Collective Nouns For Stamps (With Meaning and Examples)

Collective nouns, also known as group nouns, are fascinating linguistic phenomena that help us describe a collection of similar items or beings in a concise and creative way. From a pride of lions to a flock of birds, these terms bring life and character to our language. But have you ever wondered about the collective nouns specifically associated with stamps? In this article, we will explore the intriguing world of collective nouns for stamps, uncovering their meanings and providing examples that showcase the diversity and beauty of philatelic terminology. Whether you are an avid stamp collector or simply curious about the linguistic intricacies surrounding this hobby, join us as we delve into the realm of collective nouns for stamps.

What is the Collective Noun For Stamps?

The collective noun for stamps is “collection.” So you can refer to a group of stamps as a “collection of stamps.” For example, “She inherited a valuable collection of stamps from her grandfather.”

Here are the 10 Collective Nouns For Stamps:

  1. Collection of stamps
  2. Assortment of stamps
  3. Gallery of stamps
  4. Array of stamps
  5. Trove of stamps
  6. Compilation of stamps
  7. Accumulation of stamps
  8. Ensemble of stamps
  9. Grouping of stamps
  10. Gathering of stamps

Collective Nouns For Stamps

  1. Book of stamps
  2. Bundle of stamps
  3. Parcel of stamps
  4. Sorting of stamps
  5. Archive of stamps
  6. Display of stamps
  7. Gallery of stamps
  8. Package of stamps
  9. Set of stamps
  10. Shipment of stamps
  11. Consignment of stamps
  12. Variety of stamps
  13. Construction of stamps
  14. Exhibition of stamps
  15. Classifying of stamps
  16. Order of stamps
  17. Legion of stamps
  18. Pile of stamps
  19. Throng of stamps
  20. Concourse of stamps
  21. Library of stamps
  22. Cluster of stamps
  23. Folder of stamps
  24. Host of stamps
  25. Heap of stamps
  26. Conglomeration of stamps
  27. Clump of stamps
  28. Agglomerate of stamps
  29. Aggregation of stamps
  30. Arrangement of stamps
  31. Configuration of stamps
  32. Series of stamps
  33. Formation of stamps
  34. Pattern of stamps
  35. Bunch of stamps
  36. Array of stamps
  37. Range of stamps
  38. Batch of stamps
  39. Flock of stamps
  40. Congregation of stamps
  41. Army of stamps
  42. Organization of stamps
  43. Assay of stamps
  44. Design of stamps
  45. Catalogue of stamps
  46. Amassment of stamps
  47. Presentation of stamps
  48. Selection of stamps
  49. Stack of stamps
  50. Categorization of stamps
  51. Compilation of stamps
  52. Mass of stamps
  53. Gathering of stamps
  54. Crowd of stamps
  55. Collection of stamps
  56. Framework of stamps
  57. Layout of stamps
  58. Structure of stamps
  59. Mob of stamps
  60. Swarm of stamps
  61. Systematization of stamps
  62. Trove of stamps
  63. Assembly of stamps
  64. Manuscript of stamps
  65. Delivery of stamps
  66. Dispatch of stamps
  67. Assortment of stamps
  68. Ensemble of stamps
  69. Portfolio of stamps
  70. Scrapbook of stamps
  71. Sequence of stamps
  72. Volume of stamps
  73. Accumulation of stamps
  74. Composition of stamps
  75. Carton of stamps
  76. Showing of stamps
  77. Herd of stamps
  78. Multitude of stamps
  79. Conformation of stamps
  80. Album of stamps
  81. Pack of stamps
  82. Packet of stamps
  83. Grouping of stamps
  84. Taxonomy of stamps

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What is the Collective Noun For Stamps

Collective Nouns For Stamps With Meaning and Examples

  1. Assortment

Meaning: A diverse collection of stamps.


  • The stamp collector proudly displayed his assortment of rare stamps from around the world.
  1. Compilation

Meaning: A gathering of stamps organized in a systematic manner.


  • She put together a compilation of vintage stamps depicting famous historical figures.
  1. Array

Meaning: An ordered arrangement of stamps.


  • The philatelist exhibited an impressive array of commemorative stamps celebrating significant events.
  1. Gathering

Meaning: A cluster of stamps collected at one time.


  • At the stamp fair, enthusiasts enjoyed the opportunity to add to their gatherings of rare stamps.
  1. Selection

Meaning: A carefully chosen set of stamps.


  • The postal service issued a limited selection of stamps honoring endangered species.
  1. Assemblage

Meaning: A combination of stamps united in a single collection.


  • The assemblage of vintage airmail stamps told the story of early aviation history.
  1. Cluster

Meaning: A tight grouping of stamps sharing a common theme.


  • The cluster of space exploration stamps featured different spacecraft used in NASA missions.
  1. Collection

Meaning: A comprehensive set of stamps gathered over time.


  • His collection of rare British colonial stamps was the envy of many philatelists.
  1. Gallery

Meaning: An exhibition of stamps showcased together.


  • The philatelic society organized an impressive gallery of stamps commemorating famous painters.
  1. Set

Meaning: A fixed number of stamps designed to be collected together.


  • She completed her set of wildlife-themed stamps by acquiring the missing polar bear stamp.
  1. Trove

Meaning: A treasure trove of valuable or rare stamps. Meaning:


  • The old attic held a trove of vintage stamps that had been forgotten for decades.
  1. Bouquet

Meaning: A delightful arrangement of stamps.

  • The bouquet of floral stamps brightened up the letter with its colorful blooms.
  1. Heritage

Meaning: A legacy of stamps passed down through generations.


  • The family’s philatelic heritage included a rare stamp from the 19th century.
  1. Consignment

Meaning: A batch of stamps received for sale or exhibition.


  • The stamp auction house received a valuable consignment of classic stamps.
  1. Mosaic

Meaning: A combination of stamps forming a larger picture.


  • The mosaic of animal-themed stamps displayed a captivating wildlife panorama.
  1. Parade

Meaning: A procession of stamps, each with its unique feature.


  • The stamp exhibition showcased a parade of innovative designs from different countries.
  1. Pantheon

Meaning: An esteemed collection of iconic stamps.


  • The philatelic museum boasted a pantheon of stamps featuring famous personalities.
  1. Treasury

Meaning: A valuable and precious collection of stamps.


  • The national postal service protected its treasury of rare and ancient stamps.
  1. Jubilee – A celebratory collection of stamps issued for a special occasion.


  • The jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign was honored with a series of commemorative stamps.
  1. Exhibition – A public display of stamps from various sources.


  • The stamp club organized an exhibition featuring stamps from members’ personal collections.

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