40+ Slang Words for Teenagers

Slang words for Teenagers often use unique slang to communicate in a fun and informal way. These words and phrases, constantly evolving, help them express themselves and fit into their social groups. This blog post will introduce you to the essential slang terms teens are using right now. Whether you’re a student, an English learner, or just curious about the latest vocabulary, you’ll find helpful explanations and examples to keep up with today’s teen lingo!

Slang Words for Teenagers


Meaning: Greatest Of All Time; unmatched in their field.

  1. “That soccer player is the GOAT; nobody can compete.”
  2. “Serena Williams is the tennis GOAT for her achievements.”
  3. “He’s considered the GOAT of this generation due to his dedication.”
  4. “The GOAT in comedy always delivers side-splitting jokes.”


Meaning: Exciting and awesome, full of energy.

  1. “The party was lit; everyone danced all night.”
  2. “Their concert was so lit that the whole crowd sang along.”
  3. “This new restaurant has such a lit atmosphere and vibe.”
  4. “The fireworks display was absolutely lit; kids loved it.”


Meaning: Bitter or annoyed, often due to disappointment.

  1. “He’s still salty about losing the game yesterday.”
  2. “Her friend is salty after being left out of the trip.”
  3. “Don’t be salty just because your idea didn’t work.”
  4. “She got really salty over not being invited.”


Meaning: Bold, cool, and unapologetically confident.

  1. “Her savage comeback left everyone speechless in the chat.”
  2. “That dunk was so savage it stunned the opposing team.”
  3. “He’s known for his savage sense of humor that leaves people laughing.”
  4. “Her response was savage and nobody could counter it.”


Meaning: Significant other or partner, often used affectionately.

  1. “Can’t wait to spend quality time with my bae this weekend.”
  2. “My bae always knows how to make me smile when I’m sad.”
  3. “We’re going to the movies tonight with bae and her friends.”
  4. “Got the cutest gift for bae and she loved it.”


Meaning: Over-the-top, dramatic, or exaggerated behavior.

  1. “His outfit is extra for today’s simple meeting.”
  2. “She’s acting so extra just to grab attention.”
  3. “Wearing a tiara to work is pretty extra.”
  4. “That speech was too extra for such a small gathering.”


Meaning: Show off in a way that impresses others.

  1. “He bought new sneakers to flex on everyone.”
  2. “Her car collection is a serious flex for her friends.”
  3. “The latest tech gadgets are something he always flexes.”
  4. “His expensive new watch is a clear flex.”


Meaning: Socially aware, especially about important issues.

  1. “She’s very woke and advocates for environmental causes.”
  2. “His woke stance on equal rights is inspiring.”
  3. “The organization is really woke about mental health awareness.”
  4. “Their mission to support fair wages is super woke.”


Meaning: Disappear or ignore someone without warning.

  1. “Don’t ghost me now; please reply promptly.”
  2. “She totally ghosted her old friends after moving away.”
  3. “If you’re tired of him, just say so instead of ghosting.”
  4. “He tried to reconnect, but she ghosted


Meaning: Gossip, news, or information that’s juicy.

  1. “Spill the tea; what’s today’s drama?”
  2. “She loves sharing tea about her favorite celebrities.”
  3. “I have some hot tea to spill about that party!”
  4. “Don’t keep the tea to yourself, tell us everything.”


Meaning: Succeed impressively and stylishly in something.

  1. “She slayed the presentation and wowed everyone.”
  2. “He slayed the dance competition with his moves.”
  3. “That outfit is so stunning; she’s slaying.”
  4. “Their performance totally slayed the audience tonight.”


Meaning: Slightly, secretly, or understated.

  1. “I’m low-key nervous about this meeting.”
  2. “He kept his plans low-key so others wouldn’t know.”
  3. “Her low-key style is simple yet elegant.”
  4. “I’m low-key excited for the new season.”


Meaning: Very, definitely, or openly.

  1. “I high-key want to try that new restaurant.”
  2. “She’s high-key tired of studying for finals.”
  3. “Their excitement was high-key obvious to everyone around.”
  4. “His interest in soccer is high-key


Meaning: Support or endorse a relationship.

  1. “I totally ship those two as a couple.”
  2. “They look so cute together; we all ship
  3. “You could see she really ships them from her reactions.”
  4. “After the show, the audience was shipping the main characters.”


Meaning: A relatable feeling or experience.

  1. “Waking up late is a total mood for me every day.”
  2. “Loving cozy sweaters is such a fall mood.”
  3. “Procrastinating on homework is my everyday mood.”
  4. “Her excitement over dessert was a real mood.”

Clap Back

Meaning: Respond angrily or strongly.

  1. “She had a fierce clap back ready for her critics.”
  2. “His quick clap back left them stunned.”
  3. “The actress delivered a sharp clap back to her haters.”
  4. “She had a smart clap back for that rude comment.”


Meaning: Close friends or family members.

  1. “Heading out with the fam to the movies tonight.”
  2. “She considers her college roommates her fam
  3. “His fam came out to support him at the game.”
  4. “We’re planning a vacation with our fam next summer.”


Meaning: Throw or send away something quickly.

  1. “He just yeeted his old shoes into the garbage.”
  2. “They yeeted their belongings out the window during the move.”
  3. “With one powerful swing, she yeeted the ball out of the field.”
  4. “The broken toy got yeeted into the trash.”


Meaning: Suspicious or questionable behavior.

  1. “That message looks sus; don’t click the links.”
  2. “His excuses seemed sus; something doesn’t add up.”
  3. “If she’s acting sus, there might be more going on.”
  4. “Those unexpected charges on your account look sus.”


Meaning: Stylish or well-dressed, usually strikingly.

  1. “Your outfit is snatched; you’re looking amazing today.”
  2. “His snatched wardrobe always impresses at every event.”
  3. “Her hair is totally snatched for tonight’s gala.”
  4. “The stylist ensured she looked absolutely snatched.”


Meaning: Reject or boycott someone or something.

  1. “They tried to cancel her after the latest controversy.”
  2. “Fans attempted to cancel the actor after his scandal.”
  3. “The brand got canceled due to their poor policies.”
  4. “His offensive comments made people want to cancel


Meaning: Stylish clothing or fashionable appearance.

  1. “His drip is on point with that jacket.”
  2. “Their drip impressed everyone at the fashion show.”
  3. “Her drip is always fresh, regardless of the season.”
  4. “The new line of shoes is all about drip.”


Meaning: Atmosphere, feeling, or impression.

  1. “This café has such a relaxed vibe.”
  2. “His intense energy brings a competitive vibe to the game.”
  3. “The new album creates a dreamy vibe for listeners.”
  4. “Their beach house has a tropical vibe with all the decorations.”


Meaning: Excitement or enthusiasm around something.

  1. “There’s so much hype around the newest superhero movie.”
  2. “The band’s tour is getting a lot of hype on social media.”
  3. “Their new clothing line deserves all the hype.”
  4. “She can’t wait for the game because the hype is real.”


Meaning: Awesome or excellent, often used for things.

  1. “That new album is fire; every song is great.”
  2. “His sneaker collection is straight fire with all those rare pairs.”
  3. “The artist’s latest painting is absolute fire with its vibrant colors.”
  4. “Their performance at the concert was totally fire.”


Meaning: Avoid or dismiss something or someone.

  1. “She swerved that annoying salesperson at the mall.”
  2. “His swerve when seeing his ex was very obvious.”
  3. “They decided to swerve the club scene tonight and go for coffee instead.”
  4. “He swerved the question to avoid confrontation.”


Meaning: Fear Of Missing Out; anxiety over missing events.

  1. “She’s got major FOMO since she can’t attend the concert.”
  2. “His FOMO is causing him to book more events than he can handle.”
  3. “I’m not going out tonight, but my FOMO will definitely kick in.”
  4. “Scrolling through social media gives her FOMO when she sees parties.”

No Cap

Meaning: No lie or for real.

  1. “I’m telling you, this restaurant is the best, no cap.”
  2. “Her painting skills are incredible, no cap.”
  3. “That interview was really tough, no cap.”
  4. “The team played their best game, no cap.”


Meaning: Managing adult responsibilities like work or bills.

  1. “She’s adulting hard with a full-time job and her own apartment.”
  2. “His adulting involves lots of laundry and meal prepping.”
  3. “Juggling multiple bills every month is exhausting while adulting.”
  4. “I had to skip the party because I’m busy adulting with my assignments.”


Meaning: As F***; very or extremely.

  1. “His new haircut is cool AF.”
  2. “The show last night was intense AF.”
  3. “She’s talented AF at dancing.”
  4. “That pizza was delicious AF.”


Meaning: Agreement or approval, similar to “sure.”

  1. “Are you down for pizza tonight?” “Bet!”
  2. “We’re going to the festival next weekend.” “Bet.”
  3. “Want to study together tomorrow?” “Bet.”
  4. “I’ll meet you after work.” “Bet.”

Bye Felicia

Meaning: Dismissive way to say goodbye to someone unimportant.

  1. “You’re leaving the group? Bye Felicia.”
  2. “Didn’t like the movie? Bye Felicia, you’re missing out.”
  3. “If you’re not joining us, Bye Felicia.”
  4. “You don’t want to participate? Bye Felicia.”

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