Adverbs That Start With P (List Of Adverbs)

As we delve into this exploration of adverbs that start with P, prepare to witness the panorama of possibilities that these words present. Whether you’re a language enthusiast or simply curious about the nuances of English grammar, this journey promises to enlighten and entertain. So, let’s set sail on this linguistic odyssey and discover the profound impact of these peculiarly potent adverbs.

Adverbs That Start With P

  1. Painfully
    • Meaning: With Pain Or Distress.
    • Sentence: He Walked Painfully After Falling.
  2. Partially
    • Meaning: To Some Extent; Not Completely.
    • Sentence: She Partially Agreed With Him.
  3. Passionately
    • Meaning: With Strong Intense Feeling Or Emotion.
    • Sentence: They Argued Passionately About Politics.
  4. Patiently
    • Meaning: In A Way That Shows Tolerance Of Delays, Problems, Or Suffering Without Becoming Annoyed Or Anxious.
    • Sentence: She Waited Patiently For News.
  5. Peacefully
    • Meaning: Without Disturbance; Tranquilly.
    • Sentence: He Slept Peacefully Through Night.
  6. Peculiarly
    • Meaning: In A Way That Is Strange Or Unusual.
    • Sentence: She Smiled Peculiarly At Him.
  7. Perfectly
    • Meaning: In A Manner Without Faults, Flaws, Or Defects.
    • Sentence: He Performed The Dance Perfectly.
  8. Permanently
    • Meaning: In A Way That Lasts Or Remains Unchanged Indefinitely; For Always.
    • Sentence: The Scar Remained Permanently Visible.
  9. Persistently
    • Meaning: In A Persistent Manner; Continuously.
    • Sentence: She Persistently Pursued Her Goals.
  10. Pervasively
    • Meaning: In A Way That Spreads Widely Throughout An Area Or A Group Of People.
    • Sentence: The Rumor Spread Pervasively.
  11. Piously
    • Meaning: In A Devoutly Religious Manner.
    • Sentence: She Prayed Piously Every Morning.
  12. Playfully
    • Meaning: In A Light-Hearted Or Teasing Way.
    • Sentence: He Playfully Tickled The Child.
  13. Politely
    • Meaning: In A Respectful And Considerate Manner.
    • Sentence: She Asked Politely For Directions.
  14. Poorly
    • Meaning: In An Unsatisfactory, Inadequate, Or Unsuccessful Way.
    • Sentence: He Performed Poorly On Tests.
  15. Positively
    • Meaning: In An Optimistic Or Positive Way.
    • Sentence: She Responded Positively To Feedback.
  16. Powerfully
    • Meaning: With Great Power Or Strength.
    • Sentence: He Spoke Powerfully To Crowds.
  17. Practically
    • Meaning: Virtually; Almost; In Effect.
    • Sentence: It’s Practically Impossible Now.
  18. Precariously
    • Meaning: In A Way That Is Not Securely In Position And Is Likely To Fall Or Collapse.
    • Sentence: She Balanced Precariously On Heels.
  19. Precisely
    • Meaning: Exactly; With Accuracy.
    • Sentence: He Arrived Precisely At Noon.
  20. Predictably
    • Meaning: As Expected And Able To Be Predicted.
    • Sentence: He Predictably Forgot The Date.
  21. Preferably
    • Meaning: More Preferably; Ideally.
    • Sentence: Arrive Early, Preferably Before Eight.
  22. Prematurely
    • Meaning: Before The Due Time; Early.
    • Sentence: The Project Ended Prematurely.
  23. Presently
    • Meaning: After A Short Time; Soon.
    • Sentence: She’ll Join Us Presently.
  24. Presumably
    • Meaning: By Assuming Reasonably; Probably.
    • Sentence: Presumably, He Missed The Train.
  25. Pretentiously
    • Meaning: In A Way That Attempts To Impress By Affecting Greater Importance Or Merit Than Is Actually Possessed.
    • Sentence: He Spoke Pretentiously About Art.
  26. Previously
    • Meaning: At An Earlier Time; Before.
    • Sentence: He Had Visited Previously.
  27. Primarily
    • Meaning: For The Most Part; Chiefly.
    • Sentence: Primarily, It’s A Safety Issue.
  28. Principally
    • Meaning: Mainly; Chiefly; Overall.
    • Sentence: It’s Principally A Cost Issue.
  29. Privately
    • Meaning: In Private; Confidentially; Secretly.
    • Sentence: They Spoke Privately In Office.
  30. Proactively
    • Meaning: By Taking Action In Advance; Preemptively.
    • Sentence: He Proactively Addressed The Problem.
  31. Probably
    • Meaning: Almost Certainly; As Far As One Knows Or Can Tell.
    • Sentence: She’ll Probably Arrive Late.
  32. Professionally
    • Meaning: In A Way That Relates To A Profession; Competently.
    • Sentence: She Behaved Very Professionally.
  33. Profoundly
    • Meaning: To A Profound Extent; Deeply.
    • Sentence: His Words Profoundly Impacted Her.
  34. Progressively
    • Meaning: Increasingly; In Stages.
    • Sentence: The Disease Worsened Progressively.
  35. Prolifically
    • Meaning: In A Productive Or Creative Manner.
    • Sentence: She Wrote Prolifically For Years.
  36. Prominently
    • Meaning: In A Way That Stands Out Or Is Noticeable.
    • Sentence: His Picture Hung Prominently.
  37. Promptly
    • Meaning: With Little Or No Delay; Immediately.
    • Sentence: She Answered The Phone Promptly.
  38. Properly
    • Meaning: Correctly Or Satisfactorily.
    • Sentence: The Machine Wasn’t Working Properly.
  39. Proudly
    • Meaning: With A Feeling Of Pride.
    • Sentence: He Proudly Showed His Medal.
  40. Provincially
    • Meaning: In A Manner Relating To A Province Or The Provinces.
    • Sentence: He Spoke Provincially Of Customs.
  41. Publicly
    • Meaning: In A Public Manner; Openly.
    • Sentence: She Apologized Publicly On TV.
  42. Punctually
    • Meaning: At The Agreed Or Proper Time; Promptly.
    • Sentence: He Arrived Punctually For Dinner.
  43. Purposely
    • Meaning: Intentionally; On Purpose.
    • Sentence: She Missed The Meeting Purposely.
  44. Puzzlingly
    • Meaning: In A Manner That Causes Confusion Or Perplexity.
    • Sentence: The Door Was Puzzlingly Locked.
  45. Parallelly
    • Meaning: In A Manner That Is Parallel; In A Parallel Direction.
    • Sentence: The Roads Run Parallelly.
  46. Passively
    • Meaning: Without Active Response Or Resistance.
    • Sentence: He Listened Passively During Lectures.
  47. Pathetically
    • Meaning: In A Way That Arouses Pity, Especially Through Vulnerability Or Sadness.
    • Sentence: She Looked Pathetically At Him.
  48. Peaceably
    • Meaning: In A Peaceful Manner; Without Violence.
    • Sentence: They Settled The Matter Peaceably.
  49. Pensively
    • Meaning: In A Way That Suggests Deep Thought Or Contemplation.
    • Sentence: She Stared Pensively Into Distance.
  50. Perceptively
    • Meaning: In A Way That Shows An Ability To Perceive Or Understand Things Quickly And Accurately.
    • Sentence: He Responded Perceptively To Questions.
  51. Perilously
    • Meaning: In A Way That Is Full Of Danger Or Risk.
    • Sentence: They Journeyed Perilously Through Mountains.
  52. Perpetually
    • Meaning: In A Way That Never Ends Or Changes; Constantly.
    • Sentence: He Was Perpetually Late.
  53. Persistently
    • Meaning: In A Persistent Manner; Continuously.
    • Sentence: She Worked Persistently On Projects.
  54. Pertinently
    • Meaning: In A Way That Is Directly Relevant Or Applicable To A Matter.
    • Sentence: She Commented Pertinently On Issues.
  55. Pervasively
    • Meaning: In A Way That Spreads Widely Throughout An Area Or A Group Of People.
    • Sentence: The Idea Spread Pervasively.
  56. Pettily
    • Meaning: In A Trivial Or Insignificant Way.
    • Sentence: They Argued Pettily Over Details.
  57. Philanthropically
    • Meaning: In A Way That Shows A Desire To Promote The Welfare Of Others, Expressed Especially By The Generous Donation Of Money To Good Causes.
    • Sentence: He Donated Philanthropically To Charity.
  58. Philosophically
    • Meaning: In A Way That Is Related To The Study Of The Fundamental Nature Of Knowledge, Reality, And Existence.
    • Sentence: She Spoke Philosophically About Life.
  59. Phonetically
    • Meaning: In A Way That Relates To The Sounds Of Speech.
    • Sentence: The Word Is Spelled Phonetically.
  60. Photogenically
    • Meaning: In A Way That Looks Attractive In Photographs.
    • Sentence: She Smiled Photogenically For Cameras.
  61. Physically
    • Meaning: In A Manner Relating To The Body As Opposed To The Mind.
    • Sentence: He Was Physically Very Fit.
  62. Pictorially
    • Meaning: In A Way That Involves Or Uses Pictures.
    • Sentence: The Story Was Told Pictorially.
  63. Piously
    • Meaning: In A Devoutly Religious Manner.
    • Sentence: He Prayed Piously Every Day.
  64. Placidly
    • Meaning: In A Calm And Peaceful Manner; With Little Movement Or Activity.
    • Sentence: She Smiled Placidly At Him.

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Adverbs Starting With P

Adverbs Starting With P

  • Purely
  • Pensively
  • Peculiarly
  • Probably
  • Pointlessly
  • Plainly
  • Presently
  • Proactively
  • Painfully
  • Permanently
  • Poorly
  • Perpetually
  • Poetically
  • Palpably
  • Puzzlingly
  • Previously
  • Prettily
  • Primarily
  • Perceptively
  • Partly
  • Practically
  • Potentially
  • Precariously
  • Proficiently
  • Publicly
  • Presumably
  • Predictably
  • Potently
  • Partially
  • Particularly
  • Physically
  • Punctually
  • Politically
  • Plausibly
  • Privately
  • Personally
  • Patiently
  • Proudly
  • Playfully
  • Politely
  • Properly
  • Perfectly
  • Precisely
  • Persistently
  • Positively
  • Powerfully
  • Promptly
  • Passionately
  • Pleasantly
  • Profoundly
  • Pitifully

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