50 + Slang Words For Pants

“Slang Words for Pants” takes us into the fun and varied world of informal language used to describe this everyday clothing item. Across different regions, people use unique and quirky expressions to talk about pants, adding color and personality to their conversations. This blog post will guide you through some of the most interesting slang terms for pants. Whether you’re chatting with friends or just want to expand your vocabulary, these words will help you sound like a pro. So, let’s zip up and dive into the stylish world of pants slang!

Slang Words for Pants


Meaning: Casual denim pants.

  1. “He slipped into a pair of worn-out jeans for the day.”
  2. “I’m a fan of dark wash jeans for a classic look.”
  3. “Her jeans collection includes every style imaginable.”
  4. “I wore my ripped jeans to the concert.”
  5. “Finding well-fitting jeans is a game-changer.”


Meaning: Formal or semi-formal pants.

  1. “He wore his favorite trousers to the job interview.”
  2. “Her trousers needed tailoring for the perfect fit.”
  3. “Classic trousers are essential for office wear.”
  4. “She’s always on the lookout for stylish trousers.”
  5. “His grey trousers complement his navy blazer.”


Meaning: Dress pants, usually loose-fitting.

  1. “He dressed up in navy slacks for the meeting.”
  2. “She prefers slacks over jeans for a business-casual look.”
  3. “These slacks are perfect for formal events.”
  4. “His slacks paired nicely with the crisp shirt.”
  5. “A wardrobe of neutral slacks is versatile.”


Meaning: Casual, comfortable pants often with elastic cuffs.

  1. “I wore my joggers for a quick workout.”
  2. “His joggers are super comfortable for lounging.”
  3. “She pairs her joggers with sneakers for an effortless look.”
  4. “Black joggers are perfect for a relaxed weekend.”
  5. “He packed lightweight joggers for his trip.”


Meaning: Lightweight, smart-casual pants made from cotton.

  1. “He packed a few pairs of chinos for the vacation.”
  2. “Her beige chinos are her go-to for casual Fridays.”
  3. “These slim-fit chinos are available in multiple colors.”
  4. “Chinos can easily transition from the office to a night out.”
  5. “I prefer chinos for their breathability in the summer.”


Meaning: Casual pants made from khaki-colored fabric.

  1. “He dressed in khakis and a button-up for the date.”
  2. “My dad’s been wearing khakis for as long as I remember.”
  3. “Khakis are perfect for work and leisure.”
  4. “She paired her khakis with a fitted sweater.”
  5. “I need new khakis for the upcoming business trip.”


Meaning: Tight-fitting pants made of stretchy fabric.

  1. “She wears leggings to the gym every morning.”
  2. “I love the flexibility of my leggings during yoga.”
  3. “Black leggings go with almost any outfit.”
  4. “These leggings have pockets, which is a bonus.”
  5. “He noticed that patterned leggings are in trend.”


Meaning: Pants made from corduroy fabric.

  1. “His corduroys provide warmth on chilly days.”
  2. “Brown corduroys are a versatile addition to any wardrobe.”
  3. “Corduroys add texture to your outfit.”
  4. “She found vintage corduroys in a thrift shop.”
  5. “I paired my corduroys with a chunky sweater.”


Meaning: Casual, comfortable pants often worn for exercise or lounging.

  1. “I could live in these comfy sweatpants all weekend.”
  2. “He bought new sweatpants for the gym.”
  3. “Sweatpants are a must-have for lazy Sundays.”
  4. “She keeps her sweatpants handy for workouts.”
  5. “His favorite sweatpants are always in the laundry.”


Meaning: Pants with an attached bib and shoulder straps.

  1. “She wore denim overalls to the picnic.”
  2. “His overalls had plenty of pockets for tools.”
  3. “Overalls are making a comeback in fashion.”
  4. “I paired my overalls with a long-sleeve tee.”
  5. “Kids love playing outside in overalls.”


Meaning: A one-piece garment combining pants and a top.

  1. “She chose a stylish jumpsuit for the party.”
  2. “His work jumpsuit had his name embroidered on it.”
  3. “A jumpsuit is perfect for a chic, effortless look.”
  4. “I’m looking for a summer jumpsuit to wear on vacation.”
  5. “Her jumpsuit was both fashionable and practical.”

Cargo Pants

Meaning: Pants with large pockets on the sides.

  1. “He wore cargo pants for the hiking trip.”
  2. “I love the extra pockets in my cargo pants.”
  3. “Cargo pants are versatile for outdoor adventures.”
  4. “She paired her cargo pants with a simple T-shirt.”
  5. “His cargo pants are ideal for carrying gear.”


Meaning: Pants that typically end at the mid-calf.

  1. “She packed her capris for the summer vacation.”
  2. “I prefer capris for hot weather.”
  3. “Her floral capris are a great addition to her wardrobe.”
  4. “He rolled up his jeans to make them capris.”
  5. “Capris look good with sandals and sneakers.”

Pedal Pushers

Meaning: Pants that end just below the knee.

  1. “She found vintage pedal pushers at the boutique.”
  2. “My grandma used to wear pedal pushers back in the day.”
  3. “Pedal pushers pair well with a cute blouse.”
  4. “Her pedal pushers are perfect for warm weather.”
  5. “He brought back pedal pushers as a retro style.”

Harem Pants

Meaning: Loose-fitting pants gathered at the ankle.

  1. “She wore her harem pants to the yoga class.”
  2. “These harem pants have an intricate pattern.”
  3. “Harem pants are stylish and comfortable for lounging.”
  4. “His harem pants paired perfectly with a tank top.”
  5. “I love the relaxed fit of my harem pants.”


Meaning: Pants with a wide flare from the knee down.

  1. “She wore bell-bottoms for a retro-themed party.”
  2. “My aunt used to wear bell-bottoms in the ’70s.”
  3. “Bell-bottoms make a bold fashion statement.”
  4. “His mom found a pair of vintage bell-bottoms in the attic.”
  5. “These bell-bottoms are trending among fashionistas.”

Parachute Pants

Meaning: Baggy nylon pants, often with pockets and elastic cuffs.

  1. “He wore parachute pants for his breakdancing performance.”
  2. “Parachute pants became popular in the ’80s.”
  3. “Her parachute pants make her stand out on the dance floor.”
  4. “My cousin still has his old parachute pants from high school.”
  5. “They wore matching parachute pants to the event.”


Meaning: Shortened form of cargo pants.

  1. “His cargos are perfect for outdoor work.”
  2. “I’m packing my cargos for the camping trip.”
  3. “She wore her cargos with a basic white tee.”
  4. “Cargos are great for carrying essentials on hikes.”
  5. “These cargos offer plenty of storage space.”

Drawstring Pants

Meaning: Pants with a drawstring waist for an adjustable fit.

  1. “He prefers drawstring pants for a relaxed fit.”
  2. “She wears drawstring pants for yoga practice.”
  3. “Drawstring pants make lounging at home comfortable.”
  4. “I bought drawstring pants in several colors.”
  5. “His drawstring pants double as casual wear.”

Tracksuit Bottoms

Meaning: Athletic pants typically worn with a matching jacket.

  1. “He put on tracksuit bottoms before his morning jog.”
  2. “These tracksuit bottoms are moisture-wicking and breathable.”
  3. “Tracksuit bottoms are essential for workout routines.”
  4. “She packed her tracksuit bottoms for gym class.”
  5. “Tracksuit bottoms are often worn with hoodies.”


Meaning: Skintight pants often worn under skirts or dresses.

  1. “She wore her tights under a denim skirt.”
  2. “I bought colorful tights to match my dress.”
  3. “His tights kept him warm during the morning run.”
  4. “These tights come in various patterns and colors.”
  5. “My mom used to wear patterned tights in her youth.”


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Slang for Pants


Meaning: A one-piece garment that is a shorts version of a jumpsuit.

  1. “Her floral romper was perfect for the summer.”
  2. “I found the cutest romper at the boutique.”
  3. “Rompers are ideal for a chic, casual style.”
  4. “He surprised her with a matching romper.”
  5. “She wore her romper for an afternoon by the lake.”

Yoga Pants

Meaning: Stretchy pants designed for yoga and exercise.

  1. “She wears yoga pants for her Pilates sessions.”
  2. “These yoga pants fit snugly and comfortably.”
  3. “I love my yoga pants for their flexibility.”
  4. “He noticed yoga pants have become a fashion trend.”
  5. “She often pairs her yoga pants with a sports bra.”

High-Waisted Pants

Meaning: Pants that sit above the natural waistline.

  1. “She prefers high-waisted pants for their slimming effect.”
  2. “I found a pair of vintage high-waisted pants at the store.”
  3. “High-waisted pants have made a big comeback.”
  4. “Her high-waisted pants paired perfectly with the crop top.”
  5. “These high-waisted pants accentuate the waistline.”

Paperbag Pants

Meaning: Pants gathered at the waist with a tie or belt.

  1. “She picked out paperbag pants for a chic look.”
  2. “Paperbag pants cinch the waist with a flattering fit.”
  3. “His sister loves the style of paperbag pants.”
  4. “Paperbag pants can easily be dressed up or down.”
  5. “I bought paperbag pants in several different colors.”

Hot Pants

Meaning: Very short and tight shorts.

  1. “She flaunted her style in bright hot pants.”
  2. “Hot pants became popular during the ’70s.”
  3. “Her neon hot pants were a statement piece.”
  4. “I’d wear hot pants if I had the confidence.”
  5. “They rocked hot pants with graphic tees.”


Meaning: Pants traditionally worn for horseback riding, fitted at the calves.

  1. “He wore his jodhpurs to the stables.”
  2. “Jodhpurs are great for long horseback rides.”
  3. “Her jodhpurs featured suede patches on the inner legs.”
  4. “He bought new jodhpurs ahead of the riding competition.”
  5. “The club members all wore their jodhpurs.”


Meaning: Leg coverings extending from the ankle to the knee.

  1. “He wore gaiters over his pants for hiking.”
  2. “Gaiters are essential for protection in the snow.”
  3. “Her gaiters kept her legs dry on the trail.”
  4. “I put on gaiters for the rugged terrain.”
  5. “These gaiters can handle muddy conditions.”


Meaning: Knee-length trousers often used for riding.

  1. “She adjusted her breeches before mounting her horse.”
  2. “His breeches featured leather patches on the knees.”
  3. “Breeches are comfortable for long rides.”
  4. “They wore breeches during the equestrian event.”
  5. “My grandmother wore breeches in her youth.”


Meaning: Elastic, skintight legwear, sometimes worn under clothing.

  1. “Her black tights are perfect under her fall skirt.”
  2. “She often wears patterned tights with long shirts.”
  3. “I love my fleece-lined tights for cold weather.”
  4. “These sheer tights complete my party outfit.”
  5. “Kids often wear tights as a uniform essential.”


Meaning: Loose-fitting, knee-length pants worn under skirts.

  1. “In the Victorian era, women wore bloomers for modesty.”
  2. “Bloomers were once a popular athletic garment.”
  3. “She found vintage bloomers in a family trunk.”
  4. “Her grandmother told stories of wearing bloomers to school.”
  5. “He read about bloomers in a historical novel.”


Meaning: A skirt with built-in shorts underneath.

  1. “She wore skorts during her tennis match.”
  2. “I love skorts for their style and practicality.”
  3. “Her daughter needed skorts for gym class.”
  4. “Skorts are great for cycling or hiking.”
  5. “She chose skorts for the golf tournament.”


Meaning: Denim pants cut off to make shorts.

  1. “His cutoffs are perfect for the beach.”
  2. “Cutoffs paired well with her graphic tee.”
  3. “She wears her cutoffs whenever it’s warm outside.”
  4. “He found old jeans to turn into cutoffs.”
  5. “Their favorite summer outfit is a pair of cutoffs.”


Meaning: Bright, colorful shorts popular in the 1980s.

  1. “My uncle still wears his jams from college.”
  2. “She bought colorful jams for her trip to Hawaii.”
  3. “Jams bring back memories of childhood summers.”
  4. “He rocked his jams during the retro-themed party.”
  5. “I’d love to find vintage jams at a thrift store.”

Palazzo Pants

Meaning: Loose, wide-legged pants that flow like a skirt.

  1. “Her palazzo pants were perfect for the summer festival.”
  2. “She wore palazzo pants with a simple tank top.”
  3. “I love palazzo pants for their elegant drape.”
  4. “Palazzo pants make for a cool, breezy summer outfit.”
  5. “These palazzo pants pair well with platform heels.”


Meaning: Cropped, wide-legged pants that fall between the knee and ankle.

  1. “She dressed in gauchos for a day at the market.”
  2. “Her grandmother loved wearing gauchos in the ‘60s.”
  3. “These gauchos make a unique addition to my wardrobe.”
  4. “Gauchos are comfortable for both work and leisure.”
  5. “I found gauchos that match perfectly with my new blouse.”

Stirrup Pants

Meaning: Tight pants with a strap under the foot to keep them in place.

  1. “She wore stirrup pants to her aerobics class.”
  2. “His mother kept old stirrup pants from her youth.”
  3. “Stirrup pants provide a sleek, streamlined look.”
  4. “These stirrup pants are super stretchy and comfortable.”
  5. “She put on stirrup pants before her dance rehearsal.”

Safari Pants

Meaning: Lightweight, utility pants with multiple pockets.

  1. “His safari pants have spacious pockets for outdoor gear.”
  2. “She packed safari pants for her trekking trip.”
  3. “Safari pants are lightweight and breathable for hot climates.”
  4. “He prefers safari pants for their versatility during travels.”
  5. “I found durable safari pants with hidden zippers.”

Pleated Pants

Meaning: Pants with a series of folds or pleats in the fabric.

  1. “He paired his pleated pants with a checked blazer.”
  2. “She wears pleated pants for a classic business look.”
  3. “Pleated pants create a fuller silhouette.”
  4. “I wore my pleated pants to the wedding reception.”
  5. “These pleated pants have a high-rise waist.”

Pegged Pants

Meaning: Pants with legs tapered and cuffed at the ankle.

  1. “She wore pegged pants with ankle boots.”
  2. “I prefer pegged pants for their tailored fit.”
  3. “His pegged pants complement his oversized sweater.”
  4. “These pegged pants add a touch of vintage flair.”
  5. “She rolled up her pegged pants for a cropped look.”


Meaning: Leather coverings worn over pants, often by cowboys.

  1. “He slipped into his chaps before heading to the ranch.”
  2. “His granddad’s old chaps were still in good shape.”
  3. “She admired the intricate designs on the chaps.”
  4. “Chaps provide extra protection during horse rides.”
  5. “These chaps are a nod to traditional western wear.”


Meaning: Knee-length pants often worn with high socks.

  1. “He wore knickers for the vintage golf tournament.”
  2. “My grandfather still has old knickers from his youth.”
  3. “Knickers were once common attire for schoolboys.”
  4. “She read about knickers in a historical novel.”
  5. “They wore knickers as part of their costume.”


Meaning: Informal term for tracksuit bottoms.

  1. “He put on his tracks for the morning jog.”
  2. “These tracks are perfect for a casual day at home.”
  3. “Tracks make gym sessions much more comfortable.”
  4. “I love wearing my tracks during chilly evenings.”
  5. “She wore her tracks for a quick walk with the dog.”


Meaning: Old-fashioned term for pants or trousers.

  1. “He joked about wearing his old britches to the party.”
  2. “She read about pioneers wearing britches on the frontier.”
  3. “Britches were a staple in colonial-era wardrobes.”
  4. “My grandfather used to say he needed new britches.”
  5. “He found his great-grandfather’s britches stored in the attic.”

Clam Diggers

Meaning: Pants that end just below the knee, similar to capris.

  1. “She wore her clam diggers on the fishing trip.”
  2. “He found stylish clam diggers at the outlet store.”
  3. “Clam diggers are ideal for warm-weather outings.”
  4. “Her clam diggers went perfectly with a light blouse.”
  5. “I need to buy clam diggers for the summer vacation.”

Flannel Pants

Meaning: Pants made from soft, warm flannel fabric.

  1. “He slipped into flannel pants before heading to bed.”
  2. “Her favorite flannel pants are covered in polka dots.”
  3. “I love wearing flannel pants while reading by the fireplace.”
  4. “These flannel pants keep me warm all night.”
  5. “Flannel pants are perfect for cozy weekends.”

Boiler Suit

Meaning: A one-piece protective garment with long sleeves and pants.

  1. “She wore a boiler suit to paint the house.”
  2. “His boiler suit kept his clothes clean during the repair.”
  3. “Boiler suits provide full coverage in messy work environments.”
  4. “He keeps a spare boiler suit in the trunk for emergencies.”
  5. “These boiler suits are flame-resistant for safety.”

Hip Huggers

Meaning: Low-rise pants that sit just above the hips.

  1. “She wore her hip huggers to the dance club.”
  2. “Hip huggers made a big comeback in the early 2000s.”
  3. “These hip huggers pair well with cropped tops.”
  4. “I’m not a fan of how hip huggers fit me.”
  5. “He rolled up his hip huggers for a more casual look.”

Drop-Crotch Pants

Meaning: Pants with an extremely low crotch, giving a baggy fit.

  1. “She rocked her drop-crotch pants at the festival.”
  2. “His drop-crotch pants were an unexpected style choice.”
  3. “Drop-crotch pants are popular in streetwear fashion.”
  4. “These drop-crotch pants look great with a fitted tee.”
  5. “He ordered drop-crotch pants online for the first time.”


Meaning: An old-fashioned term for pants or trousers, often in traditional German clothing.

  1. “She admired the traditional hosen during Oktoberfest.”
  2. “He read about hosen in medieval literature.”
  3. “Their hosen were decorated with intricate embroidery.”
  4. “My family has worn hosen for generations.”
  5. “The villagers dressed in hosen for the celebration.”


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