English Idioms For Birthday

Birthdays are special days that come once a year, marking the day someone was born. It’s a time for cake, gifts, and celebrations with friends and family. But did you know there are special phrases, called idioms, that people use to talk about birthdays and growing older? These idioms add fun and color to our conversations, making them more interesting. Let’s dive into some birthday idioms to help you understand and enjoy English vocabulary in a new way, whether you’re just starting to learn or looking to add some sparkle to your language skills!

What Does Birthday Mean?

A birthday marks the anniversary of someone’s birth, celebrated once every year. It’s a special day that recognizes the start of a person’s life and is often celebrated with parties, cake, and gifts. Birthdays are milestones that measure our journey through life, bringing together friends and family to share in our joy and memories.

Idioms About Birthday

1. Eat your cake

Meaning: Celebrate

  • Enjoy your day, eat your cake.
  • She will eat her cake today.
  • They ate their cake, felt happy.

2. Another candle on the cake

Meaning: Age

  • He added another candle today.
  • Celebrated her birthday, another candle added.
  • Another candle on his cake, joyful.

3. Over the hill

Meaning: Old

  • He’s over the hill now.
  • Celebrated quietly, she’s over the hill.
  • Over the hill, yet spirits high.

4. Paint the town red

Meaning: Celebrate

  • They painted the town red tonight.
  • Birthday bash, let’s paint the town.
  • Painted the town red for her.

5. Born with a silver spoon

Meaning: Privileged

  • His birthdays reflect a silver spoon.
  • Silver spoon; lavish party expected.
  • Born with a silver spoon, celebrated.

6. Piece of cake

Meaning: Easy

  • Planning his party was piece of cake.
  • Made birthday plans, piece of cake.
  • Piece of cake, got everything done.

7. Big day

Meaning: Important

  • Her big day is finally here.
  • Big day tomorrow, turning twenty-one.
  • Celebrating his big day, gifts ready.

8. Full of beans

Meaning: Energetic

  • Full of beans on her birthday.
  • Kids full of beans at party.
  • He’s full of beans, playing games.

9. Grow old gracefully

Meaning: Age well

  • She grows old gracefully, still stunning.
  • His aim, grow old gracefully.
  • Celebrating, hoping to grow old gracefully.

10. Kick up your heels

Meaning: Enjoy

  • Kick up your heels; it’s party!
  • She kicked up her heels yesterday.
  • Birthday today, time to kick heels.

11. Life of the party

Meaning: Entertaining

  • He’s life of the party, laughing.
  • She became life of the party.
  • Birthday boy, life of the party.

12. Look young for your age

Meaning: Youthful

  • She looks young for her age.
  • At fifty, he looks young.
  • Always looking young for her age.

13. Milestone birthday

Meaning: Significant

  • Celebrated his milestone birthday, turned fifty.
  • Her milestone birthday, planned big.
  • Milestone birthday tomorrow, turning thirty.

14. Not born yesterday

Meaning: Experienced

  • Not born yesterday, knows tricks.
  • His wise choices, not born yesterday.
  • She wasn’t born yesterday, very shrewd.

15. Old flame

Meaning: Ex-lover

  • Old flame invited to the party.
  • Saw his old flame at celebration.
  • Birthday surprise, her old flame appeared.

16. Young at heart

Meaning: Youthful

  • He’s eighty but young at heart.
  • Always young at heart, she dances.
  • Young at heart, enjoyed the party.

17. Party animal

Meaning: Reveler

  • He’s a known party animal.
  • Birthday girl, true party animal.
  • Party animal, celebrated all night.

18. Take the cake

Meaning: Surpass

  • Her gift really took the cake.
  • This party takes the cake.
  • His surprise took the cake.

19. Cut the mustard

Meaning: Succeed

  • His party really cut the mustard.
  • Planned well, it cut the mustard.
  • Cut the mustard with lavish event.

20. Hit the jackpot

Meaning: Succeed

  • Hit the jackpot with the venue.
  • His birthday gifts, hit the jackpot.
  • Party was hit, jackpot indeed.

21. The more the merrier

Meaning: Inclusive

  • Invited everyone, the more the merrier.
  • The more the merrier at parties.
  • Her philosophy: the more the merrier.

22. Time flies

Meaning: Fast

  • Can’t believe how time flies.
  • Another birthday, time flies.
  • Time flies, he’s ten already.

23. Under the weather

Meaning: Sick

  • Felt under the weather on birthday.
  • His birthday spent under the weather.
  • Sadly, she was under the weather.

24. Walk down memory lane

Meaning: Nostalgic

  • Walked down memory lane, old photos.
  • Birthday reminisce, walked memory lane.
  • Walk down memory lane, cherished moments.

25. Wine and dine

Meaning: Celebrate

  • Wine and dine for her birthday.
  • They wined and dined, enjoyed thoroughly.
  • Birthday means time to wine and dine.

26. Wrapped around your finger

Meaning: Influential

  • Had everyone wrapped around her finger.
  • On his day, wrapped around finger.
  • She’s got the charm, wrapped around.

27. Year in, year out

Meaning: Regularly

  • Celebrates, year in, year out.
  • Birthday party, year in, year out.
  • Year in, year out, same joy.

28. Zip your lip

Meaning: Silent

  • Zip your lip, it’s a surprise.
  • Secrets safe, he zipped his lip.
  • Zip your lip about the party.

29. Burst at the seams

Meaning: Full

  • Party was bursting at the seams.
  • Burst at the seams, many guests.
  • Venue burst at the seams, crowded.

30. Cry over spilled milk

Meaning: Regret

  • No crying over spilled milk today.
  • Birthday mishap, no spilled milk cry.
  • Don’t cry over spilled milk, celebrate.

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