English Vocabulary Words For Kids

ENGLISH  VOCABULARY  FOR  KIDS. In order to make sure that your kids have a strong foundation in English, it is important to start teaching them vocabulary at an early age. By expanding their vocabulary, they will be better able to understand what they read and hear, and be able to communicate more effectively.

There are a few simple ways that you can help your kids learn new English words.

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One way is by reading aloud with them on a regular basis. As you read, point out new or interesting words and explain what they mean. You can also incorporate new words into conversation when talking with your kids. When they hear the words used in context, they will be more likely to remember them.

You can also find some great resources for teaching English vocabulary online or at your local library.

English Vocabulary Words For Kids

Vocabulary Words For Kids

Vocabulary Words For Kids

Seem Full City Beauty
Deep Deer Rat Fast
World Here Who Like
Fun Run Hand Pine Nut
Again Bee At Buy
Wet Apple Bottle Father
Polio Swim Real In
Open Roar Road Outside
Pound Region Call Sacrifice
Scream Home Tree Are
Black Pomegranate Seed Children Form
Red Chili Sun Power Produce
River Her Raisin Pet
Baby Very Rosewater Bill
Space Pretend Drink A
Princess Am All Once
Scale Resign Room Paint
Poetess Saliva Ball Rock
Flying Reason Boy Seed
Shoes Your Air Walk
Night Pose Can Sail
Know Any Thought Relative
Been No Bought Brother
Family Corner End Stairs
Go Him Bark Above
Drop Could Scythe Seen
Train Because Cry Time
It Potato Pilgrimage Let
Sleep Truck Right Rule
Able Sister Taken Wing
Food Hot He Preach
And Pistachio Old Screw Driver
Entry Everything Second Joy
Product Recover One Beach
Bath Into Face Question
Rot Supper Pimples Plan
Sitting Sect Guess Car
Onion Beg Before Water
Soap Milk Came Merry
Represent Name Chocolate Little
Carry Recompense Aunt Grandmother
Eat Sang Ate Red
Dad Someone Cat Row
Satisfy Got Oil Race
Recitation Loving Saviour Grow
Nose Plough Cool Care
Dress Flower Door Fish
Inch Bed Sofa Bird
Down But Base Child
Began Save Recognize Burger
Piper Cubeba Pneumonia Add Possible
Its As Smoke Fight
Careful Farm Help Poet
House On Park Hen
School Would Live Is
Pliers Take Wagon Body
Ride Same Present Fishing
Saffron Pulp Late Dear Bat
Scabies Birthday Sound Oh
Simple Yet Fat Bus
Rob Dislike Read Seclusion
Long Print Wake Plaque
Book Saffron Having Barn
Relation Be Ran Smooth
Do Enjoy Recital Afraid
Day Scissors Under Chair
Animal Box I Eyes
Cow His Listless Rosary
Sea Empty Comb Of
Dog Punishment Warm Section
Blue An Sport See
Rocket Plum Poppyseed Doing
Feeling Bring Almost Come
Candy Rescue Rump Preceptor
Heard Naughty Forgot Reduce
Play Finger Had Brown
Making Scabbard Ready Grandfather
Friend If Pan May
Poor Plain Might Close
Small Sew Knife Both
After Rice-Gruel Pig Sabre
Reach High Egg Age
Largest Remember Wish Good
Probable Color Balloon Basket
Given Try Mouse Get
Prince Wash Window Best
Salt Out Dry Give
Science Spoon Everyone Ring
My Woman Pistol Left
Last Active Club Plane
Resurrection Short Ringworm Sago
About Boat    


English Vocabulary Words For Kids 1

50 Basic English Vocabulary For Kids

  • Answer
  • Around
  • Believe
  • Orange
  • Pencil
  • For
  • Rib
  • Far
  • Easy
  • Pomegranate
  • Pineapple
  • Hat
  • Problem
  • Moon
  • Exit
  • Without
  • Why
  • Look
  • Rise
  • Always
  • Doll
  • How
  • Saw
  • Mouth
  • Gate
  • Ask
  • Mother
  • Better
  • Crow
  • Revolver
  • Airplane
  • Saturday
  • Press
  • Strong
  • Brave
  • Cake
  • Being
  • Lovely
  • Himself
  • Difficult
  • Man
  • Sorry
  • Each
  • Ago
  • Not
  • Plate
  • Position
  • Spelling
  • Rich
  • Sometime
  • Sauce
  • Big
  • Yes
  • Near
  • Away
  • Toy
  • Hello
  • Change

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