English Idioms For Great

When something is really good or amazing, we often look for special words to describe that feeling. Just saying “good” isn’t enough sometimes; we want to express how big, exciting, or wonderful something truly is. That’s where idioms come in handy. Idioms are creative phrases that paint a picture with words, and they can turn a simple idea into something much more vivid and exciting. In this post, we’ll explore some fun idioms that mean “great,” helping you to express joy and admiration in English in a whole new way. Whether you’re talking about a fantastic day, an incredible movie, or an awesome friend, these idioms will add flavor and color to your conversations.

What Does Great Mean?

“Great” is a word used to describe something that is much better than good, often to a large extent. It can refer to things that are of high quality, enjoyable, or impressive in size, skill, or intensity. When we say something is great, we’re expressing admiration or approval, indicating that it stands out positively in some way.

Idioms About Great

1. Top-notch

Meaning: Excellent

  • She delivers top-notch presentations every time.
  • Enjoyed a top-notch meal at dinner.
  • His work ethics are top-notch.

2. Second to none

Meaning: The best

  • Her performance is second to none.
  • This software is second to none.
  • His dedication is second to none.

3. The bee’s knees

Meaning: Excellent

  • His new car is the bee’s knees.
  • That homemade pie was the bee’s knees.
  • She thinks her cat is the bee’s knees.

4. Out of this world

Meaning: Exceptional

  • The movie’s effects were out of this world.
  • Her cooking is out of this world.
  • These innovations are out of this world.

5. Top-drawer

Meaning: High-quality

  • He wears only top-drawer suits.
  • Her top-drawer advice was invaluable.
  • They stayed at a top-drawer hotel.

6. A cut above

Meaning: Superior

  • His work is a cut above.
  • This model is a cut above.
  • She’s a cut above her peers.

7. Cream of the crop

Meaning: The best

  • He’s the cream of the crop academically.
  • We hired the cream of the crop.
  • Their team is the cream of the crop.

8. The gold standard

Meaning: The best

  • This is the gold standard of smartphones.
  • She is the gold standard in teaching.
  • They set the gold standard for quality.

9. Five-star

Meaning: Excellent

  • We had a five-star vacation.
  • He provides five-star customer service.
  • They enjoyed five-star treatment.

10. First-rate

Meaning: Top quality

  • She received first-rate medical care.
  • It was a first-rate performance.
  • Their products are first-rate.

11. Top-tier

Meaning: High-ranking

  • He’s a top-tier consultant.
  • They are in top-tier leagues.
  • Her skills are top-tier.

12. Unmatched

Meaning: Unequaled

  • His talent is unmatched.
  • This opportunity is unmatched.
  • Their enthusiasm is unmatched.

13. Peerless

Meaning: Without equal

  • Her grace is peerless.
  • This artifact is peerless.
  • His insight is peerless.

14. Unparalleled

Meaning: Without parallel

  • Her bravery is unparalleled.
  • The view is unparalleled.
  • His generosity is unparalleled.

15. Ace

Meaning: Excellent

  • She did an ace job.
  • His ace skills won the game.
  • They offer ace customer support.

16. Top of the line

Meaning: Best quality

  • Bought a top of the line appliance.
  • She drives a top of the line car.
  • Uses top of the line equipment.

17. State-of-the-art

Meaning: Modern

  • They use state-of-the-art technology.
  • His gear is state-of-the-art.
  • Installed state-of-the-art security systems.

18. Tip-top

Meaning: Excellent

  • Keeps her health in tip-top shape.
  • The house is in tip-top condition.
  • His performance was tip-top.

19. On the ball

Meaning: Alert

  • She’s really on the ball.
  • He stayed on the ball at work.
  • Their team is on the ball.

20. World-class

Meaning: Exceptionally good

  • They offer world-class services.
  • He is a world-class athlete.
  • It was a world-class performance.

21. High-end

Meaning: Expensive and of high quality

  • She prefers high-end brands.
  • They produce high-end goods.
  • Lives in a high-end neighborhood.

22. Stellar

Meaning: Outstanding

  • She has a stellar reputation.
  • That was a stellar performance.
  • They have stellar reviews.

23. One in a million

Meaning: Unique

  • His kindness is one in a million.
  • She’s a one in a million friend.
  • Finds one in a million deals.

24. Top-flight

Meaning: Best quality

  • He’s in a top-flight league.
  • They provide top-flight services.
  • Uses top-flight components.

25. Ahead of the curve

Meaning: Advanced

  • Their research is ahead of the curve.
  • He stays ahead of the curve.
  • That tech is ahead of the curve.

26. Cutting edge

Meaning: Innovative

  • They use cutting edge techniques.
  • Her approach is cutting edge.
  • It’s a cutting edge design.

27. Prize-winning

Meaning: Award-winning

  • He’s a prize-winning journalist.
  • That’s a prize-winning recipe.
  • Owns a prize-winning dog.

28. Blue-ribbon

Meaning: High-quality

  • They won a blue-ribbon award.
  • She made a blue-ribbon pie.
  • Held a blue-ribbon panel discussion.

29. Bang-up

Meaning: Excellent

  • Did a bang-up job on the project.
  • She’s doing bang-up work.
  • They threw a bang-up party.

30. Knockout

Meaning: Remarkable

  • She wore a knockout dress.
  • That speech was a knockout.
  • They delivered a knockout performance.

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