Collective Nouns For Puppies (With Meaning and Examples)

Puppies, with their adorable faces and playful antics, have a special place in our hearts. Whether you are a dog lover or not, it is hard to resist the charm of these furry bundles of joy. But did you know that there are specific collective nouns used to describe groups of puppies? Yes, just like we use terms like flock for birds or herd for cattle, puppies too have their own unique collective nouns.

What is the Collective Noun For Puppies?

The collective noun for puppies is a “litter” of puppies. When a group of puppies is born to the same mother at the same time, they are referred to as a litter. This term is commonly used when describing a group of young dogs that are siblings and share the same birthplace.

Here are the 10 Collective Nouns For Puppies:

  1. A cuddle of puppies
  2. A frolic of puppies
  3. A wriggle of puppies
  4. A mischief of puppies
  5. A charm of puppies
  6. A joy of puppies
  7. A gambol of puppies
  8. A wiggle of puppies
  9. A romp of puppies
  10. A snuggle of puppies

Collective Nouns For Puppies

  1. A pounce of puppies
  2. A button of puppies
  3. A glisten of puppies
  4. A jamboree of puppies
  5. A squishy of puppies
  6. A spin of puppies
  7. A cuddle of puppies
  8. A rollick of puppies
  9. A caper of puppies
  10. A moppet of puppies
  11. A tumbleweed of puppies
  12. A tumble of puppies
  13. A blinker of puppies
  14. A fiddlesticks of puppies
  15. A zesty of puppies
  16. A marshmallow of puppies
  17. A twirl of puppies
  18. A jumble of puppies
  19. A tailspin of puppies
  20. Top of Form
  21. A scurry of puppies
  22. A tippy-tap of puppies
  23. A whisker-wiggle of puppies
  24. A wiggle of puppies
  25. A flipflop of puppies
  26. A bumble of puppies
  27. A sugarplum of puppies
  28. A tiddlywink of puppies
  29. A whisker of puppies
  30. A mischief of puppies
  31. A bounce of puppies
  32. A tippy-tail of puppies
  33. A rove of puppies
  34. A skip of puppies
  35. A sugar-rush of puppies
  36. A doo-dad of puppies
  37. A yip of puppies
  38. A puffball of puppies
  39. A prickle of puppies
  40. A joy of puppies
  41. A wriggle of puppies
  42. A zing of puppies
  43. A twizzle of puppies
  44. A jambalaya of puppies
  45. A flit of puppies
  46. A zippy of puppies
  47. A wobble-butt of puppies
  48. A wobble of puppies
  49. A cheerio of puppies
  50. A gingersnap of puppies
  51. A plume of puppies
  52. A flutter of puppies
  53. A snuffly of puppies
  54. A chomp of puppies
  55. A doodle-pup of puppies
  56. A tangle of puppies
  57. A snickerdoodle of puppies
  58. A prance of puppies
  59. A tussle of puppies
  60. A wigglebutt of puppies
  61. A sparkler of puppies
  62. A butterfly of puppies
  63. A dandelion of puppies
  64. A swirl of puppies
  65. A snicker of puppies
  66. A frolic of puppies
  67. A charm of puppies
  68. A snuggle of puppies
  69. A huddle of puppies
  70. A biscuit of puppies
  71. A snuggle-puff of puppies
  72. A leap of puppies
  73. A dash of puppies
  74. A hop of puppies
  75. A doodlebug of puppies
  76. A spark of puppies
  77. A hopscotch of puppies
  78. A pitter-patter of puppies
  79. A daisy-chain of puppies
  80. A popcorn of puppies
  81. A spree of puppies
  82. A sizzle of puppies
  83. A peppermint of puppies
  84. A giggle of puppies
  85. A play of puppies
  86. A sashay of puppies
  87. A waggletail of puppies
  88. A nuzzle of puppies
  89. A chase of puppies
  90. A bubblegum of puppies
  91. A frisky of puppies
  92. A puddle of puppies
  93. A race of puppies
  94. A whisk of puppies
  95. A romp of puppies
  96. A scramble of puppies
  97. A scrunchie of puppies
  98. A fluffball of puppies
  99. A whoosh of puppies
  100. A peppercorn of puppies

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What is the Collective Noun For Puppies

Collective Nouns For Puppies With Meaning and Examples

  1. A litter of puppies

Meaning: A group of puppies born to the same mother at the same time.


  • The golden retriever gave birth to a litter of seven adorable puppies.
  • We watched the playful antics of the entire litter of puppies in the park.
  • The breeder took great care of the newborn litter of puppies.
  1. A pack of puppies

Meaning: A group of puppies living together or raised as a unit.


  • The rescued puppies formed a tight-knit pack, always looking out for each other.
  • The owner organized a puppy training session for the whole pack of playful pups.
  • After some time, the pack of puppies became a well-coordinated team in agility competitions.
  1. A cuddle of puppies

Meaning: A group of puppies snuggling or lying closely together.


  • I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the adorable cuddle of puppies napping on the couch.
  • The children surrounded the cuddle of puppies, each eager to hold one in their arms.
  • It was heartwarming to see the mother dog join the cuddle of puppies for a cozy rest.
  1. A mischief of puppies

Meaning: A group of playful and mischievous puppies.


  • We had to puppy-proof the house as the mischief of puppies loved to explore and chew on everything.
  • The mischief of puppies chased each other around the garden, joyfully yipping along the way.
  • The owner couldn’t stay mad at the mischief of puppies, their adorable faces melting her heart.
  1. A frolic of puppies

Meaning: A group of puppies playing or having fun together.


  • The backyard turned into a playground as the frolic of puppies enjoyed their playtime.
  • During the puppy playdate, a frolic of puppies engaged in games of chase and fetch.
  • The park echoed with the laughter of children and the frolic of puppies running around.
  1. A joy of puppies

Meaning: A group of puppies bringing happiness and delight.


  • Watching the joy of puppies playing together brought a smile to everyone’s faces.
  • The elderly residents of the nursing home felt an immense joy when the therapy dogs arrived with their joy of puppies.
  • The joy of puppies lifted the spirits of the whole family, creating a loving and lively atmosphere at home.
  1. A charm of puppies

Meaning: A group of adorable and captivating puppies.


  • The puppy adoption event was filled with a charm of puppies that immediately caught people’s attention.
  • The charming personalities of the litter made it difficult to choose just one puppy to adopt.
  • The visitors couldn’t resist taking pictures of the charm of puppies, each with their unique characteristics.
  1. A gambol of puppies

 Meaning: A group of lively and frolicsome puppies at play.


  • The park echoed with the sounds of a gambol of puppies running and chasing each other.
  • The large backyard provided ample space for the gambol of puppies to explore and enjoy their puppyhood.
  • We laughed heartily while watching the gambol of puppies jump and roll around in excitement.
  1. A wiggle of puppies

Meaning: A group of puppies that wag their tails and bodies in excitement.


  • The sight of a wiggle of puppies greeting their owner at the door was heartwarming.
  • The entire family burst into laughter as the wiggle of puppies expressed their happiness during mealtime.
  • The puppies’ excitement was contagious, resulting in a joyful wiggle of puppies and their human companions.
  1. A wriggle of puppies

Meaning: A group of puppies that squirm or wriggle with enthusiasm.


  • The wriggle of puppies couldn’t contain their excitement when the treats were brought out.
  • We were amused by the adorable wriggle of puppies trying to get comfortable in their soft bed.
  • The wriggle of puppies surrounded the visiting guests, vying for attention and belly rubs.
  1. A charm of puppies

 Meaning: A group of attractive and endearing puppies.


  • The charm of puppies at the pet store captured the hearts of potential adopters.
  • Each puppy in the charm of puppies had a unique appearance, making it difficult to choose the cutest.
  • The charm of puppies played together, showcasing their charming personalities and creating a joyful atmosphere.
  1. A whirl of puppies

Meaning: A group of lively and energetic puppies moving quickly in a circular motion.


  • When the doorbell rang, a whirl of puppies rushed to the entrance to see who was arriving.
  • The whirl of puppies danced around their owner, expressing their excitement to go for a walk.
  • The whirl of puppies chased their tails in an adorable display of puppy enthusiasm.
  1. A troop of puppies

Meaning: A group of puppies moving or acting together in an organized manner.


  • The troop of puppies followed their mother in a single-file line during their walk in the woods.
  • The training session involved teaching the troop of puppies to respond to basic commands.
  • The troop of puppies exhibited excellent teamwork while playing a game of fetch.
  1. A sparkle of puppies

Meaning: A group of lively and bright-eyed puppies.


  • As the sun shone on their fur, the sparkle of puppies looked even more adorable.
  • The puppy playpen was filled with the laughter and energy of the sparkle of puppies.
  • The sparkle of puppies approached the visitors, eager to make new friends.
  1. A tumbleweed of puppies

Meaning: A group of puppies rolling and tumbling around playfully.


  • The children giggled as they watched the tumbleweed of puppies chase and tumble after a ball.
  • The open field became a playground for the tumbleweed of puppies to frolic and explore.
  • The owner enjoyed a relaxing afternoon in the backyard, accompanied by the playful tumbleweed of puppies.
  1. A blink of puppies

 Meaning: A group of puppies moving or acting quickly, like a blink of an eye.


  • The blink of puppies dashed across the yard, chasing butterflies with their tails wagging happily.
  • The photographer struggled to capture a clear shot of the blink of puppies playing together.
  • The owner was amazed at how the blink of puppies learned commands with impressive speed.
  1. A froth of puppies

Meaning: A group of excited and bubbly puppies.


  • The froth of puppies greeted their favorite human with wet kisses and wagging tails.
  • The puppy pool party was filled with the froth of puppies splashing and playing in the water.
  • The froth of puppies barked with excitement as they heard the sound of their food bowls being filled.
  1. A zigzag of puppies

Meaning: A group of puppies moving in a zigzag pattern, often during play.


  • The zigzag of puppies playfully chased each other around the yard, changing direction frequently.
  • The puppy training class had the challenge of teaching a zigzag of puppies to walk on a leash.
  • The zigzag of puppies ran with boundless energy, showcasing their playful and unpredictable movements.
  1. A flurry of puppies

Meaning: A group of puppies in a state of commotion or flurry of activity.


  • The flurry of puppies excitedly greeted the family as they returned home from work.
  • The puppy adoption event turned into a flurry of puppies running, barking, and vying for attention.
  • The flurry of puppies dispersed in all directions, exploring every corner of the newly opened playroom.
  1. A prance of puppies

Meaning: A group of puppies moving around gracefully and playfully.


  • The prance of puppies impressed everyone with their elegant movements during a puppy parade.
  • The owner couldn’t help but laugh at the delightful prance of puppies during their daily walk.
  • The puppy playdate turned into a prance of puppies showing off their playful and lively spirits.

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