50+ Slang Words for People

Slang Words for People offer a creative glimpse into how we describe different personalities and groups. These playful terms add color to our language, giving a unique twist when talking about friends, strangers, or anyone in between. Whether you’re a student, kid, or English learner, knowing these slang words will help you understand and express the diverse ways people relate to one another. Let’s explore this vibrant vocabulary to enrich your understanding of casual conversation!

Slang Words for People


Meaning: Best friend forever.

  1. “We’ve been BFFs since elementary school.”
  2. “I can always rely on my BFF for support.”
  3. “My BFF and I are going on a road trip next month.”
  4. “Her BFF organized a surprise birthday party for her.”
  5. “It’s so nice having a BFF who shares the same interests.”


Meaning: A group of close friends.

  1. “We went to the concert as a squad.”
  2. “I love hanging out with my squad every weekend.”
  3. “Our squad loves trying out new restaurants.”
  4. “She always takes pictures with her squad.”
  5. “We call ourselves the ‘A-Team’ because our squad is unstoppable.”


Meaning: A close male friend.

  1. “I met my bro for coffee last night.”
  2. “He’s not just my roommate; he’s my bro.”
  3. “The best thing about college is the bros you meet.”
  4. “I can count on my bros for anything.”
  5. “My bro gave me a ride home after the party.”


Meaning: A trusted friend, often from one’s neighborhood.

  1. “My homie and I grew up on the same block.”
  2. “You know you can always count on your homies.”
  3. “We always hang out together because we’re homies.”
  4. “He’s been my homie since high school.”
  5. “I met some new homies during the summer program.”


Meaning: Short for family, often referring to close friends or relatives.

  1. “I can’t wait to see my fam for the holidays.”
  2. “We’re more than friends; we’re fam.”
  3. “I’m always there for my fam, no matter what.”
  4. “The neighborhood feels like one big fam.”
  5. “My fam and I love our Sunday barbecues.”


Meaning: Informal term for a person, usually male.

  1. “Hey dude, are you coming to the party tonight?”
  2. “The new dude at work is pretty cool.”
  3. “I met some dudes at the gym yesterday.”
  4. “That dude really knows his way around a guitar.”
  5. “A random dude helped me with my grocery bags.”


Meaning: Informal term for a woman.

  1. “That gal is incredibly talented at playing the piano.”
  2. “She’s a smart gal who’s going places.”
  3. “My gals and I had brunch this morning.”
  4. “There’s a new gal at the office; she’s very friendly.”
  5. “The gal on the right is my cousin.”


Meaning: Short for best friend.

  1. “My bestie and I love sharing memes.”
  2. “We’re always having fun when my bestie is around.”
  3. “I’m going shopping with my bestie this weekend.”
  4. “Her bestie picked her up after a long day at work.”
  5. “You can always count on your bestie to be there.”


Meaning: A group of friends or acquaintances.

  1. “Our crew went out for karaoke last night.”
  2. “The crew is planning a weekend road trip.”
  3. “He organized a basketball game for his crew.”
  4. “Everyone in the crew is on the same wavelength.”
  5. “We saw a movie and had dinner together as a crew.”


Meaning: A casual friend or companion.

  1. “I met an old pal from high school at the reunion.”
  2. “Let’s catch up over coffee, pal!”
  3. “She and her pal went shopping for new outfits.”
  4. “I’ve been good pals with him for years.”
  5. “It’s nice to have a pal who shares your sense of humor.”


Meaning: A British or Australian term for friend.

  1. “G’day mate! How have you been?”
  2. “He’s my best mate from college.”
  3. “I’ll introduce you to my mates when we arrive.”
  4. “The mates and I are going camping this weekend.”
  5. “Having a good mate helps you feel supported.”


Meaning: A friend who helps with social or romantic interactions.

  1. “Can you be my wingman at the party tonight?”
  2. “My wingman set me up with a great date.”
  3. “He needs a good wingman to boost his confidence.”
  4. “Being a wingman means looking out for your friend.”
  5. “She acted as my wingman and helped break the ice.”


Meaning: A group of friends or associates.

  1. “My posse and I took over the dance floor.”
  2. “We go everywhere as a posse.”
  3. “His posse planned a weekend getaway.”
  4. “Her posse met her after work for drinks.”
  5. “The neighborhood kids formed a tight posse.”


Meaning: A group of close friends.

  1. “The gang always meets up on Friday evenings.”
  2. “She introduced me to her gang last night.”
  3. “His gang helped him celebrate his promotion.”
  4. “It’s good to have a gang that’s got your back.”
  5. “Our gang enjoys going to comedy shows.”


Meaning: Informal term for people or friends.

  1. “I’m excited to hang out with my peeps this weekend.”
  2. “It’s nice to meet new peeps at social events.”
  3. “His peeps organized a surprise birthday party for him.”
  4. “She called her peeps to share the good news.”
  5. “Let’s round up our peeps for the barbecue.”


Meaning: A close friend.

  1. “I’ve known my buddy since kindergarten.”
  2. “My buddy and I share a passion for video games.”
  3. “We’re planning a fishing trip, just me and my buddy.”
  4. “A buddy can help you through tough times.”
  5. “My travel buddy and I always have the best adventures.”

Partner in Crime

Meaning: A companion in mischief or fun.

  1. “My sister is my partner in crime when it comes to adventures.”
  2. “They’ve been partners in crime since their college days.”
  3. “His partner in crime is always ready for a new challenge.”
  4. “My best friend is the ultimate partner in crime.”
  5. “I found my partner in crime for late-night snack runs.”


Meaning: Spanish word for friends, used informally in English.

  1. “It’s nice to hang out with my amigos on the weekend.”
  2. “He met some new amigos during his trip.”
  3. “My amigos and I are planning a vacation.”
  4. “There’s nothing better than sharing laughs with your amigos.”
  5. “His amigos made sure he had a memorable birthday.”


Meaning: Someone known but not closely.

  1. “I met an old acquaintance at the conference.”
  2. “She has many acquaintances from her travels.”
  3. “It’s good to catch up with an old acquaintance.”
  4. “His acquaintance recommended a good restaurant.”
  5. “We have a mutual acquaintance who introduced us.”

Best Bud

Meaning: A very close friend.

  1. “My cousin is my best bud, and we always have a blast.”
  2. “We’ve been best buds since we were kids.”
  3. “His best bud invited him to a weekend barbecue.”
  4. “I enjoy gaming with my best bud online.”
  5. “She and her best bud went shopping yesterday.”


Meaning: A trusted friend who can keep secrets.

  1. “My sister is my confidant, and I share everything with her.”
  2. “He found a confidant in his best friend.”
  3. “She is the perfect confidant because she listens well.”
  4. “Having a confidant you trust can help reduce stress.”
  5. “He shared his fears with a confidant.”


Meaning: A brother or sister.

  1. “I have three siblings, all younger than me.”
  2. “Her siblings are incredibly supportive of her.”
  3. “Siblings often share similar interests growing up.”
  4. “I’m taking my siblings to a sports game.”
  5. “He has a close relationship with his siblings.”


Meaning: A person who assists another, often a close friend.

  1. “Batman had Robin as his trusty sidekick.”
  2. “I can always rely on my sidekick to help me.”
  3. “His sidekick is always up for a good laugh.”
  4. “She found a sidekick who complements her perfectly.”
  5. “A good sidekick can make adventures more fun.”


Meaning: A partner in an activity, often mischievous.

  1. “My cousin is my accomplice for late-night snacks.”
  2. “They found an accomplice who shared their sense of humor.”
  3. “She’s the perfect accomplice for a road trip.”
  4. “His accomplice helped plan the surprise party.”
  5. “Having an accomplice makes adventures more exciting.”


Meaning: A group of close friends.

  1. “The buddies went on a fishing trip together.”
  2. “I can always count on my buddies for support.”
  3. “We have a buddies’ night out every Friday.”
  4. “My buddies and I play soccer on weekends.”
  5. “The buddies organized a picnic at the park.”

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Slang Words For People


Meaning: British slang for friends.

  1. “The chums went to the pub for a drink.”
  2. “She always hangs out with her chums after work.”
  3. “His chums helped him prepare for his interview.”
  4. “Our chums love playing board games on weekends.”
  5. “I’ve been chums with him since primary school.”

Buddy Boy

Meaning: A familiar term for a friend, often male.

  1. “How’s it going, buddy boy?”
  2. “I bumped into my old buddy boy at the mall.”
  3. “His buddy boy picked him up from the airport.”
  4. “I rely on my buddy boy for solid advice.”
  5. “Let’s grab a coffee, buddy boy.”


Meaning: Informal term for a younger person or friend.

  1. “Keep up the good work, kiddo!”
  2. “My kiddo is studying hard for his exams.”
  3. “The kiddos are having a blast at the playground.”
  4. “She always checks in with her kiddo to see how he’s doing.”
  5. “You’ll get the hang of it soon, kiddo.”


Meaning: Informal term for sister or female friend.

  1. “My sis is always there to help me out.”
  2. “She met up with her sis for lunch.”
  3. “Sis, I’m so proud of your accomplishments!”
  4. “I cherish the advice my sis gives me.”
  5. “My sis knows how to cheer me up.”

Buddy Pal

Meaning: A very close and trusted friend.

  1. “He’s my buddy pal who’s always ready for an adventure.”
  2. “I caught up with my buddy pal over the weekend.”
  3. “Her buddy pal helped her move into her new apartment.”
  4. “I’ve known my buddy pal since our school days.”
  5. “My buddy pal and I love attending concerts.”


Meaning: Someone who shares a class or school.

  1. “She recognized her old classmate at the reunion.”
  2. “He worked on a project with his classmate.”
  3. “My classmate shared his notes with me.”
  4. “We always got along well with our classmates.”
  5. “Her classmate recommended a good study guide.”


Meaning: A person with whom one shares a deep, natural affinity.

  1. “She believes she’s found her soulmate.”
  2. “They knew they were soulmates after their first date.”
  3. “A soulmate will understand you on a deep level.”
  4. “I hope to find my soulmate someday.”
  5. “His soulmate helps him navigate life’s challenges.”


Meaning: A close friend or companion, often a godparent in Spanish culture.

  1. “I can rely on my compadre for sound advice.”
  2. “His compadre helped him organize the event.”
  3. “We’ve been compadres since the start of high school.”
  4. “A good compadre will be there in tough times.”
  5. “My compadre has my back no matter what.”


Meaning: A female trusted friend who keeps secrets.

  1. “She found a confidante in her cousin.”
  2. “Having a confidante helps ease my worries.”
  3. “I share all my secrets with my confidante.”
  4. “Her confidante knows her better than anyone.”
  5. “I’m grateful to have a confidante I can trust.”


Meaning: A colleague or coworker.

  1. “I shared a presentation with my workmate yesterday.”
  2. “His workmate gave him helpful advice.”
  3. “It’s nice to have supportive workmates in the office.”
  4. “My workmate and I often have lunch together.”
  5. “The team collaborated well with their workmates.”


Meaning: A business or work partner.

  1. “My associate handled the negotiations perfectly.”
  2. “They partnered up with a new associate for the project.”
  3. “His associate helped him land a new client.”
  4. “A trustworthy associate is invaluable in business.”
  5. “She teamed up with her associate to deliver the pitch.”


Meaning: A person who works with others on a project.

  1. “She became a valuable collaborator on the campaign.”
  2. “He appreciates having reliable collaborators on his research team.”
  3. “The collaborators brainstormed ideas for their art project.”
  4. “Her collaborator is always enthusiastic about new projects.”
  5. “Finding like-minded collaborators made the process smoother.”


Meaning: A partner in a shared plan or scheme.

  1. “My co-conspirator helped me organize the surprise party.”
  2. “They’ve been co-conspirators in many ventures.”
  3. “Having a reliable co-conspirator makes planning easier.”
  4. “His co-conspirator always brings fresh ideas to the table.”
  5. “We’re co-conspirators in our quest for creative solutions.”


Meaning: A friend or fellow member of a group with shared goals.

  1. “His comrade encouraged him during the training.”
  2. “She values the support of her comrades.”
  3. “A comrade will always have your back.”
  4. “My comrades and I are working toward the same goal.”
  5. “You can trust a comrade to stand by your side.”


Meaning: An old friend, often in a pejorative sense.

  1. “He and his cronies were up to their usual antics.”
  2. “They’re known as the boss’s cronies around the office.”
  3. “His cronies often join him for drinks.”
  4. “She’s always hanging out with her old cronies.”
  5. “Their cronies pulled off another successful event.”


Meaning: A member of a group with a shared activity or interest.

  1. “Her fellow travelers joined her on the journey.”
  2. “He appreciated the guidance of his fellow scholars.”
  3. “The fellows at the club meet every Thursday.”
  4. “My fellow artists often share their insights.”
  5. “Fellow volunteers coordinated efforts for the fundraiser.”


Meaning: Someone who seeks and recruits talented people for specific jobs.

  1. “A headhunter contacted him about a new opportunity.”
  2. “She met a headhunter at the networking event.”
  3. “The headhunter found the perfect candidate for the role.”
  4. “Companies often rely on headhunters for specialized roles.”
  5. “His career took off after meeting a headhunter.”


Meaning: An experienced and trusted adviser.

  1. “His mentor guided him through the early stages of his career.”
  2. “A mentor provides valuable insight for your development.”
  3. “She became a mentor to younger colleagues.”
  4. “I’m thankful for my mentor’s constant encouragement.”
  5. “Having a good mentor can shape your future.”


Meaning: Someone who is guided by a more experienced mentor.

  1. “His protege went on to lead the team successfully.”
  2. “A talented protege can become a great leader.”
  3. “She’s been a valuable protege to her mentor.”
  4. “The protege learned a lot from her mentor’s expertise.”
  5. “I’m proud to see my protege excel in his role.”


Meaning: A person you work with, often in a profession.

  1. “Her colleague gave her advice on improving her presentation.”
  2. “I work closely with my colleagues on various projects.”
  3. “He has a great working relationship with his colleagues.”
  4. “My colleague is an expert in customer engagement.”
  5. “The team consulted their colleagues for the best solution.”


Meaning: Someone who is equal in age, position, or ability.

  1. “She respects the opinions of her peers.”
  2. “His peers recognized his achievements with an award.”
  3. “I enjoy exchanging ideas with my peers.”
  4. “Their peers praised their creative approach to problem-solving.”
  5. “He strives to match the standards set by his peers.”


Meaning: A competitor or opponent.

  1. “Their biggest rival is known for aggressive strategies.”
  2. “He admires his rival’s innovative thinking.”
  3. “Their rivals often try to outdo them in new markets.”
  4. “She’s determined to beat her rival in the championship.”
  5. “They’ve been friendly rivals since high school.”


Meaning: A roommate or person with whom one shares a living space.

  1. “My roomie and I divide household chores evenly.”
  2. “She shares an apartment with her roomie downtown.”
  3. “It’s fun to binge-watch movies with my roomie.”
  4. “He picked up some cooking tips from his roomie.”
  5. “The roomies went shopping for home decor.”


Meaning: A fellow actor or member of a performance cast.

  1. “His castmate praised his acting skills.”
  2. “She rehearsed her scenes with her castmate.”
  3. “The castmates went out for drinks after the show.”
  4. “He’s known his castmates since their first production.”
  5. “Her castmate shared a script to help with practice.”

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