English Idioms For All The Best

When we want someone to do well or wish them luck, we often say “All the best!” It’s like sending a friend off on a big adventure and hoping they find lots of treasures along the way. But, did you know there are many other fun and creative ways to say this?

These special phrases are called idioms. Idioms are like secret codes or magic spells that make our language more colorful and expressive. They help us share our good wishes in unique ways that can make someone smile or feel brave. Let’s explore some of these magical idioms that mean “all the best,” and learn how to sprinkle a little extra luck on our friends’ adventures!

What does All The Best Mean?

“All the best” is a friendly phrase used to wish someone luck, success, or happiness in their future endeavors. It’s like saying, “I hope everything goes really well for you!” This expression is often used when someone is about to undertake a new challenge, venture, or when saying goodbye, offering a supportive send-off filled with good wishes.

Idioms for All The Best

1. Break a leg

Meaning: Good luck

  • Break a leg in your interview.
  • She said, “Break a leg, Sam!”
  • They’ll break a leg on stage.

2. Knock ’em dead

Meaning: Impress

  • Knock ’em dead at the meeting.
  • You’ll knock ’em dead, I’m sure.
  • Go knock ’em dead tonight!

3. Best of luck

Meaning: Good fortune

  • Best of luck on your test!
  • Wishing you the best of luck.
  • He said, “Best of luck, Joe.”

4. Godspeed

Meaning: Safe journey

  • Godspeed on your trip abroad.
  • They wished her Godspeed warmly.
  • Godspeed in your new adventure.

5. May the force be with you

Meaning: Good luck

  • May the force be with you.
  • He whispered, “May the force.”
  • “May the force,” cheered the crowd.

6. Fingers crossed

Meaning: Hopeful

  • Fingers crossed for good weather.
  • She entered, fingers crossed tightly.
  • Fingers crossed for the results.

7. Blow them away

Meaning: Impress

  • Blow them away with your speech.
  • You’ll blow them away, guaranteed.
  • Go on, blow them away!

8. Good luck with that

Meaning: Skeptical luck

  • Good luck with that new job.
  • He smirked, “Good luck with that.”
  • “Good luck with that,” she laughed.

9. Wishing you well

Meaning: Good intentions

  • Wishing you well in your goals.
  • She texted, “Wishing you well.”
  • They ended with, “Wishing you well.”

10. Keep your fingers crossed

Meaning: Hopeful

  • Keep your fingers crossed for us.
  • She kept her fingers crossed silently.
  • “Keep your fingers crossed,” he said.

11. All the best

Meaning: Best wishes

  • All the best on your journey.
  • They said, “All the best.”
  • All the best with your project.

12. Throw salt over your shoulder

Meaning: Good luck

  • Throw salt over your shoulder now.
  • Just throw salt over your shoulder.
  • She threw salt over her shoulder.

13. Luck be a lady

Meaning: Fortunate

  • Luck be a lady tonight indeed.
  • He sang, “Luck be a lady.”
  • Luck be a lady at cards.

14. Sending positive vibes

Meaning: Supportive

  • Sending positive vibes your way now.
  • She texted, “Sending positive vibes.”
  • They’re sending positive vibes to you.

15. Give it your best shot

Meaning: Try hard

  • Give it your best shot now.
  • He decided to give it his best shot.
  • “Give it your best shot,” they encouraged.

16. Hit the jackpot

Meaning: Achieve luck

  • Hit the jackpot with your idea.
  • She really hit the jackpot here.
  • They hit the jackpot at slots.

17. Pulling for you

Meaning: Supporting

  • We’re all pulling for you here.
  • His team was pulling for him.
  • She said, “We’re pulling for you.”

18. Here’s hoping

Meaning: Hopeful

  • Here’s hoping for a sunny day.
  • She sighed, “Here’s hoping, right?”
  • “Here’s hoping,” he toasted.

19. Cross your fingers

Meaning: Wish

  • Cross your fingers for good news.
  • We crossed our fingers and waited.
  • “Cross your fingers,” whispered Mom.

20. Go get ’em

Meaning: Encourage

  • Go get ’em at your presentation.
  • “Go get ’em, tiger,” he cheered.
  • She texted, “Go get ’em!”

21. Shoot for the stars

Meaning: Aspire

  • Shoot for the stars, young man.
  • She decided to shoot for the stars.
  • “Shoot for the stars,” they advised.

22. Take home the gold

Meaning: Win

  • Take home the gold tonight, team!
  • He aimed to take home the gold.
  • “Take home the gold,” she yelled.

23. Ace it

Meaning: Excel

  • Ace it on your final exam.
  • You’ll ace it, no doubt!
  • He went in ready to ace it.

24. Make a splash

Meaning: Impress

  • Make a splash with your designs.
  • She made a splash at the party.
  • They’re set to make a splash.

25. Put your best foot forward

Meaning: Excel

  • Put your best foot forward today.
  • He always puts his best foot forward.
  • “Put your best foot forward,” she advised.

26. Go for gold

Meaning: Strive

  • Go for gold in the competition.
  • They went for gold and succeeded.
  • “Go for gold,” his coach shouted.

27. Go for broke

Meaning: Risk everything

  • Go for broke with your startup.
  • She decided to go for broke.
  • They went for broke in Vegas.

28. Bring home the bacon

Meaning: Succeed

  • Bring home the bacon this month.
  • He aimed to bring home the bacon.
  • “Bring home the bacon,” she cheered.

29. Seal the deal

Meaning: Confirm

  • Seal the deal with your handshake.
  • She sealed the deal confidently.
  • They aimed to seal the deal.

30. Knock your socks off

Meaning: Amaze

  • This news will knock your socks off.
  • His performance knocked our socks off.
  • “Knock your socks off,” they joked.

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