5 Letter Words Starting With V

5 Letter Words Starting With V. Welcome to this article about five-letter words starting with the letter V! Whether you’re a crossword enthusiast, a student looking for more vocabulary words, or a writer hoping to expand your wordplay, this article is sure to be of interest.

Here is the 10 Most Advanced 5 Letter Words Starting With V:

  1. Vague
  2. Vault
  3. Vital
  4. Verso
  5. Vixen
  6. Vigor
  7. Venue
  8. Vowel
  9. Viola
  10. Visit

5 Letter Words Starting With V

Vices Vadge Varve
Vises Virks Vitta
Vants Vatha Vints
Vatos Veggo Veers
Vatus Vitts Vevay
Vives Viana Volta
Veals Vaids Vampy
Vizor Vacas Veeps
Venge Visit Veils
Vivid Vardo Vedas
Visna Viffs Visct
Vinho Viole Vangs
Vitex Vodka Vests
Vapes Venew Verba
Vetos Vimen Vagus
Velct Valka Valet
Virus Vengo Vaire
Vanas Viols Viars
Viced Valse Vades
Viage Vishu Venti
Vagal Verso Vexes
Vinic Veldt Verge
Veuve Veiny Vaute
Villi Varia Vapid
Vetka Vales Velum
Vasas Vimeo Vamps
Viner Venal Verst
Vivda Vjing Venta
Vines Vires Vezir
Vigna Vasse Vegos
Vaunt Vacay Vitas
Volge Vegie Viaus
Varix Vivre Virge
Vitro Varna Vidas
Vicua Vivat Vehme
Vilna Vinny Vette
Vaded Vauty Vardy
Vertu Venae Vetch
Varns Vibex Visto
Volva Vaduz Virga
Venue Viers Vedic
Vivos Veney Vells
Valin Varec Venin
Viola Valve Venda
Verse Viled Viber
Vends Venas Vates
Vieux Verry Vinks
Verie Vapor Vicia
Vatic Viewy Vaned
Velds Vigor Vigia
Vazes Visie Vials
Valli Vakas Venom
Ville Volow Vidin
Vatas Vanji Vases
Views Vanga Verra
Venos Vexer Verde
Vexil Vegan Vitae
Vised Velar Vizir
Vicar Vites Vinos
Visor Verte Vendu
Vitus Vanda Vacui
Vares Viels Visas
Vasum Vibes Vasts
Virtu Vinew Vaayu
Veges Veale Vired
Vibey Viand Volar
Vacuo Vireo Vealy
Verre Video Veena
Vakil Vaped Vilde
Vidar Vegas Virgo
Verbs Vichy Vinal
Viver Vibed Vawte
Vajra Viens Volos
Vomit Vesta Vanns
Veves Virch Vexed
Vouch Viler Vides
Varus Vbacs Vespa
Vanir Vasty Vesak
Vauts Vatje Varas
Vasal Vinyl Venus
Vills Virls Voter
Vague Vcses Viold
Valis Vauch Value
Vidya Vilas Vista
Vinas Viral Vicus
Virje Valpo Vifda

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5 Letter Words Beginning With V

5 Letter Words Beginning With V

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Veins Vedda Vails
Vairy Veily Vivas
Vixen Valid Vined
Varan Vigil Verts
Vimba Vairs Vinca
Vaxen Vowel Vaasa
Voyol Versa Vogle
Vadas Viary Voice
Volga Vents Viper
Vanes Vocal Valva
Vower Vaper Vbied
Veery Vigas Vital
Varda Vogue Vetmb
Villa Visne Velva
Vaxes Vaths Virid
Veles Valor Vison
Vault Vomer Verve

5 Letter Words Start With V

5 Letter Words Start With V 5 Letter Words That Start With V Five Letter Word Starting with V

5 Letter Words That Start With V with Meaning

  1. Vexed – annoyed, frustrated or irritated.
  2. Verve – energy, enthusiasm, or vigor, especially in artistic performance or composition.
  3. Vital – absolutely necessary or important; essential.
  4. Vague – uncertain, unclear or indefinite.
  5. Vapid – lacking liveliness, flavor, or interest; dull or boring.
  6. Veils – a piece of cloth or net worn by women to cover their head and shoulders.
  7. Venue – the place where something happens, especially an organized event such as a concert, conference, or sports competition.
  8. Vials – small containers, usually made of glass, used to hold liquids or medicines.
  9. Valid – sound or legally acceptable; logically correct or accurate.
  10. Vying – competing eagerly with someone in order to achieve something.
  11. Verge – the edge, brink or limit of something.
  12. Venge – revenge or retaliation for a wrong or injury.
  13. Voles – small rodents resembling mice.
  14. Venus – the second planet from the sun and the brightest object in the sky after the sun and the moon.
  15. Vagus – a large nerve that runs from the brain to the abdomen and controls many important bodily functions.
  16. Varna – a Hindu system of social hierarchy based on caste.
  17. Vests – sleeveless garments worn over the upper body, often as part of a uniform or for protection.
  18. Vials – small containers, usually made of glass, used to hold liquids or medicines.
  19. Vires – a Latin term meaning strength or power.
  20. Viral – relating to or caused by a virus, or something that becomes popular quickly and widely over the internet or through social media.
  21. Vodka – a clear distilled alcoholic beverage, typically made from fermented grains or potatoes.
  22. Voids – an empty space or gap in something.
  23. Volts – a unit of electrical potential difference, or the force that drives an electric current through a circuit.
  24. Voice – the sound produced in the larynx and uttered through the mouth, or the expression of opinions or feelings.
  25. Visas – an official endorsement on a passport or other travel document that allows the holder to enter, leave, or stay in a particular country for a specified period of time.
  26. Vista – a pleasing view, especially one seen through a long, narrow opening.
  27. Vomit – to eject the contents of the stomach through the mouth as a result of involuntary contractions of the stomach muscles.
  28. Voids – an empty space or gap in something.
  29. Vowel – a speech sound produced with an open vocal tract, represented by the letters a, e, i, o, and u in English.
  30. Volta – a unit of electrical potential difference, equal to one joule per coulomb, named after the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta.

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