English Idioms For Anger

Feeling angry is like having a storm brewing inside you, where emotions run high and tempers flare. Sometimes, we get so upset that simple words just can’t capture how we feel. That’s where idioms come into play.

Idioms are special phrases that paint a picture of our feelings in a creative way. They help us express those strong emotions of anger without having to shout or throw a fit. Let’s explore some interesting idioms that describe anger, showing us how to talk about those feelings in a colorful and expressive way, just like painting an emotional scene with words.

What Does Anger Mean?

Anger is a strong feeling of displeasure or hostility that arises when we are hurt, frustrated, or feel threatened. It’s a natural emotion that signals something is wrong or unfair, prompting us to take action to correct it. Anger can range from mild irritation to intense fury and rage, affecting both our mental and physical states.

Idioms For Anger

1. Blow a fuse

Meaning: Anger

  • He blew a fuse yesterday evening.
  • She’s about to blow a fuse.
  • Don’t blow a fuse over this.

2. See red

Meaning: Furious

  • He saw red at the insult.
  • She sees red when ignored.
  • Don’t make me see red now.

3. Fly off the handle

Meaning: Explode

  • He flew off the handle again.
  • She can fly off the handle.
  • Might fly off the handle soon.

4. Lose one’s cool

Meaning: Upset

  • He lost his cool during talks.
  • She rarely loses her cool.
  • Don’t lose your cool so fast.

5. Go ballistic

Meaning: Enraged

  • He went ballistic over the spill.
  • She goes ballistic over delays.
  • They’ll go ballistic when they know.

6. Hit the roof

Meaning: Explode

  • He hit the roof last night.
  • She hit the roof after hearing.
  • They hit the roof over nothing.

7. Blow one’s top

Meaning: Erupt

  • He blew his top this morning.
  • She’s close to blowing her top.
  • Don’t blow your top over it.

8. Go through the roof

Meaning: Rage

  • Prices go through the roof, anger!
  • His anger went through the roof.
  • She went through the roof today.

9. Foam at the mouth

Meaning: Furious

  • He foamed at the mouth loudly.
  • Dogs bark, she foams at mouth.
  • Don’t foam at the mouth, relax!

10. Steam coming out of ears

Meaning: Furious

  • Steam was coming from his ears.
  • She had steam coming out ears.
  • Noticed steam coming out of ears.

11. Spit feathers

Meaning: Very angry

  • He’s spitting feathers over the decision.
  • She spit feathers during the debate.
  • They’ll spit feathers when they know.

12. Have a cow

Meaning: Panic

  • He’s having a cow over nothing.
  • She had a cow yesterday.
  • They’ll have a cow over this.

13. Get one’s dander up

Meaning: Irritated

  • He got his dander up quickly.
  • She gets her dander up often.
  • Don’t get your dander up now.

14. In a huff

Meaning: Annoyed

  • He left the room in a huff.
  • She’s in a huff over chores.
  • They went off in a huff.

15. Blow one’s stack

Meaning: Rage

  • He blew his stack at dawn.
  • She will blow her stack soon.
  • They blew their stack unnecessarily.

16. Get hot under the collar

Meaning: Upset

  • He got hot under the collar.
  • She gets hot under the collar.
  • Don’t get hot under the collar.

17. Bend out of shape

Meaning: Disturbed

  • He’s bent out of shape today.
  • She got bent out of shape.
  • They get bent out of shape.

18. Up in arms

Meaning: Angry

  • He’s up in arms over policies.
  • She went up in arms instantly.
  • They are up in arms today.

19. Have kittens

Meaning: Agitated

  • He had kittens over the delay.
  • She’s having kittens over the mess.
  • They’re going to have kittens soon.

20. Throw a fit

Meaning: Tantrum

  • He threw a fit in public.
  • She throws a fit easily.
  • They threw a fit yesterday.

21. Bristle at

Meaning: Offended

  • He bristled at the mere suggestion.
  • She bristles at any criticism.
  • They bristled at the new rule.

22. Get bent out of shape

Meaning: Agitated

  • He got bent out of shape.
  • She gets bent out of shape.
  • They get bent out of shape often.

23. Lose one’s temper

Meaning: Rage

  • He lost his temper this morning.
  • She rarely loses her temper.
  • They lost their temper at the news.

24. Go off the deep end

Meaning: Overreact

  • He went off the deep end.
  • She’s going off the deep end.
  • They went off the deep end.

25. Get steamed up

Meaning: Angry

  • He got steamed up over nothing.
  • She gets steamed up quickly.
  • Don’t get steamed up over this.

26. Have a meltdown

Meaning: Collapse

  • He had a meltdown yesterday.
  • She’s about to have a meltdown.
  • They had a meltdown at work.

27. Have a fit

Meaning: Furious

  • He had a fit over breakfast.
  • She had a fit at the news.
  • They had a fit in the store.

28. Throw a tantrum

Meaning: Outburst

  • He threw a tantrum at the park.
  • She throws tantrums when upset.
  • They threw a tantrum at home.

29. Blow your stack

Meaning: Explode

  • Don’t blow your stack over it.
  • She blew her stack yesterday.
  • He’s about to blow his stack.

30. Fly into a rage

Meaning: Enraged

  • He flew into a rage immediately.
  • She flew into a rage again.
  • They fly into a rage easily.

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