Collective Nouns For kittens (With Meaning and Examples)

Kittens, with their playful antics and adorable appearance, have long captivated the hearts of animal lovers worldwide. Whether they are frolicking in a sun-drenched meadow or curled up cozily in our laps, these tiny felines never fail to bring joy into our lives. As we delve into the fascinating world of language, it becomes evident that kittens not only possess an abundance of cuteness but also have their own unique collective nouns. From a kindle to a litter and everything in between, these collective nouns serve as charming descriptors that capture the essence of kitten hood.

What is the Collective Noun For kittens?

The collective noun for kittens is a “litter” of kittens. When referring to a group of baby cats, people commonly use the term “litter” to describe them all together. It’s similar to how a group of puppies is often referred to as a “litter” as well.

Here are the 10 Collective Nouns For kittens:

  1. Clutch of kittens
  2. Mewl of kittens
  3. Pounce of kittens
  4. Whisker of kittens
  5. Fuzzy of kittens
  6. Cuddle of kittens
  7. Playful of kittens
  8. Snuggle of kittens
  9. Fluff of kittens
  10. Tumble of kittens

Collective Nouns For kittens

  1. Tinsel of kittens
  2. Dream of kittens
  3. Sparkle of kittens
  4. Nimble of kittens
  5. Mewl of kittens
  6. Whisk of kittens
  7. Radiance of kittens
  8. Peekaboo of kittens
  9. Clink of kittens
  10. Prance of kittens
  11. Caramel of kittens
  12. Blink of kittens
  13. Purr of kittens
  14. Marvel of kittens
  15. Bundle of kittens
  16. Snicker of kittens
  17. Gossamer of kittens
  18. Fleck of kittens
  19. Swish of kittens
  20. Flicker of kittens
  21. Gazebo of kittens
  22. Cuddle of kittens
  23. Clinkerbell of kittens
  24. Glimmer of kittens
  25. Tiptoe of kittens
  26. Tickle of kittens
  27. Paddy of kittens
  28. Whiff of kittens
  29. Quirk of kittens
  30. Sprinkle of kittens
  31. Dazzle of kittens
  32. Dainty of kittens
  33. Frolic of kittens
  34. Pawful of kittens
  35. Nuzzle of kittens
  36. Button of kittens
  37. Skedaddle of kittens
  38. Fluff of kittens
  39. Tendril of kittens
  40. Wisp of kittens
  41. Jangle of kittens
  42. Spangle of kittens
  43. Nimbus of kittens
  44. Nibble of kittens
  45. Glimpse of kittens
  46. Twitch of kittens
  47. Enchant of kittens
  48. Flick of kittens
  49. Bristle of kittens
  50. Echo of kittens
  51. Dandy of kittens
  52. Gaze of kittens
  53. Ruffle of kittens
  54. Twirl of kittens
  55. Glisten of kittens
  56. Sprout of kittens
  57. Chirp of kittens
  58. Frisky of kittens
  59. Clutch of kittens
  60. Snuggle of kittens
  61. Feathery of kittens
  62. Velvet of kittens
  63. Dimples of kittens
  64. Bounce of kittens
  65. Bumble of kittens
  66. Glint of kittens
  67. Cherub of kittens
  68. Moonbeam of kittens
  69. Puff of kittens
  70. Dabble of kittens
  71. Playful of kittens
  72. Boop of kittens
  73. Flutter of kittens
  74. Ribbon of kittens
  75. Peppermint of kittens
  76. Quiver of kittens
  77. Tumble of kittens
  78. Glitter of kittens
  79. Twinkle of kittens
  80. Spry of kittens
  81. Tidbit of kittens
  82. Slink of kittens
  83. Sashay of kittens
  84. Pitter of kittens
  85. Trill of kittens
  86. Zephyr of kittens
  87. Swirl of kittens
  88. Fuzzy of kittens
  89. Silky of kittens
  90. Pounce of kittens
  91. Luminescence of kittens
  92. Wriggle of kittens
  93. Whisker of kittens

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What is the Collective Noun For kittens

Collective Nouns For kittens With Meaning and Examples

  1. Cuddle:

Meaning: A group of kittens huddled together for warmth or affection.


  • The cuddle of kittens snuggled up in a cozy corner.
  • The mother cat watched over her cuddle of newborn kittens.
  • We found a cute cuddle of kittens at the animal shelter.
  1. Tumble:

Meaning: A playful gathering of kittens rolling and playing together.


  • The tumble of kittens chased each other around the room.
  • We observed a delightful tumble of kittens playing with a ball of yarn.
  • The tumble of kittens tumbled down the stairs in a playful frenzy.
  1. Purr:

Meaning: A group of kittens expressing their happiness and satisfaction with purring sounds.


  • The sound of a purr filled the room as the kittens enjoyed their meal.
  • The mother cat nestled among her kittens, and they all began to purr in contentment.
  • We were greeted by a purr of kittens when we entered the cat cafĂ©.
  1. Whisker:

Meaning: A group of kittens with inquisitive whiskers exploring their surroundings.


  • The whisker of kittens curiously sniffed at the new toys.
  • The little girl giggled as the whisker of kittens touched her hand with their inquisitive whiskers.
  • We noticed a whisker of kittens peeking out from under the bushes.
  1. Sprout:

Meaning: A term for a group of kittens at their early stage of growth.


  • The shelter was full of sprout of kittens, all waiting for loving homes.
  • The sprout of kittens eagerly explored their surroundings under the watchful eye of their mother.
  • We fostered a sprout of kittens until they were old enough for adoption.
  1. Pounce:

Meaning: A lively gathering of kittens playfully jumping or pouncing on objects.

  • Examples:
  • We couldn’t stop laughing as the pounce of kittens tried to catch a moving toy.
  • The kittens surprised us with their synchronized pounce on a ball of yarn.
  • The little girl’s room was filled with a pounce of kittens chasing feathers.
  1. Chirp:

Meaning: A gathering of kittens making soft, chirping noises.


  • The room was filled with the adorable sounds of a chirp of kittens calling for attention.
  • The chirp of kittens surrounded their mother, eager to be fed.
  • The little boy was delighted to discover a hidden chirp of kittens in the barn.
  1. Velvet:

Meaning: A term for a group of kittens with soft, velvety fur.


  • The touch of the velvet of kittens felt like pure silk.
  • The kittens’ fur was so soft that they were known as the velvet cats in the neighborhood.
  • We visited a breeder specializing in the rare velvet of kittens.
  1. Mewl:

Meaning: A cluster of kittens emitting gentle, meowing cries.


  • The mewl of kittens sounded lonely until their mother returned to the nest.
  • We heard a mewl of kittens outside our window and went to investigate.
  • The little girl rescued a mewl of kittens from the abandoned building.
  1. Swish:

Meaning: A term for a group of kittens with their tails swishing playfully.


  • We couldn’t resist the charm of the swish of kittens wagging their tails.
  • The kittens formed a swish as they lined up and playfully moved their tails.
  • The swish of kittens followed their mother with tails held high.
  1. Gazebo:

Meaning: A playful group of kittens gathered around a specific spot or object.


  • The little boy created a gazebo of kittens around his new toy.
  • We spotted a gazebo of kittens staring at the fluttering butterfly.
  • The gazebo of kittens circled around the fishbowl in fascination.
  1. Sprinkle:

Meaning: A term for a small, scattered group of kittens.


  • The kittens were born in different locations, forming a sprinkle across the barn.
  • We saw a sprinkle of kittens exploring the garden in the morning.
  • The sprinkle of kittens looked adorable as they sat in different corners of the room.
  1. Dazzle:

Meaning: A gathering of kittens with striking and stunning appearances.


  • The dazzle of kittens caught everyone’s attention at the cat show.
  • The little girl loved the dazzle of kittens with their unique coat patterns.
  • We found a dazzle of kittens in various shades and colors at the shelter.
  1. Cherub:

Meaning: A term for a group of exceptionally cute and angelic-looking kittens.


  • The cherub of kittens had round, cherubic faces that melted hearts.
  • The shelter featured a cherub of kittens in an adoption event.
  • We couldn’t resist adopting a cherub of kittens with their big, innocent eyes.
  1. Jangle:

Meaning: A cluster of kittens making merry and jingling sounds.


  • The jangle of kittens amused the whole family with their playful antics.
  • The kittens created a jangle of bells as they played with their collar tags.
  • The sound of a jangle of kittens brought smiles to everyone’s faces.
  1. Feathery:

Meaning: A gathering of kittens with velvety and delicate fur.


  • The touch of the feathery of kittens felt like touching downy feathers.
  • The little boy was amazed by the feathery of kittens at the petting zoo.
  • We spotted a feathery of kittens with unusual fur texture.
  1. Flounce:

Meaning: A term for a group of energetic kittens moving with exuberance.


  • The kittens formed a flounce as they raced across the yard.
  • The flounce of kittens played a game of tag in the living room.
  • We watched a flounce of kittens chasing butterflies in the garden.
  1. Frolic:

Meaning: A gathering of kittens engaged in lively and playful activities.


  • The frolic of kittens entertained the guests during the party.
  • The kittens created a frolic in the backyard, chasing their tails.
  • We enjoyed watching a frolic of kittens playing with a toy mouse.
  1. Sashay:

Meaning: A cluster of kittens showing graceful and stylish movements.


  • The sashay of kittens strutted around the room as if they were on a catwalk.
  • The kittens formed a sashay as they marched one after the other.
  • We witnessed a sashay of kittens with impeccable poise and confidence.
  1. Zephyr:

Meaning: A gathering of kittens with a light and airy disposition.


  • The zephyr of kittens moved silently and gracefully through the garden.
  • The little girl named her zephyr of kittens after gentle breezes.
  • We observed a zephyr of kittens playing silently with floating feathers.

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