English Idioms For Depression

Depression is a tough and serious topic, but it’s important to talk about it, even in simple words. Imagine feeling like you’re under a dark cloud that won’t go away, or like you’re looking at the world through gray glasses where everything seems less colorful. People use special phrases, called idioms, to describe these feelings without saying the word “depression” directly. These idioms can help us understand and express these heavy feelings in a lighter way. Let’s explore some of these idioms to learn how to talk about feeling really down, in a way that’s easier to understand.

What Does Mean Depression?

Depression is a serious medical condition that affects how you feel, think, and handle daily activities. It’s more than just feeling sad or going through a tough time; it’s feeling down, hopeless, and losing interest in things you used to enjoy for an extended period. Depression can make everyday life incredibly difficult, impacting one’s emotions and physical health.

Idioms About Depression

1. Down in the dumps

Meaning: Sad

  • Feeling down in the dumps today.
  • He’s down in the dumps again.
  • Always down in the dumps, unfortunately.

2. Under the weather

Meaning: Unwell

  • She’s feeling under the weather lately.
  • Under the weather, missed the party.
  • Been under the weather, not happy.

3. At the end of one’s rope

Meaning: Desperate

  • He’s at the end of his rope.
  • At the end of her rope now.
  • Feeling at the end of rope.

4. In a funk

Meaning: Unhappy

  • Been in a funk all week.
  • She’s in a funk, very quiet.
  • In a funk, needs some cheering.

5. Blue funk

Meaning: Melancholy

  • Stuck in a blue funk recently.
  • His mood, a perpetual blue funk.
  • Blue funk overshadowed his birthday.

6. Feeling blue

Meaning: Sad

  • She’s been feeling blue lately.
  • Feeling blue, didn’t attend the meeting.
  • Always feels blue during winter.

7. Lost soul

Meaning: Confused

  • Feels like a lost soul.
  • He wandered like a lost soul.
  • A lost soul, needs guidance.

8. Not oneself

Meaning: Altered

  • She’s not herself these days.
  • He wasn’t himself at the party.
  • Not oneself, acting strangely lately.

9. In a rut

Meaning: Stuck

  • He’s been in a rut.
  • Stuck in a rut, can’t escape.
  • Life’s in a rut, feels hopeless.

10. Dragged through a hedge backwards

Meaning: Rough

  • Looks dragged through a hedge backwards.
  • Felt like dragged through a hedge.
  • Dragged through a hedge, utterly worn.

11. Black dog

Meaning: Depression

  • The black dog has visited him.
  • Struggling with his black dog.
  • Her black dog, constant and dark.

12. Sing the blues

Meaning: Lament

  • Always singing the blues, never happy.
  • Sang the blues, felt no better.
  • Sings the blues, mourns his luck.

13. In a dark place

Meaning: Troubled

  • She’s in a dark place now.
  • Found himself in a dark place.
  • In a dark place, seeks help.

14. A heavy heart

Meaning: Burdened

  • Carries a heavy heart every day.
  • With a heavy heart, he left.
  • A heavy heart, tears were inevitable.

15. Carry the world on one’s shoulders

Meaning: Overwhelmed

  • He carries the world on shoulders.
  • Feels like carrying the world, exhausted.
  • Carried the world, couldn’t relax.

16. Hit rock bottom

Meaning: Lowest

  • He hit rock bottom last night.
  • She’s hit rock bottom, needs support.
  • Hit rock bottom, nowhere to go.

17. Drowning in sorrow

Meaning: Overwhelmed

  • She’s drowning in sorrow, needs comfort.
  • Drowning in sorrow after the news.
  • Feels like drowning in sorrow alone.

18. The pits

Meaning: Terrible

  • Life’s in the pits these days.
  • Feels like the pits, very bad.
  • Stuck in the pits, can’t climb.

19. Down and out

Meaning: Destitute

  • He’s feeling down and out.
  • Down and out, lost everything.
  • Down and out, needs a break.

20. In the depths of despair

Meaning: Hopeless

  • In the depths of despair, isolated.
  • She’s in the depths of despair.
  • Found him in the depths of despair.

21. Soul-destroying

Meaning: Devastating

  • It’s been a soul-destroying experience.
  • Found the silence soul-destroying.
  • Her comments were soul-destroying.

22. Wound up

Meaning: Tense

  • He’s wound up, very stressed.
  • Always wound up before meetings.
  • Wound up, couldn’t relax.

23. Like a bear with a sore head

Meaning: Irritable

  • He’s like a bear with a sore head.
  • Like a bear with a sore head today.
  • Acted like a bear, everyone noticed.

24. Cry one’s eyes out

Meaning: Weep

  • She cried her eyes out.
  • Cried his eyes out, heartbroken.
  • After the news, cried eyes out.

25. At one’s wits’ end

Meaning: Frustrated

  • She’s at her wits’ end.
  • At his wits’ end, overwhelmed.
  • At wits’ end, nothing left.

26. All cried out

Meaning: Exhausted

  • She’s all cried out today.
  • All cried out, no tears left.
  • Emotionally spent, all cried out.

27. Fall to pieces

Meaning: Collapse

  • He’s falling to pieces, visibly.
  • Fell to pieces, couldn’t cope.
  • After the event, fell to pieces.

28. A cloud hangs over

Meaning: Ominous

  • A cloud hangs over him always.
  • Felt a cloud hanging over.
  • A cloud hangs, mood somber.

29. Heart sinks

Meaning: Discouraged

  • Her heart sinks with each setback.
  • Heart sank, knew the bad news.
  • Every morning, his heart sinks.

30. Beat down

Meaning: Defeated

  • She felt completely beat down.
  • Life has really beat him down.
  • Beat down after years of struggle.

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