50+ Slang Words For Original

“Slang Words for Original” explores the playful and inventive expressions used to describe something unique or genuine. In the colorful world of English slang, having the right words to express authenticity can make your conversations sparkle with personality. This blog post will introduce you to a variety of slang terms that convey originality, helping you to communicate more effectively and creatively. So, let’s dive in and discover how to talk about all things original in a fun and engaging way!

Slang Words For Original


Meaning: Authentic, real, or credible.

  1. “His story sounds legit, so I believe him.”
  2. “This new burger joint is legit delicious.”
  3. “Her credentials are legit; she’s a certified pro.”
  4. “I found a legit website for secondhand goods.”
  5. “His passion for music is totally legit.”

OG (Original Gangster)

Meaning: The original or first of its kind.

  1. “That band is the OG of punk rock.”
  2. “My uncle is an OG when it comes to skateboarding.”
  3. “He’s the OG member of our gaming group.”
  4. “Their restaurant is the OG spot for fried chicken.”
  5. “She’s the OG designer behind this famous fashion line.”

Bona Fide

Meaning: Genuine, real, or legitimate.

  1. “The dealer vouched that the artifact was bona fide.”
  2. “She’s a bona fide expert in ancient history.”
  3. “His connection to the royal family is bona fide.”
  4. “These vintage records are bona fide collector’s items.”
  5. “The chef’s training at Le Cordon Bleu makes him bona fide.”

For Real

Meaning: True or not fabricated.

  1. “You actually climbed Everest? For real?”
  2. “Her knowledge of the industry is for real.”
  3. “You think this website sells genuine sneakers, for real?”
  4. “These rumors about her career are for real.”
  5. “She’s going to Paris for real and not just talking about it.”

True Blue

Meaning: Loyal and genuine.

  1. “Her friendship is true blue; she’s always there for me.”
  2. “He’s a true blue supporter of local businesses.”
  3. “Our old dog is true blue, always loyal and kind.”
  4. “She’s a true blue advocate for environmental causes.”
  5. “Their dedication to the team is true blue.”

Real Deal

Meaning: Something or someone authentic or legitimate.

  1. “Her skills in coding make her the real deal.”
  2. “His expertise in investments makes him the real deal.”
  3. “This new coffee machine is the real deal!”
  4. “Her art shows she’s the real deal as a sculptor.”
  5. “These sneakers aren’t knock-offs—they’re the real deal.”


Meaning: Genuine and relatable.

  1. “Despite his fame, the actor is really down-to-earth.”
  2. “She’s down-to-earth and prefers casual over luxury.”
  3. “His down-to-earth attitude makes everyone feel at ease.”
  4. “Their down-to-earth approach made the interview enjoyable.”
  5. “Her down-to-earth advice was practical and helpful.”

True Original

Meaning: Uniquely authentic and original.

  1. “He’s a true original in his eccentric fashion choices.”
  2. “Her style is a true original mix of vintage and modern.”
  3. “Their restaurant is a true original in fusion cuisine.”
  4. “His entrepreneurial spirit marks him as a true original.”
  5. “The artist’s painting technique is a true original.”


Meaning: Honest and without censorship.

  1. “His unfiltered comments often surprise people.”
  2. “She shared her unfiltered thoughts about the documentary.”
  3. “The writer provides an unfiltered look into politics.”
  4. “We got unfiltered feedback after the test run.”
  5. “I appreciate your unfiltered take on my performance.”

Genuine Article

Meaning: Authentic person or thing.

  1. “That antique vase is the genuine article.”
  2. “His kindness proves he’s the genuine article.”
  3. “The baker’s French croissants are the genuine article.”
  4. “She’s the genuine article when it comes to dog training.”
  5. “This old manuscript is the genuine article.”

Original Recipe

Meaning: The initial, unchanged version of something.

  1. “The restaurant serves chicken made from the original recipe.”
  2. “His grandmother’s pasta sauce is the original recipe.”
  3. “The chef recreated the original recipe from the ‘80s.”
  4. “He follows the original recipe for these cookies.”
  5. “Their success lies in sticking with the original recipe.”


Meaning: Legal, proper, or acceptable.

  1. “They operate a legitimate business with all required permits.”
  2. “His interest in the topic is legitimate and personal.”
  3. “She has a legitimate concern about data security.”
  4. “His authority as a manager is legitimate.”
  5. “Their legal claim is backed by legitimate paperwork.”


Meaning: Pure and without alterations.

  1. “His advice on nutrition is unadulterated and clear.”
  2. “We need unadulterated facts to make a good decision.”
  3. “The chef insists on using unadulterated ingredients.”
  4. “She provides unadulterated feedback on the manuscript.”
  5. “The documentary offers an unadulterated glimpse into the culture.”


Meaning: Having a pure and unmixed lineage.

  1. “His dog is a purebred border collie.”
  2. “Their stable has purebred Arabian horses.”
  3. “The family has raised purebred cattle for decades.”
  4. “She entered her purebred terrier into the dog show.”
  5. “His purebred poodle gets regular grooming.”


Meaning: Realistic and authentic.

  1. “His novel provides a true-to-life portrayal of city life.”
  2. “The actors gave a true-to-life performance in the drama.”
  3. “Her paintings capture true-to-life expressions.”
  4. “The documentary gave a true-to-life glimpse into rural life.”
  5. “His sketches are known for being true-to-life.”

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Slang Words For Original


Meaning: Genuinely real or authentic.

  1. “His honesty makes him an honest-to-goodness friend.”
  2. “These homemade cookies are honest-to-goodness tasty.”
  3. “She showed her honest-to-goodness excitement for the job.”
  4. “They shared an honest-to-goodness moment of happiness.”
  5. “The performers gave an honest-to-goodness rendition.”


Meaning: Original and undisputedly real.

  1. “Her work has an authentic voice.”
  2. “This ancient sculpture is an authentic relic.”
  3. “He prides himself on authentic storytelling.”
  4. “The designer’s inspiration came from authentic patterns.”
  5. “These handwritten letters are authentic historical documents.”


Meaning: Direct and without nonsense.

  1. “I like her no BS attitude toward business.”
  2. “The contractor’s no BS quote gave us a clear budget.”
  3. “His no BS advice helped me focus on my goals.”
  4. “The manager uses a no BS approach to productivity.”
  5. “I prefer his no BS way of handling things.”

Real McCoy

Meaning: The genuine or real thing.

  1. “This antique table is the real McCoy.”
  2. “Their original recipe is the real McCoy of barbecue sauces.”
  3. “That tailor’s work is the real McCoy in custom suits.”
  4. “The expert authenticated the painting as the real McCoy.”
  5. “I believe she’s the real McCoy in digital marketing.”


Meaning: Sincerely truthful.

  1. “His honest-to-truth storytelling moved the audience.”
  2. “Her honest-to-truth advice made a difference to us.”
  3. “She gave her honest-to-truth perspective on the changes.”
  4. “His honest-to-truth style won him the trust of his colleagues.”
  5. “They presented an honest-to-truth analysis of the market.”


Meaning: Genuine, without deceit or pretense.

  1. “Her apology was sincere and heartfelt.”
  2. “He gave a sincere smile upon receiving the award.”
  3. “Their concern for the community is sincere.”
  4. “The teacher appreciated her student’s sincere effort.”
  5. “His compliments are always sincere.”

Real Talk

Meaning: Honest or blunt conversation.

  1. “Let’s have some real talk about our future goals.”
  2. “She provided real talk on how to succeed in business.”
  3. “The manager gave us some real talk after the meeting.”
  4. “We need real talk about solving this issue.”
  5. “His speech was all real talk, no fluff.”

Straight Shooter

Meaning: A person who is honest and direct.

  1. “He’s a straight shooter who doesn’t mince words.”
  2. “Her reputation as a straight shooter is well-known.”
  3. “We need a straight shooter to handle these negotiations.”
  4. “The candidate proved to be a straight shooter in the interview.”
  5. “She’s a straight shooter when it comes to giving feedback.”

True Grit

Meaning: Determination and persistence in difficult situations.

  1. “He showed true grit by starting over after the setback.”
  2. “Her true grit shines through whenever she’s challenged.”
  3. “The athlete’s true grit got him through the grueling race.”
  4. “Their true grit led to the company’s revival.”
  5. “She faced adversity with true grit and optimism.”


Meaning: Unique and unlike anything else.

  1. “Her dress is one-of-a-kind and was custom-made.”
  2. “That painting is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.”
  3. “He’s a one-of-a-kind leader who inspires the whole team.”
  4. “Their restaurant is a one-of-a-kind blend of cuisine and culture.”
  5. “Her artistic style is one-of-a-kind and unforgettable.”


Meaning: Authentic and not fabricated.

  1. “He always gives non-fake, straightforward opinions.”
  2. “I appreciate her non-fake passion for social work.”
  3. “Their documentary is non-fake and raw.”
  4. “The non-fake energy in the stadium was electrifying.”
  5. “His love for music is genuine and non-fake.”


Meaning: Honest, reliable, and trustworthy.

  1. “He’s a stand-up guy who can always be trusted.”
  2. “Her stand-up behavior earned her the promotion.”
  3. “They’re a stand-up company that values ethics.”
  4. “She’s always been a stand-up friend who offers support.”
  5. “His stand-up integrity makes him a respected leader.”


Meaning: Direct and honest without hiding intentions.

  1. “He gave a straight-up answer to our questions.”
  2. “She offered straight-up advice for managing stress.”
  3. “Their straight-up approach won them many clients.”
  4. “I prefer a straight-up critique over sugar-coating.”
  5. “His straight-up attitude is refreshing in the workplace.”


Meaning: Without adulteration or impurities.

  1. “Their pure ingredients make their skincare products unique.”
  2. “The artist’s vision is pure and unwavering.”
  3. “She offered a pure and unbiased opinion.”
  4. “This painting captures pure and honest emotions.”
  5. “His intentions toward her are pure.”


Meaning: Clearly defined and unambiguous.

  1. “The manager gave clear-cut guidelines for the project.”
  2. “She prefers a clear-cut solution to complex problems.”
  3. “His argument was clear-cut and well-presented.”
  4. “Their clear-cut communication keeps everyone on track.”
  5. “The instructions were clear-cut and easy to follow.”


Meaning: Open and honest, without hiding information.

  1. “The team values transparent communication with each other.”
  2. “His finances are transparent and above board.”
  3. “They maintain a transparent policy regarding customer data.”
  4. “The government promises to be more transparent about its spending.”
  5. “She’s always transparent about her business goals.”


Meaning: Legitimate and without deceit.

  1. “The transaction was completely aboveboard and transparent.”
  2. “He assured us that the deal was aboveboard.”
  3. “Their hiring practices are always aboveboard and fair.”
  4. “She’s known for her aboveboard way of handling negotiations.”
  5. “We maintain aboveboard processes to build client trust.”

On the Level

Meaning: Honest and straightforward.

  1. “He’s always on the level with his customers.”
  2. “She reassured us that the deal was on the level.”
  3. “Their team is known for being on the level and fair.”
  4. “The manager is on the level and handles complaints well.”
  5. “You can count on him to be on the level.”

Authentic Vibes

Meaning: A genuine, real sense or feeling.

  1. “Their friendship gives me authentic vibes.”
  2. “The café has authentic vibes that feel warm and welcoming.”
  3. “His speech had authentic vibes and inspired the audience.”
  4. “We got authentic vibes from the business meeting.”
  5. “Their sincere apology brought authentic vibes to the conversation.”


Meaning: Simple, without unnecessary extras or embellishments.

  1. “Her approach to fashion is practical and no-frills.”
  2. “This no-frills website offers what customers need.”
  3. “He delivered a no-frills presentation on the topic.”
  4. “Their cabin had a no-frills setup, perfect for a quiet weekend.”
  5. “She prefers no-frills technology for daily tasks.”


Meaning: Straightforward, factual, and not exaggerated.

  1. “He delivered the instructions in a matter-of-fact manner.”
  2. “Her matter-of-fact attitude helps her navigate challenges.”
  3. “The manager gave matter-of-fact feedback during the meeting.”
  4. “Their matter-of-fact analysis helped improve the project.”
  5. “I like his matter-of-fact approach to customer service.”

Honest Engine

Meaning: Very sincere or truthful.

  1. “He’s an honest engine when it comes to giving advice.”
  2. “Her honest engine nature makes her a great confidant.”
  3. “They’re an honest engine with fair pricing.”
  4. “We need someone who’s an honest engine in this role.”
  5. “The interviewer found him to be an honest engine.”


Meaning: To speak honestly without sugarcoating.

  1. “She’s not afraid to tell it like it is in her reviews.”
  2. “The coach told it like it is to motivate the team.”
  3. “He’s known to tell it like it is in his feedback.”
  4. “Their article tells it like it is about climate change.”
  5. “The consultant will tell it like it is for your business.”

Pure as the Driven Snow

Meaning: Completely innocent and untainted.

  1. “Her intentions toward the project are pure as the driven snow.”
  2. “The organization’s motives are pure as the driven snow.”
  3. “Despite accusations, he remained pure as the driven snow.”
  4. “They assured us that their conduct was pure as the driven snow.”
  5. “She’s known to be pure as the driven snow in her work.”


Meaning: Sincere and truthful.

  1. “His advice was honest-to-John and valuable.”
  2. “She always gives honest-to-John feedback on proposals.”
  3. “The manager’s honest-to-John words helped clarify expectations.”
  4. “Their honest-to-John analysis exposed the problem.”
  5. “The candidate proved his skills with honest-to-John integrity.”

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