Adverbs That Start With J (List Of Adverbs)

Amidst the vast expanse of English grammar lies a fascinating realm populated by an array of adverbs, each with its own distinct personality and purpose.

Yet, amidst this diversity, the adverbs beginning with J stand out as a charmingly quirky bunch, often overlooked yet undeniably intriguing. Whether it’s conveying a sense of jubilation or adding emphasis to an action performed judiciously, these adverbs bring an element of surprise and delight to our language.

Adverbs That Start With J

  1. Joyfully
    Meaning: With Great Happiness And Delight
    Sentence: They Joyfully Celebrated Their Success.
  2. Justly
    Meaning: In A Fair And Rightful Manner
    Sentence: She Justly Deserved The Award.
  3. Judiciously
    Meaning: With Good Judgment Or Sense
    Sentence: He Judiciously Managed The Project.
  4. Jovially
    Meaning: In A Cheerful And Friendly Manner
    Sentence: They Conversed Jovially Over Coffee.
  5. Jointly
    Meaning: Together With One Or More Parties
    Sentence: They Jointly Organized The Event.
  6. Jarringly
    Meaning: In A Manner Causing A Harsh Or Unpleasant Effect
    Sentence: The Colors Clashed Jarringly.
  7. Jealously
    Meaning: With Feelings Of Envy
    Sentence: She Jealously Guarded Her Rights.
  8. Jocularly
    Meaning: In A Humorous Or Playful Manner
    Sentence: He Jocularly Teased His Friend.
  9. Jadedly
    Meaning: In A Tired Or Unenthusiastic Manner
    Sentence: She Listened Jadedly To Lectures.
  10. Jauntily
    Meaning: In A Lively, Cheerful, And Self-Confident Manner
    Sentence: He Walked Jauntily Into The Room.
  11. Jestingly
    Meaning: In A Joking Or Teasing Manner
    Sentence: They Spoke Jestingly During Lunch.
  12. Judgmentally
    Meaning: In A Manner Involving The Use Or Display Of Judgment
    Sentence: She Looked Judgmentally At The Outfit.
  13. Jeeringly
    Meaning: In A Mocking Or Taunting Manner
    Sentence: The Crowd Reacted Jeeringly.
  14. Jarringly
    Meaning: In A Discordant, Harsh Manner
    Sentence: The Alarm Sounded Jarringly Loud.
  15. Jocosely
    Meaning: In A Playful Or Humorous Way
    Sentence: He Replied Jocosely To Questions.
  16. Jubilantly
    Meaning: In A Manner Showing Great Joy
    Sentence: The Team Cheered Jubilantly.
  17. Jaggedly
    Meaning: In A Rough, Irregular Manner
    Sentence: The Line Was Drawn Jaggedly.
  18. Jeopardously
    Meaning: In A Way That Endangers
    Sentence: They Lived Jeopardously Every Day.
  19. Jadedly
    Meaning: In A Worn-Out Or Fatigued Manner
    Sentence: She Yawned Jadedly In Class.
  20. Jarringly
    Meaning: In A Manner Causing Discomfort Or Disturbance
    Sentence: The News Hit Jarringly.
  21. Judicially
    Meaning: In A Manner Relating To The Administration Of Justice
    Sentence: The Judge Acted Judicially.
  22. Jokingly
    Meaning: In A Manner Not Meant To Be Taken Seriously
    Sentence: He Jokingly Made A Comment.
  23. Jovially
    Meaning: In A Good-Humored, Friendly Way
    Sentence: The Group Chatted Jovially.
  24. Jitterily
    Meaning: In A Nervous Or Anxious Manner
    Sentence: She Awaited Results Jitterily.
  25. Jeopardously
    Meaning: In A Dangerous Or Risky Manner
    Sentence: The Mission Proceeded Jeopardously.
  26. Jovially
    Meaning: In A Friendly And Cheerful Manner
    Sentence: They Greeted Each Other Jovially.
  27. Jealously
    Meaning: With Envy Or Suspicion
    Sentence: He Watched Her Jealously.
  28. Jocosely
    Meaning: In A Joking Or Humorous Manner
    Sentence: She Responded Jocosely To Teasing.
  29. Justifiably
    Meaning: In A Manner That Is Justifiable
    Sentence: She Felt Justifiably Proud.
  30. Jazzily
    Meaning: In A Lively, Exciting Manner
    Sentence: The Band Played Jazzily.
  31. Judiciously
    Meaning: In A Wise Or Prudent Manner
    Sentence: Resources Were Used Judiciously.
  32. Jadedly
    Meaning: In A Bored Or Unimpressed Manner
    Sentence: He Listened Jadedly To Excuses.
  33. Jauntily
    Meaning: In A Confident And Lively Manner
    Sentence: She Wore Her Hat Jauntily.
  34. Jarringly
    Meaning: In A Manner Causing Shock Or Disturbance
    Sentence: The News Came Jarringly.
  35. Jejunely
    Meaning: In A Naive Or Simplistic Manner
    Sentence: The Argument Was Presented Jejunely.
  36. Jocularly
    Meaning: In A Joking, Light-Hearted Manner
    Sentence: He Spoke Jocularly At Dinner.
  37. Jestingly
    Meaning: In A Playful Or Teasing Way
    Sentence: They Chatted Jestingly.
  38. Jovially
    Meaning: In A Cheerful And Friendly Manner
    Sentence: They Conversed Jovially.
  39. Jarringly
    Meaning: In A Startling Or Discordant Manner
    Sentence: The Noise Rang Jarringly.
  40. Jokily
    Meaning: In A Joking Or Humorous Manner
    Sentence: He Commented Jokily.
  41. Jubilantly
    Meaning: With Great Joy Or Triumph
    Sentence: Fans Shouted Jubilantly.
  42. Jadedly
    Meaning: In A Tired Or Dull Manner
    Sentence: She Responded Jadedly.
  43. Jeopardously
    Meaning: In A Perilous Or Risky Manner
    Sentence: They Ventured Jeopardously.
  44. Judiciously
    Meaning: With Good Judgement Or Sense
    Sentence: Decisions Were Made Judiciously.
  45. Jocosely
    Meaning: In A Merry Or Jesting Way
    Sentence: They Bantered Jocosely.
  46. Judgmentally
    Meaning: In A Critical Or Evaluative Manner
    Sentence: She Observed Judgmentally.
  47. Jestingly
    Meaning: In A Playful Or Mocking Manner
    Sentence: He Declined Jestingly.
  48. Jeeringly
    Meaning: In A Scornful Or Mocking Manner
    Sentence: The Audience Laughed Jeeringly.
  49. Jauntily
    Meaning: In A Carefree, Confident Manner
    Sentence: He Walked Jauntily To School.
  50. Jadedly
    Meaning: In An Unenthusiastic Or Exhausted Manner
    Sentence: She Completed Tasks Jadedly.

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Adverbs Starting With J

Adverbs Starting With J

  • Jointly
  • Justly
  • Jovially
  • Judiciously
  • Joyfully
  • Jealously
  • Jocularly
  • Jadedly
  • Jauntily
  • Jestingly
  • Judgmentally
  • Jeeringly
  • Jarringly
  • Jocosely
  • Jubilantly
  • Jaggedly
  • Jeopardously
  • Jitterily
  • Jokingly
  • Jazzily
  • Jejunely
  • Jokily
  • Judicially
  • Justifiably
  • Jammingly
  • Jaw-droppingly
  • Jesting
  • Jollily
  • Joltingly
  • Joylessly
  • Joyously
  • Juggingly
  • Jumpily
  • Just
  • Juttingly
  • Juvenally
  • Juxtapositionally
  • Jocundly
  • Jouncing
  • Juicily
  • Jumblingly
  • Jugglingly
  • Jumpingly
  • Jitteringly
  • Jumbly
  • Judgementally
  • Jungleward
  • Jointedly
  • Jamboree
  • Jigglingly
  • Janglingly
  • Juxtaposedly
  • Justifiedly
  • Jaggily
  • Joggledly
  • Jangledly
  • Joltily
  • Jogglingly

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