Best Slang Words For Luxury

“Slang Words for Luxury” delves into the extravagant and opulent terms used to describe the finer things in life. This blog post is perfect for beginners who want to expand their vocabulary and learn how to talk about luxury in a relaxed yet sophisticated manner. From plush accommodations to high-end gadgets, the English language has a rich palette of slang expressions that convey wealth and extravagance. We’ll explore these terms, giving you the language you need to describe luxury items and experiences with flair. Let’s elevate our conversations by learning how to speak of luxury in stylish slang!

Slang Words For Luxury


Meaning: High-quality and luxurious.

  1. “We booked a deluxe suite for our honeymoon.”
  2. “Her deluxe collection of jewelry is enviable.”
  3. “They offer a deluxe breakfast buffet with a variety of options.”
  4. “The deluxe spa treatment left us feeling rejuvenated.”
  5. “His deluxe car features the latest technology.”


Meaning: Lavish and richly decorated.

  1. “The opulent mansion overlooks the ocean.”
  2. “She flaunted her opulent diamond necklace at the gala.”
  3. “Their opulent ballroom dazzled the guests.”
  4. “His opulent lifestyle includes extravagant vacations.”
  5. “The opulent curtains gave the room a royal feel.”


Meaning: Luxuriously comfortable and stylish.

  1. “The hotel’s plush bedding ensures a good night’s sleep.”
  2. “Her plush fur coat was a showstopper.”
  3. “The plush leather seats made the ride enjoyable.”
  4. “They created a plush reading nook in their apartment.”
  5. “His plush office space inspires productivity.”


Meaning: Glamorous and high-class.

  1. “We dined at a ritzy restaurant downtown.”
  2. “The ritzy boutique sells high-end designer wear.”
  3. “Her ritzy event attracted many celebrities.”
  4. “They hosted a ritzy charity ball at a grand venue.”
  5. “His ritzy penthouse has panoramic city views.”


Meaning: Stylishly luxurious and expensive.

  1. “We attended a swanky rooftop party last night.”
  2. “Their swanky new car is turning heads in the neighborhood.”
  3. “She wore a swanky dress to the fashion show.”
  4. “The couple booked a swanky vacation at a tropical resort.”
  5. “His swanky watch collection features rare timepieces.”


Meaning: Top-tier and high in quality.

  1. “She only shops at high-end fashion stores.”
  2. “The high-end real estate market is booming.”
  3. “Their high-end gadgets are popular among tech enthusiasts.”
  4. “His high-end lifestyle includes dining at exclusive restaurants.”
  5. “They attended a high-end business networking event.”


Meaning: Excessively luxurious and elaborate.

  1. “They threw a lavish birthday party with live entertainment.”
  2. “Her lavish wardrobe is filled with designer brands.”
  3. “The couple enjoyed a lavish honeymoon in the Maldives.”
  4. “His lavish yacht features an onboard swimming pool.”
  5. “The hotel hosted a lavish wedding ceremony for their guests.”


Meaning: Elegant and fashionable.

  1. “The posh restaurant only caters to VIP clients.”
  2. “She lives in a posh neighborhood with gated security.”
  3. “His posh accent stood out among the locals.”
  4. “They attended a posh dinner party at the embassy.”
  5. “The posh boutique offers bespoke tailoring services.”


Meaning: Lacking restraint in spending or using resources.

  1. “He threw an extravagant New Year’s Eve celebration.”
  2. “Her extravagant spending habits worried her parents.”
  3. “They went on an extravagant shopping spree in Paris.”
  4. “The extravagant décor was too much for their taste.”
  5. “Their wedding ceremony was extravagant with fireworks and performances.”


Meaning: Magnificent and impressive.

  1. “We entered through the grand lobby of the hotel.”
  2. “His grand ambition is to build a business empire.”
  3. “The grand piano stood in the center of the room.”
  4. “Their grand plan involves expanding globally.”
  5. “The grand staircase led us to the banquet hall.”


Meaning: Elegant and sophisticated.

  1. “The luxe resort offers private villas for guests.”
  2. “She wore a luxe velvet dress to the gala.”
  3. “Their new collection is all about luxe fabrics and designs.”
  4. “The luxe lounge is perfect for relaxing with friends.”
  5. “He invested in a luxe home with state-of-the-art amenities.”


Meaning: Stylish and fashionable.

  1. “Her chic outfit impressed the guests at the reception.”
  2. “They launched a chic new furniture line.”
  3. “The chic gallery features contemporary art pieces.”
  4. “He decorated the loft in a chic minimalist style.”
  5. “Their chic store attracts fashion-conscious shoppers.”


Meaning: Elegant and sophisticated.

  1. “The classy restaurant requires formal attire.”
  2. “Her classy demeanor earned her the job promotion.”
  3. “They drove a classy vintage convertible to the event.”
  4. “His classy behavior left a positive impression.”
  5. “The classy tea party included fine china and silverware.”

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Slang Words For Luxury


Meaning: Covered in gold or appearing to be wealthy.

  1. “The gilded picture frames added a touch of luxury.”
  2. “Her gilded lifestyle includes luxurious holidays.”
  3. “They stayed in a gilded palace during their trip.”
  4. “The gilded invitations hinted at a grand event.”
  5. “He wore a gilded watch that caught everyone’s attention.”


Meaning: Showy and dazzling.

  1. “The glitzy lights made the whole place sparkle.”
  2. “She chose a glitzy gown for the movie premiere.”
  3. “The glitzy opening ceremony was broadcast worldwide.”
  4. “They enjoyed a glitzy night out on the town.”
  5. “His glitzy jewelry collection includes precious stones.”


Meaning: Impressively fashionable or upscale.

  1. “They rented a ritzy limousine for the prom.”
  2. “The ritzy event featured live music and gourmet cuisine.”
  3. “She stayed at a ritzy five-star hotel in London.”
  4. “His ritzy mansion boasts ten bedrooms and a private cinema.”
  5. “Their ritzy party is the talk of the town.”


Meaning: Exclusive and of the highest quality.

  1. “The elite club only accepts members by invitation.”
  2. “She attends an elite boarding school abroad.”
  3. “They belong to an elite social circle in the city.”
  4. “His elite education helped him secure a high-paying job.”
  5. “The elite athletes competed at the international championship.”


Meaning: First in quality or excellence.

  1. “He selected the prime wine from the cellar.”
  2. “They purchased a prime piece of land for their new home.”
  3. “Her prime accessories complement any outfit.”
  4. “The prime location offers easy access to the city center.”
  5. “The hotel provides prime services for its guests.”


Meaning: Alluring charm and appeal.

  1. “Her outfit exuded glamor at the awards ceremony.”
  2. “They capture the glamor of old Hollywood in their photos.”
  3. “The glamor of the lifestyle was irresistible to them.”
  4. “He added a touch of glamor with his sleek new hairstyle.”
  5. “The venue was decorated with glamor and glitz.”


Meaning: Display of grandeur and ceremony.

  1. “The wedding was conducted with great pomp and splendor.”
  2. “He relishes the pomp of state dinners.”
  3. “They adore the pomp that comes with their prestigious position.”
  4. “The festival was marked by colorful pomp and tradition.”
  5. “His inauguration was a show of pomp and pride.”


Meaning: Luxurious and designed for wealthier clientele.

  1. “The upscale shopping mall features luxury brands.”
  2. “They dined at an upscale restaurant with gourmet cuisine.”
  3. “Her upscale apartment is located in a prestigious neighborhood.”
  4. “The upscale lounge is popular among business travelers.”
  5. “He purchased an upscale car to celebrate his promotion.”


Meaning: Rich and expensive-looking.

  1. “The hotel offers sumptuous suites with ocean views.”
  2. “She prepared a sumptuous meal for her guests.”
  3. “Their sumptuous vacation included luxury accommodations.”
  4. “He wore a sumptuous silk robe around the house.”
  5. “The banquet featured sumptuous delicacies from around the world.”


Meaning: Elegant and exclusive.

  1. “The high-class restaurant requires advance reservations.”
  2. “They enjoyed a high-class evening at the opera.”
  3. “His high-class manners charmed everyone at the party.”
  4. “The high-class boutique sells custom-made garments.”
  5. “She organized a high-class gala for her charity.”


Meaning: Excellent and impressive.

  1. “The hotel staff provided superb service.”
  2. “They had a superb time sailing along the coast.”
  3. “His superb attention to detail ensures quality work.”
  4. “She looked superb in her custom-made gown.”
  5. “The team celebrated their superb victory.”


Meaning: Showing off luxury and splendor.

  1. “His pompous speech reflected his wealth and influence.”
  2. “The pompous palace was filled with golden statues.”
  3. “She enjoys the pompous lifestyle that fame brings.”
  4. “Their pompous attitude alienated their guests.”
  5. “The restaurant’s pompous menu included exotic dishes.”


Meaning: Extravagant or luxurious.

  1. “They held a lavish ceremony to celebrate the grand opening.”
  2. “His lavish spending habits left him short on savings.”
  3. “The couple enjoyed a lavish vacation at a private island.”
  4. “The lavish garden party featured gourmet food and live music.”
  5. “Her lavish gown turned heads at the charity gala.”


Meaning: Sophisticated and high-end.

  1. “They went to a fancy restaurant for their anniversary dinner.”
  2. “She wore a fancy hat to the horse racing event.”
  3. “The fancy ballroom was lit with sparkling chandeliers.”
  4. “He enjoyed a fancy cocktail at the bar.”
  5. “Their fancy invitation hinted at a grand wedding.”


Meaning: An elaborate and luxurious event.

  1. “The music festival was an extravaganza of performances.”
  2. “She planned an extravaganza for her daughter’s quinceañera.”
  3. “The holiday shopping extravaganza draws crowds annually.”
  4. “Their film premiere was an extravaganza of lights and glamour.”
  5. “He organized a sports extravaganza for charity.”


Meaning: Elegant and refined.

  1. “She wore a classy dress that was simple yet striking.”
  2. “Their classy lounge offers fine wine and gourmet food.”
  3. “He gave a classy speech at the charity event.”
  4. “The office adopted a classy minimalist style.”
  5. “They chose a classy venue for their engagement party.”


Meaning: Highly regarded and respected.

  1. “She works for a prestigious international firm.”
  2. “His prestigious award brought recognition to the school.”
  3. “They attended a prestigious business summit overseas.”
  4. “The restaurant received a prestigious culinary award.”
  5. “He studied at a prestigious university abroad.”


Meaning: Magnificent and royal in quality.

  1. “The imperial palace displayed centuries of history and wealth.”
  2. “They lived in an imperial estate passed down for generations.”
  3. “She collected imperial artifacts from across the globe.”
  4. “The emperor’s imperial court was a spectacle of opulence.”
  5. “His imperial demeanor commanded respect and authority.”


Meaning: Impressive and extravagant in style.

  1. “The CEO laid out a grandiose vision for the company’s future.”
  2. “Their grandiose mansion has a marble fountain in the garden.”
  3. “He has grandiose plans to establish a global presence.”
  4. “Her grandiose costume stood out in the carnival parade.”
  5. “They organized a grandiose ceremony for the charity fundraiser.”

Pomp and Circumstance

Meaning: Ceremony and spectacle.

  1. “The royal wedding was celebrated with pomp and circumstance.”
  2. “Graduates celebrated their achievements with pomp and circumstance.”
  3. “The nation marked Independence Day with pomp and circumstance.”
  4. “Their annual gala was filled with pomp and circumstance.”
  5. “The festival parade marched on with pomp and circumstance.”


Meaning: Resembling royalty in elegance or style.

  1. “The queen’s regal demeanor impressed the audience.”
  2. “They chose a regal theme for their anniversary celebration.”
  3. “Her regal attire matched the royal setting.”
  4. “He carried himself with a regal posture.”
  5. “The orchestra performed in a regal concert hall.”


Meaning: Characteristic of nobility or upper-class.

  1. “She inherited an aristocratic estate in the countryside.”
  2. “His aristocratic tastes include gourmet dining and fine art.”
  3. “The aristocratic family is known for their philanthropy.”
  4. “They live an aristocratic lifestyle surrounded by wealth.”
  5. “Her aristocratic manners stood out at the formal event.”


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