Collective Nouns For Clothes (With Meaning and Examples)

When it comes to describing a group of clothes, we often find ourselves using the term wardrobe or simply referring to them as clothing. However, did you know that there are specific collective nouns for clothes? These unique terms not only add a touch of creativity and elegance to our language, but also provide a more concise and vivid way to express ourselves. In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of collective nouns for clothes, unraveling their meanings and providing examples that showcase their usage in everyday conversations.

What is the Collective Noun For Clothes?

The collective noun for clothes is “a wardrobe” or “a closet.” These terms refer to a collection of clothes that are kept together in a particular storage space, such as a wardrobe or a closet. The collective noun is used to describe a group of similar items, and in this case, it refers to a group of garments or clothing items.

Here are the 10 Collective Nouns For Clothes:

  1. A stack of clothes
  2. A bundle of clothes
  3. An assortment of clothes
  4. A collection of clothes
  5. A wardrobe of clothes
  6. A cache of clothes
  7. A trove of clothes
  8. A multitude of clothes
  9. A slew of clothes
  10. A horde of clothes

Collective Nouns For Clothes

  1. A repertoire of clothes
  2. A store of clothes
  3. A pile of clothes
  4. An amalgamation of clothes
  5. A gathering of outfits
  6. A conglomeration of clothes
  7. An assortment of attire
  8. An accumulation of clothes
  9. A bundle of clothes
  10. An inventory of clothes
  11. A flock of clothes
  12. A battalion of clothes
  13. A mass of clothes
  14. A multitude of clothes
  15. A bounty of clothes
  16. A reserve of clothes
  17. A congregation of clothes
  18. A series of clothes
  19. An outfit of clothes
  20. A load of clothes
  21. A bunch of clothes
  22. A trove of clothes
  23. A treasure trove of clothes
  24. A team of clothes
  25. A cohort of clothes
  26. A stockroom of attire
  27. A collection of clothes
  28. A package of clothes
  29. A drift of clothes
  30. An ensemble of clothes
  31. A compendium of clothes
  32. An accumulation of apparel
  33. A heap of clothes
  34. A group of clothes
  35. A fund of clothes
  36. A suite of garments
  37. A stash of clothes
  38. A jumble of clothes
  39. A horde of clothes
  40. A fleet of clothes
  41. A stock of clothes
  42. A gathering of clothes
  43. An accretion of clothes
  44. A stockroom of clothes
  45. A suite of clothes
  46. A mound of clothes
  47. An abundance of clothes
  48. A set of clothes
  49. A range of clothes
  50. An assortment of clothes
  51. A medley of outfits
  52. An anthology of clothes
  53. A batch of clothes
  54. A constellation of clothes
  55. A cavalcade of garments
  56. A portfolio of clothes
  57. A treasure chest of clothes
  58. A pack of clothes
  59. An aggregation of clothes
  60. A plethora of clothes
  61. A company of clothes
  62. A band of clothes
  63. A medley of clothes
  64. A library of clothes
  65. A treasure of clothes
  66. A wardrobe of clothes
  67. A stockpile of clothes
  68. A cluster of clothes
  69. An armory of apparel
  70. A bulk of clothes
  71. A troupe of clothes
  72. A number of clothes
  73. A cornucopia of clothes
  74. An assembly of clothes
  75. A host of clothes
  76. A stack of clothes
  77. A assemblage of clothes
  78. A cascade of clothes
  79. A selection of clothes
  80. A supply of clothes
  81. A throng of clothing
  82. A consignment of clothes
  83. A pack of attire
  84. A treasury of clothes
  85. A slew of clothes
  86. A cache of clothes
  87. An assemblage of clothes
  88. A combination of clothes
  89. A party of clothes
  90. An accoutrement of clothes
  91. A bale of clothes
  92. A compilation of clothes
  93. A pool of clothes
  94. A variety of clothes
  95. An array of clothes
  96. A parcel of clothes

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What is the Collective Noun For Clothes

Collective Nouns For Clothes With Meaning and Examples

  1. A wardrobe:

Meaning: A set of clothes owned by an individual or kept in one place.


  • I have a diverse wardrobe that includes casual wear, formal attire, and sportswear.
  • She organized her wardrobe by color and season for easy access.
  • His wardrobe was filled with designer labels and stylish garments.
  1. An ensemble:

Meaning: A group of coordinated clothing items worn together.


  • She put together a stunning ensemble with a matching dress, shoes, and accessories.
  • The fashion show featured an ensemble of elegant evening gowns.
  • His wedding ensemble consisted of a tailored suit, tie, and pocket square.
  1. A fashion collection:

Meaning: A series of clothing pieces designed and produced for a particular fashion line.


  • The designer unveiled her latest spring fashion collection on the runway.
  • The high-end boutique showcased a unique fashion collection of avant-garde designs.
  • The brand’s new fashion collection featured bold colors and innovative patterns.
  1. A rack:

Meaning: A structure or fixture used to hang or display clothes.


  • The clothing store had an extensive rack of dresses for customers to browse.
  • He hung his freshly washed clothes on the rack to dry.
  • The vintage shop displayed a charming rack of retro clothing.
  1. A shipment:

 Meaning: A delivery of clothing items from one location to another.


  • The department store received a large shipment of winter coats for the upcoming season.
  • The online retailer sent out a shipment of orders to customers worldwide.
  • The factory completed a massive shipment of clothing to various retailers.
  1. A bundle:

Meaning: A collection of clothes tightly bound or wrapped together.


  • She carried a bundle of laundry to the washing machine.
  • The traveler tied a bundle of clothes to the top of the backpack.
  • The hiker wrapped his spare clothes in a waterproof bundle.
  1. A stock:

Meaning: A supply of clothes kept for sale or distribution.


  • The boutique owner managed her stock of clothes efficiently to meet customer demand.
  • The warehouse was filled with a vast stock of various clothing brands.
  • The online store offered a diverse stock of clothing for men, women, and children.
  1. An inventory:

Meaning: A complete record of clothing items in stock.


  • The store manager conducted a thorough inventory of the clothes to track sales and restock needs.
  • The online retailer updated its inventory regularly to ensure accurate product availability.
  • The fashion boutique relied on its inventory to manage its seasonal collection.
  1. A collection:

Meaning: A selection of clothes chosen and presented together.


  • The museum showcased a stunning collection of historical garments.
  • The designer’s latest collection featured a fusion of traditional and modern clothing styles.
  • The charity organization received a generous collection of clothes from the community.
  1. A variety:

Meaning: A range of different clothing options available.


  • The boutique offered a wide variety of dresses for various occasions.
  • The thrift store had a unique variety of vintage clothing from different eras.
  • The online retailer’s summer sale included a fantastic variety of swimwear and beachwear.
  1. A trousseau:

Meaning: A set of clothes and items typically given as a wedding gift or inherited.


  • The bride-to-be received a beautiful trousseau that included elegant gowns and jewelry.
  • The family heirloom included a cherished trousseau of antique garments and accessories.
  • Her grandmother’s vintage trousseau showcased exquisite lace dresses and delicate handkerchiefs.
  1. An assortment:

Meaning: A varied collection of clothing items.


  • The boutique displayed an assortment of trendy tops, skirts, and pants.
  • The thrift store had an interesting assortment of second-hand clothing in different sizes and styles.
  • The fashion designer presented an eclectic assortment of avant-garde clothing on the runway.
  1. A shipment:

Meaning: A large delivery of clothing items.


  • The manufacturer sent a massive shipment of clothes to international retailers.
  • The online store offered free shipping for any shipment exceeding $100.
  • The warehouse processed a time-sensitive shipment of seasonal clothing to meet demand.
  1. An array:

Meaning: A collection of clothing items presented in an organized manner.


  • The fashion show featured an impressive array of haute couture dresses and designer suits.
  • The boutique showcased an array of accessories to complement the clothing selection.
  • The stylist carefully curated an array of outfits for the photo shoot.
  1. A cache:

Meaning: A stored collection of clothing items.


  • She discovered a hidden cache of vintage clothes in the attic.
  • The survivalist’s backpack contained a cache of durable outdoor clothing and gear.
  • The fashion designer kept a cache of fabric samples for future reference.
  1. A flock:

Meaning: A mass of clothing items that share common characteristics.


  • The dance team wore a flock of matching costumes for their performance.
  • The store received a new flock of winter jackets in various sizes and colors.
  • The fashion show featured a stunning flock of models wearing the designer’s latest creations.
  1. An amalgamation:

Meaning: A mixture or fusion of clothing items with diverse characteristics.


  • The fashion designer’s collection was an interesting amalgamation of vintage and modern clothing.
  • The fashionista created a unique style by wearing an amalgamation of patterns and textures.
  • The online store offered an amalgamation of clothing from different brands and designers.
  1. A bundle:

Meaning: A compact collection of clothing items bound together.


  • She donated a bundle of clothes to the local charity.
  • The traveler packed a bundle of essentials for the weekend trip.
  • The mother prepared a bundle of warm clothes for her children to wear in the winter.
  1. A batch:

Meaning: A collection of clothes produced or handled as a unit.


  • The clothing manufacturer completed a large batch of T-shirts for export.
  • The laundry service processed a batch of clothes from multiple customers.
  • The boutique restocked their inventory with a fresh batch of summer dresses.
  1. A repertoire:

Meaning: A range of clothing options available to someone.


  • The model’s repertoire included a wide variety of high-end designer clothing.
  • The dancer’s repertoire of costumes impressed the audience at every performance.
  • The stylist had an impressive repertoire of vintage clothing for film and television productions.

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