Adverbs That Start With K (List Of Adverbs)

Do you ever find yourself searching for the perfect word to express how something is done or to add depth and detail to your writing? Look no further than the elusive and enchanting world of adverbs. In this article, we delve into the lesser-known realm of adverbs that start with the letter K. These linguistic gems are like hidden treasures waiting to be uncovered, each one offering a unique way to enhance your language and captivate your audience.

Adverbs That Start With K

  1. Keenly
    Meaning: In An Eager Or Enthusiastic Manner
    Sentence: She Keenly Participated In Discussions.
  2. Knowingly
    Meaning: With Knowledge Or Awareness
    Sentence: He Knowingly Accepted The Challenge.
  3. Kindly
    Meaning: In A Kind And Gentle Manner
    Sentence: She Spoke Kindly To Everyone.
  4. Knavishly
    Meaning: In A Dishonest Or Unscrupulous Manner
    Sentence: He Grinned Knavishly At The Joke.
  5. Kingly
    Meaning: In A Manner Befitting A King; Royally
    Sentence: He Carried Himself Kingly.
  6. Knightly
    Meaning: In A Manner Characteristic Of A Knight; Chivalrously
    Sentence: He Acted Knightly In Crisis.
  7. Kiddingly
    Meaning: In A Teasing Or Joking Manner
    Sentence: She Kiddingly Nudged Her Friend.
  8. Kookily
    Meaning: In A Strange Or Eccentric Manner
    Sentence: He Danced Kookily At The Party.
  9. Knowledgably
    Meaning: With A Lot Of Knowledge
    Sentence: She Spoke Knowledgably On The Topic.
  10. Knee-Deeply
    Meaning: Deeply Involved Or Immersed
    Sentence: He Was Knee-Deeply In Work.
  11. Knavely
    Meaning: In A Manner Characteristic Of A Knave; Untrustworthily
    Sentence: He Acted Knavely In Negotiations.
  12. Kosherly
    Meaning: In A Manner Conforming To Jewish Dietary Law
    Sentence: They Prepared The Meal Kosherly.
  13. Kaleidoscopically
    Meaning: In A Manner That Is Complex, Colorful, And Shifting
    Sentence: The Scene Changed Kaleidoscopically.
  14. Kissingly
    Meaning: In A Manner Of Giving A Kiss
    Sentence: They Greeted Each Other Kissingly.
  15. Kitschily
    Meaning: In A Style Considered To Be In Poor Taste
    Sentence: The Decor Was Arranged Kitschily.
  16. Kneeling
    Meaning: In A Position Or Manner Of Kneeling
    Sentence: She Prayed Kneeling Before Bed.
  17. Karmically
    Meaning: In A Manner Relating To Karma
    Sentence: He Believed It Happened Karmically.
  18. Keyly
    Meaning: In A Crucial Or Important Manner
    Sentence: He Played A Keyly Role.
  19. Knavishly
    Meaning: In A Deceitful, Dishonest Manner
    Sentence: She Plotted Knavishly Against Him.
  20. Kinesthetically
    Meaning: In A Manner Related To Bodily Movement
    Sentence: She Learned Kinesthetically Through Dance.
  21. Kiddingly
    Meaning: In A Joking Or Playful Manner
    Sentence: He Commented Kiddingly.
  22. Kleptomaniacally
    Meaning: In A Manner Characteristic Of A Kleptomaniac
    Sentence: He Acted Kleptomaniacally, Stealing Compulsively.
  23. Kinkily
    Meaning: In A Bent, Twisted, Or Kinky Manner
    Sentence: The Wire Was Shaped Kinkily.
  24. Kinetically
    Meaning: In A Manner Relating To Motion
    Sentence: The Particles Moved Kinetically.
  25. Knavely
    Meaning: In A Cunning Or Wily Manner
    Sentence: He Deceived Them Knavely.
  26. Knobbly
    Meaning: In A Manner Having Knobs Or Bumps
    Sentence: The Path Ran Knobbly.
  27. Knottily
    Meaning: In A Complicated Or Difficult Manner
    Sentence: The Problem Was Knottily Complex.
  28. Kookily
    Meaning: In A Crazy Or Eccentric Manner
    Sentence: She Dressed Kookily For The Party.
  29. Knowably
    Meaning: In A Manner That Is Capable Of Being Known
    Sentence: The Results Were Knowably Predictable.
  30. Knowledgably
    Meaning: With Knowledge Or Understanding
    Sentence: He Discussed The Issue Knowledgably.
  31. Kitschily
    Meaning: In A Tacky Or Garish Manner
    Sentence: The Souvenir Was Designed Kitschily.
  32. Kittenishly
    Meaning: In A Playful, Lively Manner
    Sentence: She Behaved Kittenishly At The Party.
  33. Knavishly
    Meaning: In A Mischievous Or Roguish Manner
    Sentence: He Smiled Knavishly At The Prank.
  34. Knightly
    Meaning: In A Brave Or Noble Manner
    Sentence: He Behaved Knightly During The Tournament.
  35. Knavishly
    Meaning: In A Cunning Or Deceitful Manner
    Sentence: They Plotted Knavishly Against The King.
  36. Kinkily
    Meaning: In An Unconventional Or Unusual Manner
    Sentence: Her Hair Curled Kinkily.
  37. Knowingly
    Meaning: With Full Knowledge Or Awareness
    Sentence: She Nodded Knowingly At The Secret.
  38. Kookily
    Meaning: In An Offbeat Or Quirky Manner
    Sentence: The Artist Painted Kookily.
  39. Kindheartedly
    Meaning: In A Kind And Compassionate Manner
    Sentence: She Acted Kindheartedly Towards Strangers.
  40. Kinematically
    Meaning: In A Manner Relating To Kinematics
    Sentence: The Robot Moved Kinematically.
  41. Kosherly
    Meaning: In Accordance With Jewish Law
    Sentence: They Cooked The Food Kosherly.
  42. Kittenishly
    Meaning: In A Flirtatious Or Playful Manner
    Sentence: She Batted Her Eyes Kittenishly.
  43. Knavishly
    Meaning: In A Dishonest Or Unprincipled Manner
    Sentence: The Plan Was Executed Knavishly.
  44. Keenly
    Meaning: With Eagerness Or Enthusiasm
    Sentence: She Observed The Experiment Keenly.
  45. Kneadingly
    Meaning: In A Manner Of Working Or Shaping Something
    Sentence: She Worked The Dough Kneadingly.
  46. Knee-High
    Meaning: Up To The Knee In Height Or Depth
    Sentence: The Water Was Knee-High.
  47. Knightly
    Meaning: In A Manner Befitting A Knight
    Sentence: He Acted Knightly And Brave.
  48. Karmically
    Meaning: In A Way That Relates To Karma
    Sentence: The Event Unfolded Karmically.
  49. Kinkily
    Meaning: In A Twisted Or Bent Manner
    Sentence: The Path Wound Kinkily.
  50. Knowingly
    Meaning: With Awareness Or Deliberateness
    Sentence: She Chose Her Words Knowingly.

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Adverbs Starting With K

Adverbs Starting With K

  • Keenly
  • Knowingly
  • Kindly
  • Knavishly
  • Kingly
  • Knightly
  • Kiddingly
  • Kookily
  • Knowledgably
  • Knee-Deeply
  • Knavely
  • Kosherly
  • Kaleidoscopically
  • Kissing
  • Kitschily
  • Kneeling
  • Karmically
  • Keyly
  • Kinesthetically
  • Kleptomaniacally
  • Kinkily
  • Kinetically
  • Knobbly
  • Knottily
  • Knowably
  • Kittenishly
  • Kindheartedly
  • Kinematically
  • Knee-High
  • Knittingly
  • Knobbily
  • Knockingly
  • Kookishly
  • Kneadingly
  • Knackeringly
  • Kneelingly
  • Knobbishly
  • Knottishly
  • Knucklingly
  • Kneadably
  • Knottingly
  • Knowledgeably

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