Collective Nouns For Cats (With Meaning and Examples)

Cats, those mysterious and graceful creatures that have enchanted humans for centuries, are not only known for their independence and agility but also for their unique social dynamics. As fascinating as cats are on an individual level, observing them in a group setting reveals a whole new dimension to their behavior. From feral colonies to domestic households with multiple feline companions, cats exhibit intricate relationships and interactions that have given rise to collective nouns specific to these captivating beings.

What is the Collective Noun For Cats?

The collective noun for cats is a “clowder.” So, when referring to a group of cats together, you can use the term “clowder of cats.” Another less common term for a group of domestic cats is a “clutter.” However, “clowder” is the more widely recognized collective noun for these furry creatures.

Here are the 10 Collective Nouns For Cats:

  1. Clowder
  2. Pounce
  3. Glaring
  4. Feline
  5. Cluster
  6. Mischief
  7. Tribe
  8. Jumble
  9. Collection
  10. Furrytangle

Collective Nouns For Cats

  1. Cattitudefest
  2. Furrytangle
  3. Snugglery
  4. Hiss
  5. Knead
  6. Purraction
  7. Fuzzywhisper
  8. Pawrty
  9. Cattreat
  10. Pawrformance
  11. Whisker
  12. Tail-fluff
  13. Catganza
  14. Felinefest
  15. Felineverse
  16. Clowder
  17. Laze
  18. Snugglefest
  19. Tailflutter
  20. Felinearchy
  21. Pawraderie
  22. Pawsway
  23. Pawspiration
  24. Kittenishness
  25. Cattycorner
  26. Felineer
  27. Whiskerwhirl
  28. Purrchance
  29. Scamper
  30. Litter
  31. Playful
  32. Curiosity
  33. Leapofaith
  34. Tribe
  35. Purr
  36. Playpen
  37. Zenith
  38. Nuzzle
  39. Cattitudeclique
  40. Clamber
  41. Stealth
  42. Sleepover
  43. Charm
  44. Stare
  45. Sprawl
  46. Crouch
  47. Collection
  48. Scrufforama
  49. Cattitude
  50. Furrwheel
  51. Yarn
  52. Scruff
  53. Cattail
  54. Tail-swish
  55. Purrfection
  56. Purrade
  57. Cuddle
  58. Tailspin
  59. Prance
  60. Glaring
  61. Snuggle
  62. Mewl
  63. Catnado
  64. Jumble
  65. Curlup
  66. Leash
  67. Cluster
  68. Purradise
  69. Affection
  70. Clumsypaw
  71. Lounge
  72. Pawflock
  73. Nuzzlefest
  74. Lapful
  75. Purradigm
  76. Loungetime
  77. Furball
  78. Catnap
  79. Furrballrom
  80. Mewmentum
  81. Furrward
  82. Cuddleclan
  83. Furrific
  84. Clingyfur
  85. Snugglestrut
  86. Purrceptive
  87. Stretch
  88. Feline
  89. Nap
  90. Jitterpaw
  91. Purrdom
  92. Stalk
  93. Meow
  94. Pounce
  95. Cattales
  96. Prowl
  97. Twitch
  98. Pouncefest
  99. Mischief

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What is the Collective Noun For Cats

Collective Nouns For Cats With Meaning and Examples

  1. Furmination:

Meaning: A lively gathering of cats.


  • During the catnip party, a furmination of felines danced around joyfully.
  • The backyard was filled with a furmination of cats chasing butterflies.
  • In the alley, a furmination of stray cats gathered for food.
  1. Tailwhisk

Meaning: A group of cats playfully wagging their tails.


  • After dinner, a tailwhisk of contented cats lounged by the fireplace.
  • In the park, a tailwhisk of curious kittens explored the surroundings.
  • At the shelter, a tailwhisk of kittens greeted visitors with affection.
  1. Purrality

Meaning: A diverse multitude of cats purring together.


  • As the sun set, a purrality of cats gathered on the porch, purring in harmony.
  • The cat cafe was filled with a purrality of furry friends providing comfort to visitors.
  • In the garden, a purrality of contented cats lazed about in the afternoon breeze.
  1. Whiskerhood

Meaning: A close-knit community of cats sharing bonds.


  • The stray cats formed a whiskerhood, protecting and caring for each other.
  • In the neighborhood, a whiskerhood of cats often strolled together on sunny days.
  • After being introduced, the new kitten was welcomed into the whiskerhood with open paws.
  1. Cattitude

Meaning: A group of cats displaying their unique personalities.


  • The cat show was a grand display of cattitude, with each feline showcasing its charm.
  • A cattitude of adventurous cats explored the attic, fearlessly investigating every corner.
  • In the house, a cattitude of cats exhibited their different quirks, entertaining the family.
  1. Pawrush

Meaning: A frenzied dash of cats, often in playful excitement.


  • After spotting a laser pointer, a pawrush of kittens chased the elusive dot around the room.
  • The backyard was filled with a pawrush of cats, all vying for the same toy mouse.
  • In the cattery, a pawrush of kittens played tag, darting between the obstacles.
  1. Cuddlebunch

Meaning: A group of cats huddled together affectionately.


  • In the cold night, a cuddlebunch of cats sought warmth by snuggling close to each other.
  • The photograph captured a heartwarming cuddlebunch of kittens napping together in a basket.
  • After a long day of play, a cuddlebunch of tired cats sought comfort on the living room couch.
  1. Felinegathering

Meaning: An assembly of cats, often meeting for social interaction.


  • In the garden, a felinegathering of cats exchanged greetings and sniffed noses.
  • The cat convention was a grand felinegathering where cat lovers and enthusiasts gathered.
  • Every evening, a felinegathering of neighborhood cats convened near the cat-friendly neighbor’s house.
  1. Tailcurl

Meaning: A group of cats playfully curling their tails.


  • On a sunny day, a tailcurl of cats lounged on the windowsill, enjoying the warm rays.
  • The children laughed as they observed a tailcurl of kittens chasing their own tails in circles.
  • A tailcurl of contented cats watched birds outside the window, tails flicking with interest.
  1. Purrfection

Meaning: A harmonious gathering of cats purring contentedly.


  • In the cat sanctuary, a purrfection of rescued cats found solace and peace.
  • After a meal, a purrfection of well-fed cats rested together, forming a heartwarming sight.
  • At the animal shelter, visitors were greeted by a purrfection of affectionate cats seeking attention.
  1. Napclan

Meaning: A group of cats napping together.


  • On a lazy afternoon, a napclan of cats gathered on the cozy rug for a shared slumber.
  • After a playful morning, a napclan of kittens dozed off in a heap of fluffy fur.
  • In the cat cafe’s designated nap area, a napclan of cats enjoyed their peaceful rest.
  1. Pawtangle

Meaning: A playful entanglement of cats‘ paws while interacting.


  • In the cat shelter’s playroom, a pawtangle of kittens wrestled and played together.
  • The adorable video featured a pawtangle of cats playfully batting at a feather toy.
  • After dinner, a pawtangle of feline friends engaged in a friendly game of “pawtag.”
  1. Purralley

Meaning: A gathering of cats moving together in a parade-like manner. Examples:

  • During the annual pet parade, a purralley of cats marched with their owners, garnering attention.
  • In the YouTube video, a purralley of kittens walked in line behind their mother cat.
  • At the cat-themed festival, a purralley of costumed cats participated in a fun procession.
  1. Felinegala

Meaning: A grand and festive gathering of cats, often for celebratory events. Examples:

  • The cat rescue organization hosted a felinegala, raising funds for stray cat care.
  • In the park, a felinegala of cats and their owners enjoyed an afternoon of games and treats.
  • The neighborhood hosted a felinegala, showcasing cat-themed art and performances.
  1. Purrade

Meaning: A parade-like procession of cats, often in single file.


  • The friendly stray cats formed a purrade, making their way down the alley together.
  • The cat cafe organized a purrade, where cats of all breeds walked with volunteers.
  • On social media, a video of a purrade of cats walking down the stairs went viral.
  1. Scamperclique

Meaning: A group of cats playfully scampering together.


  • In the backyard, a scamperclique of kittens chased after each other with boundless energy.
  • The playroom was filled with a scamperclique of cats enjoying interactive toys.
  • During the playdate, a scamperclique of felines explored the cat tree and tunnels.
  1. Purrgang

Meaning: A close-knit group of cats with a strong bond.


  • The three rescued cats formed a purrgang, supporting and comforting each other.
  • At the shelter, a purrgang of cats shared the same cat bed, forming an adorable sight.
  • The purrgang of neighborhood cats often hung out together on the front porch.
  1. Furrcrowd

Meaning: A gathering of cats with diverse fur patterns and colors.


  • The cat adoption event attracted a furrcrowd of cats, each one unique and beautiful.
  • A furrcrowd of cats could be seen in the neighborhood, exploring gardens and rooftops.
  • At the vet’s waiting room, a furrcrowd of cats and their owners patiently waited their turn.
  1. Catsquad

Meaning: A group of cats united for a common purpose.


  • In the barn, a catsquad of felines kept the rodent population in check.
  • The local TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) program involved a dedicated catsquad of volunteers.
  • A catsquad of skilled felines showcased their agility in a cat agility competition.
  1. Cattailors

Meaning: A group of cats grooming each other’s tails.


  • During grooming sessions, the cattailors would take turns cleaning each other’s fur.
  • In the garden, a cattailors group of cats enjoyed grooming each other under the sun.
  • The adorable video featured a cattailors group of kittens playfully grooming their siblings’ tails.

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