Slang Words For Food (Healthy & Junk Food)

When it comes to talking about food, both healthy snacks and indulgent junk food, there’s a whole dictionary of slang words that make the conversation more colorful and fun. Whether you’re chatting about a nutritious plate of veggies or a greasy slice of pizza, these slang terms add flavor to our descriptions and can help everyone, from kids to adults, expand their vocabulary in a playful way. Today, we’ll explore some of these expressions, giving you a taste of how diverse and vibrant English slang can be when it comes to the world of food.

Slang Words For Healthy Food


Meaning: Nutrient-rich food with health benefits
Example: Kale is considered a superfood worldwide.

Clean Eats

Meaning: Unprocessed, whole, natural foods
Example: She focuses on clean eats daily.

Green Goodness

Meaning: Nutritious, green vegetables
Example: Spinach is full of green goodness.

Power Foods

Meaning: Foods providing sustained energy
Example: Nuts are excellent power foods options.

Brain Food

Meaning: Food boosting cognitive function
Example: Fish is great brain food for students.

Lean Protein

Meaning: Low-fat, high-protein foods
Example: Chicken breast is lean protein source.

Whole Grains

Meaning: Unrefined grains with complete nutrients
Example: Oats are a popular whole grain.


Meaning: Grown without synthetic chemicals
Example: She only buys organic vegetables nowadays.


Meaning: Uncooked and natural state
Example: She enjoys raw vegetables for snacks.


Meaning: Recently harvested, not processed
Example: She always eats fresh fruits daily.


Meaning: Free from artificial ingredients
Example: Natural snacks are her favorite choice.


Meaning: Healthy and nutritious
Example: Whole grains make a wholesome breakfast.


Meaning: Free from gluten protein
Example: She follows a gluten-free diet always.


Meaning: Low in calories
Example: He prefers low-cal snacks regularly.

Fit Fuel

Meaning: Food that supports fitness goals
Example: Smoothies are perfect fit fuel anytime.


Meaning: Derived from plants only
Example: She loves her plant-based diet.


Meaning: Directly sourced from local farms
Example: Their restaurant offers farm-to-table meals.


Meaning: Foods high in antioxidants
Example: Berries are rich in antioxidants nutrients.


Meaning: Foods containing beneficial bacteria
Example: Yogurt is full of probiotics benefits.


Meaning: Foods aiding body detoxification
Example: Lemon water is a detox drink.

Whole Foods

Meaning: Unprocessed and unrefined foods
Example: Whole foods are essential for health.


Meaning: Foods high in essential vitamins
Example: Citrus fruits are loaded with vitamins.


Meaning: Foods high in dietary fiber
Example: Beans are an excellent fiber-rich choice.


Meaning: Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids
Example: Salmon is packed with omega-3s.


Meaning: Containing minimal sugar content
Example: She prefers low-sugar snacks always.


Meaning: Foods beneficial for heart health
Example: Oatmeal is a heart-healthy breakfast.


Meaning: High in nutrients, low in calories
Example: Avocados are very nutrient-dense foods.

Clean Eating

Meaning: Consuming unprocessed and natural foods
Example: She practices clean eating every day.

Health Boost

Meaning: Foods that improve overall health
Example: Green tea provides a health boost.


Meaning: Young, nutrient-rich vegetable greens
Example: Microgreens add nutrition to salads.


Meaning: Foods that enhance energy and life
Example: Fresh fruits give natural vitality daily.

Alkaline Foods

Meaning: Foods that help balance pH levels
Example: Leafy greens are alkaline foods.

Super Greens

Meaning: Highly nutritious green vegetables
Example: Spinach and kale are super greens.

Whole Fruits

Meaning: Unprocessed, entire fruits
Example: She eats whole fruits every day.

Balanced Diet

Meaning: Nutrient-rich, well-proportioned diet
Example: She follows a balanced diet carefully.

Fresh Picks

Meaning: Recently harvested, natural foods
Example: Farmers’ markets offer the freshest picks.

Vital Greens

Meaning: Nutritious green vegetables
Example: Broccoli and spinach are vital greens.

Pure Foods

Meaning: Free from artificial additives
Example: She prefers pure foods for meals.

Organic Greens

Meaning: Organic, green vegetables
Example: Organic greens are her daily choice.

Fit Foods

Meaning: Foods supporting fitness and health
Example: Smoothies and nuts are fit foods.

Natural Nourishment

Meaning: Foods providing natural nutrition
Example: She focuses on natural nourishment always.

Fresh Fare

Meaning: Recently harvested, natural foods
Example: Their restaurant offers fresh fare.

Immune Boosters

Meaning: Foods enhancing immune system
Example: Citrus fruits are great immune boosters.

Super Snacks

Meaning: Nutritious, energy-boosting snacks
Example: Nuts and seeds are super snacks.


Meaning: Foods aiding in detoxification
Example: Green tea and lemon are detoxifiers.

Energy Foods

Meaning: Foods providing sustained energy
Example: Nuts and seeds are energy foods.

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Slang Words For Healthy Food

Slang Words For Food


Meaning: Food in general.
Example: “Let’s grab some grub, I’m starving!”


Meaning: A snack or food.
Example: “I could really go for a little nosh right now.”


Meaning: Snacks, especially when craving food.
Example: “Let’s pick up some munchies for the movie night.”


Meaning: Food or a meal.
Example: “Where can we get some good eats around here?”


Meaning: Food or meal.
Example: “Time to chow down, dinner is served!”


Meaning: To eat food quickly.
Example: “He scoffed down his lunch because he was late.”


Meaning: Small portions of food.
Example: “Let’s order a few bites to share with everyone.”


Meaning: Small, easy-to-eat items of food.
Example: “I packed some snackables for our road trip.”


Meaning: A large assortment of food laid out for eating.
Example: “They put out quite a spread for the guests.”


Meaning: Food, similar to “grub.”
Example: “Where’s the grindage? I’m ready to eat!”


Meaning: Food, considered as something that gives energy.
Example: “I need some fuel before I hit the gym.”


Meaning: Food supplies, a term often used humorously.
Example: “We’ve got plenty of vittles for the weekend.”


Meaning: Additional items or side dishes with a meal.
Example: “The barbecue had all the fixin’s—coleslaw, beans, and cornbread.”


Meaning: To eat food quickly and eagerly.
Example: “He gobbled up his burger in just a few minutes.”


Meaning: A large meal, usually a celebration with lots of food.
Example: “Every Thanksgiving, we prepare a huge feast.”


Meaning: Delicious food, often sweets or snacks.
Example: “I brought some cookies—want some nom-noms?”


Meaning: Particularly delicious or desirable food or snacks.
Example: “Check out the goodies I brought—freshly baked brownies!”

Tuck in

Meaning: Start eating enthusiastically.
Example: “Everything’s ready, so tuck in everyone!”


Meaning: Small snacks or light bites of food.
Example: “We’ll have some nibbles before dinner.”


Meaning: Tasty food, especially treats.
Example: “We have lots of yummies for the kids’ party.”

Pig out

Meaning: To eat a lot of food in a greedy manner.
Example: “I’m going to pig out on pizza tonight!”


Meaning: To eat something steadily and often noisily.
Example: “We sat on the porch and munched on popcorn.”


Meaning: Something additional or extra, especially benefits.
Example: “With my meal, the dessert was just gravy.”


Meaning: Slightly hungry.
Example: “I’m feeling peckish, maybe I’ll have an apple.”


Meaning: To eat in small bites.
Example: “She nibbled on a slice of cheese.”


Meaning: To eat something hurriedly and greedily.
Example: “He snarfed down the hot dog as if it was his last meal.”

Scarf down

Meaning: To eat something very quickly.
Example: “I was so hungry, I scarfed down the entire plate in minutes.”

Chow down

Meaning: To eat voraciously or rapidly.
Example: “Let’s chow down, this food looks amazing!”


Meaning: A small amount of food.
Example: “Take a bite of this cake, it’s delicious!”

Wolf down

Meaning: To eat something very quickly and with great hunger.
Example: “He wolfed down his breakfast to catch the bus on time.”


Meaning: A plate or platter that offers a variety of different foods or flavors.
Example: “We ordered a sampler to try a bit of everything on the menu.”

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