Collective Nouns For Dogs (With Meaning and Examples)

Dogs, our loyal and beloved companions, come in all shapes, sizes, and breeds. They have been by our side for centuries, providing us with unwavering friendship and endless joy. But have you ever wondered what the collective noun for a group of dogs is? Just as we refer to a flock of birds or a herd of cows, there are unique terms that capture the essence of multiple dogs coming together.

What is the Collective Noun For Dogs?

The collective noun for dogs is “pack.” When a group of dogs gathers together, it is commonly referred to as a pack, especially when they exhibit pack-like behavior, which is often seen in wild canids like wolves. In a pack, there is usually a hierarchical structure with dominant and submissive individuals. This term is commonly used in the context of wild or feral dogs and can also be applied to groups of domesticated dogs that exhibit similar behaviors.

Here are the 10 Collective Nouns For Dogs:

  1. Pack
  2. Kennel
  3. Litter
  4. Mischief
  5. Crew
  6. Brood
  7. Clan
  8. Coterie
  9. Troop
  10. Horde

Collective Nouns For Dogs

  1. Herd
  2. Cloud
  3. Batch
  4. Cluster
  5. Crowd
  6. League
  7. Assembly
  8. Packlet
  9. Conglomeration
  10. Troop
  11. Multiplicity
  12. Litter
  13. Host
  14. Zarr
  15. Posse
  16. Cadre
  17. Raft
  18. Gathering
  19. Group
  20. Aggregation
  21. Parcel
  22. Clique
  23. Partnership
  24. Company
  25. Corps
  26. Constellation
  27. Train
  28. Suite
  29. Brood
  30. Mischief
  31. Patrol
  32. Flock
  33. Circle
  34. Community
  35. Zephyr
  36. Gang
  37. Bevy
  38. Crew
  39. Network
  40. Regiment
  41. Kennel
  42. Throng
  43. Bunch
  44. Cell
  45. Coven
  46. Swirl
  47. Organisation
  48. Federation
  49. Troupe
  50. Confederacy
  51. Den
  52. Congregation
  53. Skein
  54. Union
  55. Tribe
  56. Cabal
  57. Congress
  58. Horde
  59. Pack
  60. Flight
  61. Set
  62. Galaxy
  63. Clan
  64. Coalition
  65. Staff
  66. Coterie
  67. Party
  68. Alliance
  69. Council
  70. Combination
  71. Collection
  72. Syndicate
  73. Convocation
  74. Platoon
  75. Conglomerate
  76. Wing
  77. Consortium
  78. Mob
  79. Array
  80. Confederation
  81. Galore
  82. Scurry
  83. Squad
  84. Band
  85. Regimen
  86. Plenitude
  87. Colony
  88. Ensemble
  89. Swarm
  90. Team
  91. Formation

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What is the Collective Noun For Dogs

Collective Nouns For Dogs With Meaning and Examples

  1. Pack

Meaning: A group of dogs, especially when hunting or living together.

  • A pack of wild dogs roamed the forest.
  • The local shelter has a pack of rescue dogs waiting for adoption.
  • The wolves formed a tight-knit pack led by the alpha male.
  1. Kennel

Meaning: A group of domesticated dogs kept in one place.

Examples :

  • The kennel of show dogs won several awards at the competition.
  • The animal shelter houses a large kennel of various breeds.
  • She manages a reputable kennel for breeding and training dogs.
  1. Litter

Meaning: A group of puppies born to the same mother at the same time.

Examples :

  • The mother dog took great care of her new litter of puppies.
  • After careful planning, the breeder expected a healthy litter of Golden Retriever pups.
  • The adoption center was filled with adorable litters seeking forever homes.
  1. Mischief

Meaning: A group of playful or mischievous dogs.

Examples :

  • The mischief of puppies chewed on anything they could find.
  • The neighboring gardens suffered damage from the playful mischief of dogs.
  • Despite their antics, the mischief of dogs brought joy to the household.
  1. Crew

Meaning: A group of working or hunting dogs.

Examples :

  • The crew of hunting dogs skillfully tracked the scent of the prey.
  • The farm had a dedicated crew of herding dogs that kept the livestock in line.
  • The rescue mission employed a crew of highly trained search and rescue dogs.
  1. Brood

Meaning: A group of young dogs or offspring.

Examples :

  • The brood of puppies played together in the yard.
  • The mother dog diligently cared for her growing brood.
  • The adoption center had a large brood of mixed-breed puppies.
  1. Clan

Meaning: A close-knit group of dogs or a family unit.

Examples :

  • The clan of dogs showed great loyalty to their human family.
  • The stray dogs formed a protective clan to survive on the streets.
  • The dog trainer emphasized building a strong clan bond with the pet owners.
  1. Coterie

Meaning: An exclusive or small group of dogs.

Examples :

  • The fashionable dog park attracted a coterie of posh canines and their owners.
  • The celebrity’s coterie of pampered dogs had their own private play area.
  • The dog club was a gathering place for a coterie of dedicated breed enthusiasts.
  1. Troop

Meaning: A group of dogs moving together, often in a line or formation.

Examples :

  • The troop of military working dogs demonstrated their disciplined training.
  • The hikers were accompanied by a troop of friendly dogs on their journey.
  • The local dog training school organized a troop walk to promote socialization.
  1. Horde

Meaning: A large and unruly group of dogs.

Examples :

  • The horde of stray dogs scavenged for food in the alleys.
  • During the festival, a horde of excited dogs gathered at the park.
  • The beach was overrun by a horde of playful dogs and their owners.

11. Huddle

Meaning: A close gathering or cluster of dogs, often for warmth or security.

Examples :

    • The puppies formed a huddle to keep warm on a chilly night.
    • During the thunderstorm, the scared dogs sought comfort in a tight huddle.
    • The rescue dogs formed a huddle to support and encourage each other.

12. Gaggle

Meaning: A disorderly or noisy group of dogs.

Examples :

    • The dog park was filled with a gaggle of playful canines.
    • The excited dogs formed a gaggle as they waited for their daily walks.
    • The neighborhood was known for its gaggle of barking dogs during the day.

13. Ensemble

Meaning: A harmonious or well-organized group of dogs.

Examples :

    • The dog trainer skillfully directed the ensemble of performing canines.
    • The dog show showcased an ensemble of beautifully groomed and trained dogs.
    • The therapy dog program had an ensemble of gentle and friendly dogs.

14. Cascade

Meaning: A flowing or continuous succession of dogs.

Examples :

    • The dog parade featured a cascade of various breeds, each with unique traits.
    • At the adoption event, there was a cascade of interested families looking for a new dog.
    • The local dog shelter received a cascade of donations from generous supporters.

15. Galaxy

Meaning: A vast and impressive group of dogs.

Examples :

    • The dog show presented a galaxy of champion dogs from all over the world.
    • The dog beach attracted a galaxy of frolicking dogs, making it a joyful sight.
    • The social media group had a galaxy of followers who shared their dog stories.

16. Coven

Meaning: A mystical or secretive group of dogs.

Examples :

    • The old legend spoke of a coven of enchanted dogs guarding a hidden treasure.
    • The mysterious howls came from a nearby forest where a coven of wild dogs resided.
    • The dog-themed book club formed a coven of passionate readers and their furry companions.

17. Congress

Meaning: A formal or official assembly of dogs.

Examples :

    • The congress of working dogs gathered to discuss important tasks for the day.
    • The veterinary conference had a congress of experts sharing their knowledge.
    • The dog association hosted a congress of breeders and enthusiasts to promote responsible ownership.

18. Bunch

Meaning: An informal or casually gathered group of dogs.

Examples :

    • The dog park had a bunch of dogs playing fetch and chasing each other.
    • The family picnic turned into a bunch of dogs eagerly waiting for scraps.
    • The friendly neighborhood had a bunch of dogs that greeted each other on daily walks.

19. Coalition

Meaning: A union or alliance of dogs for a common purpose.

Examples :

    • The coalition of therapy dogs provided comfort to hospital patients.
    • The neighborhood watch program formed a coalition of dog owners to enhance security.
    • The dog trainers formed a coalition to advocate for positive training methods.

20. Waggle

Meaning: A lively and animated group of dogs, often wagging their tails.

Examples :

    • The doggy daycare was filled with a waggle of excited dogs eager to play.
    • The pet festival had a waggle of dogs participating in agility competitions.
    • The dog-friendly event became a waggle of tails as dogs interacted happily.

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