50 Slang Words for Texting

Slang words are fun and creative ways to say things when texting. They’re often short and easy to remember, making chatting with friends more exciting! In this post, you’ll learn some of the most popular slang words people use to express themselves. Whether you’re an English learner, a student, or just curious about slang, these words will help you better understand today’s texting language. Let’s dive into the meanings and examples of these unique words!

Slang Words for Texting

1. AF

Meaning: “As AF,” emphasizing intensity.

  • “I’m tired AF after that workout.”
  • “This pizza is delicious AF!”
  • “The exam was hard AF, couldn’t believe it.”
  • “Her new haircut is stylish AF.”

2. Bae

Meaning: An affectionate term for a significant other, short for “before anyone else.”

  • “Missing my Bae so much today.”
  • “Netflix and chill with Bae tonight?”
  • “Had a lovely dinner date with Bae last night.”
  • “Bae is always there to lift me up.”

3. BRB

Meaning: “Be Right Back,” indicating a short absence.

  • “BRB, my mom is calling.”
  • “Hold on, BRB, I need a snack.”
  • “Just need to switch laptops, BRB.”
  • “BRB, quick bathroom break!”

4. DM

Meaning: “Direct Message,” referring to private messaging on social media.

  • “You can DM me the details later.”
  • “Got a weird DM from a stranger.”
  • “She slid into my DM with the funniest meme.”
  • “He asked for my number in a DM.”


Meaning: “Fear Of Missing Out,” the anxiety of missing a good event.

  • “Missing the concert gave me major FOMO.”
  • “I’m going to the party, FOMO is real!”
  • “Everyone’s sharing their vacation photos, and now I’ve got FOMO.”
  • “Decided to RSVP for the event; I don’t want FOMO.”


Meaning: “Greatest Of All Time,” describing an exceptional person.

  • “Serena Williams is the GOAT of tennis.”
  • “That chef is the GOAT, the food was incredible.”
  • “This is my favorite band, definitely the GOAT in my book.”
  • “His acting makes him the GOAT of Hollywood.”

7. HBU

Meaning: “How ‘Bout You,” asking for someone’s opinion.

  • “I’m heading to the mall today, HBU?”
  • “I got A’s in all my classes! HBU?”
  • “I’m feeling pretty good, HBU?”
  • “I’m ordering takeout tonight, HBU?”
  1. IDK

Meaning: “I Don’t Know,” expressing uncertainty.

  • “IDK what movie to watch tonight.”
  • “I might go to the beach, IDK yet.”
  • “IDK why she didn’t respond.”
  • “IDK if I’ll be able to make it.”
  1. IMO

Meaning: “In My Opinion,” offering personal thoughts.

  • “IMO, the sequel was better than the original.”
  • “That dress is too bright, IMO.”
  • “IMO, pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza.”
  • “This is the best ice cream, IMO.”
  1. IRL

Meaning: “In Real Life,” contrasting online interactions.

  • “We’ve chatted for ages; let’s meet IRL.”
  • “Her personality IRL is the same as online.”
  • “You should see how amazing that car looks IRL.”
  • “Everyone acts differently IRL compared to social media.”
  1. JOMO

Meaning: “Joy Of Missing Out,” enjoying not participating.

  • “Staying home with hot chocolate, JOMO.”
  • “Skipping the meeting for a nap, pure JOMO.”
  • “Everyone’s at the party, and I’m living in JOMO right now.”
  • “JOMO is real when it’s just you and your favorite book.”
  1. LMK

Meaning: “Let Me Know,” seeking updates or information.

  • “LMK if you can make it to dinner.”
  • “I can’t decide on the colors, LMK your opinion.”
  • “LMK when you’re on your way.”
  • “If you find a good deal, LMK.”
  1. LMAO

Meaning: “Laughing My A** Off,” indicating amusement.

  • “That comedian’s jokes had me LMAO!”
  • “LMAO, your story made my day.”
  • “The cat video was hilarious; I’m still LMAO.”
  • “I read the comments and couldn’t stop LMAO.”
  1. NGL

Meaning: “Not Gonna Lie,” preceding an honest admission.

  • “NGL, I find this game really challenging.”
  • “NGL, that presentation was pretty boring.”
  • “NGL, I didn’t prepare for the meeting at all.”
  • “That was the best pizza, NGL.”
  1. Noob

Meaning: “Newbie,” someone inexperienced, especially in gaming.

  • “I’m still a noob at this game.”
  • “Don’t worry, everyone’s a noob when they start.”
  • “He’s no longer a noob; he’s mastered the game.”
  • “Being a noob isn’t so bad, you learn quickly.”
  1. OTP

Meaning: “One True Pairing,” the best couple, real or fictional.

  • “Those two are my OTP, no doubt about it.”
  • “My OTP is Chandler and Monica from ‘Friends.'”
  • “The book’s main characters are the perfect OTP.”
  • “I couldn’t believe my OTP finally got together.”
  1. RN

Meaning: “Right Now,” referring to the present moment.

  • “I’m eating pizza RN.”
  • “I can’t focus on studying RN.”
  • “RN, I could really use a nap.”
  • “What’s your favorite show to binge-watch RN?”
  1. Salty

Meaning: Being upset, annoyed, or resentful.

  • “He got salty after losing the game.”
  • “No need to be salty; it’s just a joke.”
  • “She was salty about being left out.”
  • “Don’t get salty just because I beat you.”
  1. SMH

Meaning: “Shaking My Head,” expressing disappointment or disbelief.

  • “SMH, people leave their trash everywhere.”
  • “He said he’d study but didn’t, SMH.”
  • “You’re still playing that game? SMH.”
  • “SMH at that ridiculous excuse.”
  1. Slay

Meaning: To succeed in something with confidence.

  • “She slayed her outfit at the event.”
  • “You delivered that speech perfectly; slay!”
  • “He slayed in the latest gaming competition.”
  • “Slay those dance moves on the floor!”
  1. Stan

Meaning: An overly enthusiastic fan of something or someone.

  • “I totally stan that new music album.”
  • “She’s a die-hard stan of Taylor Swift.”
  • “We all stan your artistic creativity.”
  • “I stan those vintage fashion looks.”
  1. Sus

Meaning: “Suspicious,” implying questionable behavior or motives.

  • “He’s acting a bit sus; what’s he hiding?”
  • “That low price seems sus, too good to be true.”
  • “Her excuses were sus, but she denied everything.”
  • “It’s sus that the website requires so much personal info.”
  1. TBT

Meaning: “Throwback Thursday,” sharing old memories or photos.

  • “Posting a TBT pic from high school today!”
  • “Remember this epic road trip? #TBT”
  • “Found this TBT pic from my childhood, look at those outfits!”
  • “TBT to when we first met; good times.”
  1. Thirsty

Meaning: Seeking attention or validation.

  • “His selfies all over social media are so thirsty.”
  • “Posting that status update seemed a little thirsty.”
  • “Stop being so thirsty for likes!”
  • “Don’t let them think you’re thirsty for attention.”
  1. TTYL

Meaning: “Talk To You Later,” signing off temporarily.

  • “Got to run, TTYL!”
  • “I’m about to head out, so TTYL.”
  • “This call is breaking up, TTYL.”
  • “The show’s starting, TTYL.”
  1. WFH

Meaning: “Work From Home,” remote working arrangement.

  • “Loving the flexibility of WFH.”
  • “She’s WFH all week because of the weather.”
  • “WFH has cut down on my commute time.”
  • “WFH makes it easier to focus.”
  1. YMMV

Meaning: “Your Mileage May Vary,” implying personal experience might differ.

  • “It worked for me, but YMMV.”
  • “I liked that restaurant, but YMMV.”
  • “YMMV, so don’t rely on my advice alone.”
  • “It’s worth a shot, but YMMV.”
  1. YOLO

Meaning: “You Only Live Once,” encouraging taking risks or living fully.

  • “I’m going skydiving, YOLO!”
  • “Booked a last-minute trip, YOLO.”
  • “Bought the new gaming console; YOLO, right?”
  • “Decided to quit my job and travel the world, YOLO!”
  1. Woke

Meaning: Being socially aware and understanding of social issues.

  • “Stay woke about environmental issues.”
  • “He’s super woke on gender equality.”
  • “Don’t let misinformation fool you, be woke.”
  • “Her activism makes her one of the most woke people I know.”
  1. Zonked

Meaning: Extremely tired or exhausted.

  • “After that long run, I’m zonked.”
  • “I’ve been studying all night, completely zonked.”
  • “Worked a double shift today; I’m zonked out.”
  • “The kids wore me out, so I’m zonked.”
  1. Flex

Meaning: To show off or boast about something.

  • “He’s always flexing his luxury watch collection.”
  • “No need to flex your fancy car.”
  • “She loves to flex her cooking skills.”
  • “People who flex their wealth aren’t always admired.”
  1. Shook

Meaning: Surprised, unsettled, or emotionally affected.

  • “That twist ending had me shook.”
  • “I’m still shook from hearing the news.”
  • “He was shook after winning the prize.”
  • “Her response left us all shook.”
  1. Tea

Meaning: Gossip or news shared about others.

  • “Come sit with me; I have some tea to spill.”
  • “What’s the tea on their breakup?”
  • “She served up all the tea on that drama.”
  • “Don’t keep me in suspense; spill the tea!”
  1. Extra

Meaning: Over-the-top behavior, exaggerating excessively.

  • “That outfit is way too extra for the party.”
  • “Stop being so extra about everything.”
  • “She was extra in her reaction to the prank.”
  • “Those decorations are extra, but I love them!”
  1. Ghost

Meaning: To suddenly stop communicating without explanation.

  • “I texted her a few times, but she ghosted me.”
  • “We used to chat often until he ghosted.”
  • “He ghosted after the second date.”
  • “Did you ghost her, or are you just busy?”
  1. Lit

Meaning: Exciting, fun, or amazing.

  • “That concert was totally lit!”
  • “The party was lit with everyone dancing all night.”
  • “Those new shoes are lit.”
  • “The energy of the crowd made the game lit.”
  1. Fam

Meaning: Close friends considered as family.

  • “Chilling with my fam tonight.”
  • “The fam and I are hitting up the beach.”
  • “You know you’re fam, right?”
  • “Let’s catch up soon, fam.”
  1. Cap

Meaning: A lie or false statement (often “no cap” to mean truthful).

  • “No cap, this is the best pizza ever.”
  • “That’s totally cap, he didn’t actually win.”
  • “Stop capping, you didn’t see her last night.”
  • “She promised she’d finish her project, but that’s cap.”
  1. Clap Back

Meaning: Responding to criticism with a witty or sharp reply.

  • “She didn’t hesitate to clap back at his rude comments.”
  • “That clap back to the trolls was legendary.”
  • “I admire her for the way she clapped back to her critics.”
  • “He clapped back at those who doubted his skills.”
  1. Vibe

Meaning: The atmosphere or emotional aura of something.

  • “The cafĂ© has a chill vibe; I could stay all day.”
  • “I wasn’t feeling the party’s vibe, so I left.”
  • “She gives off a fun, creative vibe.”
  • “The vibe at the concert was unmatched.”

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