretty legit.”
  4. “The art exhibit at the museum is legit.”
  5. “That place serves legit burgers.”


Meaning: Reliable, strong, or impressive.

  1. “Sarah’s presentation was solid and well-researched.”
  2. “Jake is a solid worker; he never misses a deadline.”
  3. “The band’s performance was solid at the festival.”
  4. “She gave me solid advice on investment strategies.”
  5. “That’s a solid choice for an action movie night.”


Meaning: Practical and unpretentious.

  1. “I love how down-to-earth she is about her career.”
  2. “His down-to-earth attitude makes him easy to approach.”
  3. “The boss is incredibly down-to-earth despite her success.”
  4. “The team members are all down-to-earth and helpful.”
  5. “It’s refreshing to have a down-to-earth conversation about finances.”


Meaning: Honest and direct.

  1. “She’s always straight-up about how she feels.”
  2. “I appreciate his straight-up feedback.”
  3. “Can you give me a straight-up answer about this project?”
  4. “Let’s be straight-up with each other and resolve this.”
  5. “His straight-up attitude earns him a lot of respect.”

No Cap

Meaning: Truthful, not lying.

  1. “No cap, that was the best pizza I’ve ever had.”
  2. “I promise, no cap, I’m really excited about this!”
  3. “This band is amazing, no cap.”
  4. “No cap, I need to start working out regularly.”
  5. “He’s a kind person, no cap.”

Real Talk

Meaning: Honest or candid conversation.

  1. “We had a real talk about our goals.”
  2. “Real talk, you need to start saving more.”
  3. “I’m going to give you some real talk about this career choice.”
  4. “Real talk, I think we need to re-evaluate the plan.”
  5. “She offered some real talk advice that changed my perspective.”

For Real

Meaning: Seriously, genuinely true.

  1. “Are you for real about moving to another state?”
  2. “His cooking skills are for real.”
  3. “I want to start my own business, for real.”
  4. “She said she’d finish the project by tonight, for real.”
  5. “I’m excited for this summer trip, for real.”


Meaning: Genuine or not counterfeit.

  1. “The recipe provides an authentic taste of Italy.”
  2. “He is an authentic leader who genuinely cares.”
  3. “The film portrays an authentic depiction of the era.”
  4. “It’s important to maintain an authentic connection with your audience.”
  5. “Her paintings have an authentic style that stands out.”

Bona Fide

Meaning: Real or made in good faith.

  1. “The company is a bona fide industry leader.”
  2. “He is a bona fide artist, always creating with passion.”
  3. “The letter is a bona fide document from the council.”
  4. “She earned a bona fide diploma from a prestigious institution.”
  5. “He is a bona fide expert on antique furniture.”


Meaning: Loyal or genuine.

  1. “She’s my true friend who never judges me.”
  2. “The soldier fought for his true values.”
  3. “He’s a true leader, inspiring everyone in the team.”
  4. “That film is a true story of heroism.”
  5. “His love for music is true.”


Meaning: Authentic or lawful.

  1. “The website is a legitimate source for research.”
  2. “The company provided legitimate business documentation.”
  3. “His legitimate concern was addressed by the manager.”
  4. “The transaction was legitimate and completed promptly.”
  5. “She inherited her legitimate share of the family estate.”


Meaning: Real or sincere.

  1. “He’s a genuine person with no hidden motives.”
  2. “The bag is genuine leather.”
  3. “Her genuine smile made everyone feel welcome.”
  4. “A genuine effort is required to improve the situation.”
  5. “The documents proved to be genuine.”


Meaning: Quality of being genuine.

  1. “The story’s authenticity is what makes it compelling.”
  2. “Her authenticity sets her apart from other influencers.”
  3. “The authenticity of this document is unquestionable.”
  4. “His authenticity in speaking the truth inspired others.”
  5. “Strive for authenticity in your relationships.”

Real Deal

Meaning: The actual thing or person, not an imitation.

  1. “That artist is the real deal with her unique style.”
  2. “His music is the real deal, full of passion and originality.”
  3. “This chef is the real deal; her dishes are fantastic.”
  4. “He’s the real deal in the world of software engineering.”
  5. “The new electric car is the real deal for eco-friendly drivers.”

Authentic Vibes

Meaning: A truthful and sincere feeling.

  1. “Her authenticity gave off authentic vibes.”
  2. “The restaurant’s décor provided authentic vibes.”
  3. “The authentic vibes of their relationship were clear to everyone.”
  4. “His music provides genuine and authentic vibes.”
  5. “The town’s traditional festivals offer authentic vibes.”


Meaning: Genuine, not pretending.

  1. “Her sincere apology was accepted.”
  2. “He’s a sincere person who values honesty.”
  3. “Her sincere gratitude was appreciated.”
  4. “The actor gave a sincere performance on stage.”
  5. “His sincere promise brought peace to the team.”


Meaning: The quality of being authentic or genuine.

  1. “The new tech gadget had undeniable legitness.”
  2. “The festival had all the legitness of a grand event.”
  3. “The band brought the legitness of classic rock to the concert.”
  4. “The software features promised legitness for user safety.”
  5. “Her fashion line had that legitness which captivated customers.”

Legitimate Vibes

Meaning: Authentic, trustworthy energy.

  1. “The mentor exuded legitimate vibes in her advice.”
  2. “His speech had legitimate vibes that resonated with the audience.”
  3. “The product launch event had legitimate vibes of innovation.”
  4. “Her management style provided legitimate vibes to the team.”
  5. “The band’s new album has legitimate vibes.”


Meaning: Worthy of belief or trust.

  1. “Her credentials made her a credible candidate for the position.”
  2. “The investigation gathered credible evidence.”
  3. “His argument was supported by credible sources.”
  4. “The witness provided a credible testimony.”
  5. “The professor’s research was highly credible.”


Meaning: Able to be relied on.

  1. “He’s a trustworthy friend who keeps secrets safe.”
  2. “The data provided by the agency is trustworthy.”
  3. “Her trustworthy nature makes her a good leader.”
  4. “Make sure your financial advisor is trustworthy.”
  5. “It’s crucial to be trustworthy in any relationship.”

On the Level

Meaning: Honest, straightforward.

  1. “Is he really on the level about his job offer?”
  2. “I always try to be on the level with my clients.”
  3. “Let’s keep this deal on the level and transparent.”
  4. “It’s reassuring that the management is on the level.”
  5. “You can trust them; they’re on the level.”

Legitimate Business

Meaning: A lawful and reliable enterprise.

  1. “He established a legitimate business over the years.”
  2. “Their new venture is a legitimate business that helps the community.”
  3. “Make sure your partners are running a legitimate business.”
  4. “She launched a legitimate business with her talents.”
  5. “A legitimate business offers clear documentation.”


Meaning: Acceptable, legitimate, or genuine.

  1. “Is this contract kosher, or should I be concerned?”
  2. “He made sure all the transactions were kosher.”
  3. “Her business practices are kosher and transparent.”
  4. “Let’s keep everything kosher and above board.”
  5. “Make sure the project details are kosher.”

On the Money

Meaning: Exactly right or accurate.

  1. “His prediction about the market was on the money.”
  2. “The comedian’s timing was right on the money.”
  3. “The detective’s theory was on the money.”
  4. “Your advice about the job market was on the money.”
  5. “The weather forecast was on the money this weekend.”

Legitimate Goods

Meaning: Authentic, high-quality products.

  1. “That shop only sells legitimate goods.”
  2. “The jewelry from the market looked like legitimate goods.”
  3. “He prides himself on offering legitimate goods to his customers.”
  4. “The farmer’s market is known for its legitimate goods.”
  5. “When buying online, make sure you’re getting legitimate goods.”


Meaning: Completely true or trustworthy.

  1. “I’m 100% sure about my decision to travel abroad.”
  2. “Her commitment to the cause is 100% genuine.”
  3. “I support you 100% in your career choice.”
  4. “His story about the event is 100% accurate.”
  5. “She’s 100% prepared for her final exams.”

Real McCoy

Meaning: The original or genuine article.

  1. “These old coins are the real McCoy.”
  2. “Is that vintage bag the real McCoy?”
  3. “His storytelling is the real McCoy, captivating everyone.”
  4. “The antique furniture in their home is the real McCoy.”
  5. “The painting on the wall is the real McCoy.”

Legitimate Skillset

Meaning: Genuine and impressive expertise.

  1. “He has a legitimate skillset in data analysis.”
  2. “Her legitimate skillset makes her highly sought after.”
  3. “The applicant possesses a legitimate skillset in software development.”
  4. “A legitimate skillset in programming is crucial for the role.”
  5. “His legitimate skillset in marketing helped grow the business.”

Legitimately Honest

Meaning: Truly and consistently trustworthy.

  1. “She’s legitimately honest in all her dealings.”
  2. “His legitimately honest answers earned him trust.”
  3. “A manager who’s legitimately honest can build a loyal team.”
  4. “I strive to remain legitimately honest in my career.”
  5. “She’s known for being legitimately honest with her clients.”


Meaning: Authentic quality or sincerity.

  1. “His art reflects the realness of everyday life.”
  2. “I love the realness of her personality.”
  3. “The book captured the realness of growing up in the city.”
  4. “Her speech had a level of realness that connected with the audience.”
  5. “The documentary’s realness gave viewers insight into the issues.”

Bona Fides

Meaning: Credentials or authenticity.

  1. “His bona fides as a historian are impeccable.”
  2. “Make sure to verify their bona fides before signing the contract.”
  3. “The candidate presented his bona fides for the new role.”
  4. “She earned bona fides with years of field research.”
  5. “The bona fides of the organization are evident in its community work.”


Meaning: Loyal or reliable.

  1. “He’s a faithful friend who’s always there.”
  2. “They remained faithful to their promise of quality service.”
  3. “Our dog is the most faithful companion we’ve ever had.”
  4. “A faithful colleague is invaluable at work.”
  5. “Her clients appreciate her faithful dedication.”


Meaning: Honest and legal.

  1. “The transaction was completely aboveboard.”
  2. “Make sure the business deal is aboveboard.”
  3. “His approach to negotiations is always aboveboard.”
  4. “The fundraising efforts were aboveboard and transparent.”
  5. “You can count on him to be aboveboard with his clients.”

Legitimate Job

Meaning: An authentic and lawful employment opportunity.

  1. “She’s looking for a legitimate job in the design industry.”
  2. “He finally landed a legitimate job after months of searching.”
  3. “Make sure you’re applying for a legitimate job online.”
  4. “Finding a legitimate job that matches your skills can be challenging.”
  5. “The recruiter helped her secure a legitimate job offer.”

Real Goods

Meaning: Honest and quality information or products.

  1. “The speaker shared the real goods on managing your finances.”
  2. “He gave us the real goods about job hunting in this economy.”
  3. “That workshop provided the real goods on fitness and health.”
  4. “It’s important to know where to find the real goods for home repair tips.”
  5. “The author offers the real goods about balancing work and life.”

True Blue

Meaning: Unwaveringly loyal.

  1. “He’s a true blue friend who’s always there for me.”
  2. “Her true blue attitude keeps the team motivated.”
  3. “They know she will be a true blue supporter of their new business.”
  4. “Despite the challenges, he remained true blue to his values.”
  5. “Their true blue commitment to the cause is inspiring.”

Legitimate Cause

Meaning: A genuine and important purpose or issue.

  1. “Supporting education is a legitimate cause.”
  2. “The team organized a fundraiser for a legitimate cause.”
  3. “She’s passionate about advocating for legitimate causes.”
  4. “Donating to a legitimate cause can make a big impact.”
  5. “Their campaign highlights legitimate causes for community support.”


Meaning: Able to be confirmed as true.

  1. “Make sure your sources are verifiable.”
  2. “The applicant provided verifiable references.”
  3. “The company’s claims about the product are verifiable.”
  4. “The researcher used verifiable data in the study.”
  5. “They only accept verifiable evidence for the court case.”


Meaning: Logical or authentic.

  1. “She has valid reasons for changing her career path.”
  2. “His argument is based on valid points.”
  3. “Make sure your ticket is still valid before heading to the concert.”
  4. “Their concerns are valid and need to be addressed.”
  5. “Check that your passport is still valid before traveling.”

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