Names For Sausages (List of Sausages)

Sausages are a popular food all around the world, and they come in many different types and flavors. From breakfast tables to barbecue grills, Names for sausages are a delicious part of many meals. But have you ever wondered about the different words used to talk about sausages and how they’re made?

This blog post will explore the vocabulary of sausages, introducing you to new and interesting words that can help you understand and talk about sausages more confidently. Whether you’re a young learner, a student aiming to enhance your English vocabulary, or just curious about food words, join us as we dive into the tasty world of sausages!

Names For Sausages

  • Andouille
  • Bratwurst
  • Chorizo
  • Kielbasa
  • Italian Sausage
  • Breakfast Sausage
  • Frankfurter
  • Bockwurst
  • Cumberland
  • Pepperoni
  • Salami
  • Merguez
  • Linguiça
  • Saveloy
  • Knockwurst
  • Boudin Blanc
  • Boudin Noir
  • Cervelat
  • Wiener
  • Blood Sausage
  • Hot Dog
  • Polish Sausage
  • Summer Sausage
  • Liverwurst
  • Andouillette
  • Boerewors
  • Chistorra
  • Longaniza
  • Mortadella
  • Sobrasada
  • Sujuk
  • Loukaniko
  • Lap Cheong
  • Goetta
  • Mettwurst
  • Landjäger
  • Leberkäse
  • Blutwurst
  • Botifarra
  • Fuet
  • Gudbrandsdalsost
  • Haggis
  • Falukorv
  • Gelbwurst
  • Weisswurst
  • Zungenwurst
  • Krakowska
  • Lorne Sausage
  • Morteau Sausage
  • Nürnberger Rostbratwurst
  • Plockwurst
  • Regensburger Wurst
  • Rookworst
  • Salsiccia
  • Schüblig
  • Teewurst
  • Thüringer Rostbratwurst
  • Toulouse Sausage
  • Vienna Sausage
  • Yachtwurst
  • Beerwurst
  • Cabanossi
  • Debrecener
  • Isterband
  • Kaiserwurst
  • Käsekrainer
  • Kiszka
  • Knackwurst
  • Kranjska Klobasa
  • Kulen
  • Matjeswurst
  • Mettenden
  • Morcilla
  • Mustamakkara
  • Neubrandenburger
  • Paprikawurst
  • Räucherwurst
  • Salchichón
  • Stippgrütze
  • Strolghino
  • Téliszalámi
  • Vénison Sausage
  • Wesphalian Ham
  • Xouba
  • Yorkshire Sausage
  • Zampone Modena
  • Zwyczajna
  • Gyulai
  • Harbin Red Sausage
  • Italian Hot Sausage
  • Jelito
  • Kaminwurz
  • Krakauer
  • Lachsschinken
  • Makanek
  • Nduja
  • Ossenworst
  • Paio
  • Pancetta
  • Pepperette
  • Rosette de Lyon
  • Saucisson
  • Secallona
  • Skilandis
  • Speck
  • Taramosalata
  • Uzene
  • Ventrèche
  • Warzynka
  • Zwiebelwurst

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Names For Sausages


A spicy smoked sausage made from pork, originating from France but popular in Louisiana Cajun cuisine, often used in dishes like gumbo and jambalaya.


A German sausage made from pork, beef, or veal. The name is derived from the Old High German Brätwurst, from brät-, finely chopped meat, and Wurst, or sausage.


A type of pork sausage originating from the Iberian Peninsula. It is fermented, cured, or smoked and seasoned with smoked paprika, giving it a distinctive red color and spicy taste.


A term for Polish sausage, generally made from ground pork with a unique garlic flavor, smoked or fresh.

Italian Sausage

A pork sausage that’s seasoned with fennel and/or anise, available in spicy (hot) and sweet varieties. It’s a staple in Italian-American cuisine.

Breakfast Sausage

A fresh sausage typically made from pork and seasoned with sage, thyme, and pepper, often served in patties or links for breakfast.


A cooked and sometimes smoked sausage made from lean beef and pork, traditionally linked in pairs. Known widely as a hot dog or wiener.


A German sausage made from veal, pork, and sometimes beef. It is flavored with salt, white pepper, and paprika, then boiled and served hot.


A traditional English sausage made from chopped or minced pork, seasoned with various spices and herbs, especially sage. It’s known for its long, coiled shape.


An American variety of spicy salami made from cured pork and beef mixed together, seasoned with paprika or other chili pepper.


A type of cured sausage consisting of fermented and air-dried meat, typically beef or pork. It’s known for its rich, savory flavor.


A spicy North African sausage made from lamb, beef, or a mixture, seasoned with garlic, chili, sumac, fennel, and other spices.


A Portuguese sausage made from smoked, cured pork, garlic, and paprika, often used in stews, grilled, or served in sandwiches.


A type of highly seasoned sausage, usually bright red, traditionally made from pork or beef, popular in the United Kingdom and Australia.


A German sausage made from ground beef and pork, flavored with garlic, and smoked. It has a short, thick shape and is often boiled.

Boudin Blanc

A white sausage made from pork without the blood of traditional boudin noir, combined with milk, bread, and seasoned with onions, mushrooms, and spices.

Boudin Noir

A dark sausage containing pork, pork fat, and pig blood, along with onions, bread, and seasonings like nutmeg and pepper.


A type of smoked sausage in Swiss and German cuisine, made from beef, bacon, and pork rind, similar to salami.


Another term for Vienna sausage, it’s a thin parboiled sausage traditionally made from pork and beef, finely ground and stuffed into sheep casings.

Blood Sausage

A sausage filled with blood that is cooked or dried and mixed with a filler until it is thick enough to congeal when cooled. Variants are found worldwide.

Hot Dog

A grilled or steamed link-sausage sandwich where the sausage is served in the slit of a partially sliced bun. It can also refer to the sausage itself.

Polish Sausage

Commonly referred to as Kielbasa, this sausage is known for its distinctive garlic flavor, comes in various forms, and is a staple in Polish cuisine.

Summer Sausage

An American sausage that is usually a mixture of pork and other meat such as beef or venison. Summer sausage is fermented and dried.


A type of sausage made from liver, usually pork’s, mixed with pork meat and fat, traditionally seasoned with onions and spices.


A French sausage made primarily from the intestines and stomach of the pig, known for its strong odor and distinctive taste.


A South African sausage made from coarsely minced beef and pork, traditionally braai (grilled) and flavored with spices such as coriander and cloves.


A type of fast-cured sausage from the Basque Country and Navarre, Spain, similar to chorizo, but thinner and shorter, often fried or grilled.


A Spanish sausage similar to a chorizo, made with minced meat seasoned with anise, making it distinctively different in flavor.


An Italian sausage or cold cut made from finely hashed/ground heat-cured pork, incorporated with small cubes of pork fat and often flavored

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