Types of Conditional Sentences in English | Examples of Conditional Sentences PDF

Types of Conditional Sentences in English! Here is a detailed lesson about conditional sentences in English. Examples, exercises, and Pdf are listed below. If you improve your English speaking must learn about first conditional sentences, second conditional sentences and third conditional sentences with examples are present there.

Types of Conditional Sentences in English

Conditional Sentence Definition

The if-part and the main section of a conditional sentence are usually made up of two components.


  • If you arrive, we will gladly accept you.
  • The if-part is “if you come,” while the major part is “we shall welcome you.”
  • If you arrive, we will gladly accept you.
  • If you come, we will be delighted to see you.

The Different Types Of Conditional Sentences

Sentences with no conditional clauses

Zero Conditional Sentences

If + present simple is true, then present simple is true.


  • If they do not eat, they will perish.
  • When you combine hydrogen and oxygen, you make water.
  • Babies cry when they are hungry.

1st Conditional Sentences

Example Structure: If + Present Simple + Will + Infinitive

  • I’m not going to the park if it’s raining.
  • I’ll get some new sneakers if I have enough money.
  • She’ll be late if the train is delayed; she’ll miss the bus if she doesn’t go; if I see her, I’ll tell; and if it rains tomorrow, I’ll stay home.
  • If my football team loses the game, I will be disappointed.

Types of conditional sentences in english

Second conditional sentences

2nd Conditional Sentences

If + Past Simple and Would + Infinitives are the structures.

  • If it rained, you would be drenched.
  • If it rained, you’d get wet.
  • You wouldn’t be so exhausted if you went to bed earlier.

Conditional Sentences No. 3

If + past perfect and would + have + past participle structure


  • She would have passed the exam if she had studied (but we all know she didn’t study, thus she didn’t).
  • I wouldn’t have been unwell if I hadn’t eaten so much (but I did eat a lot, and so I did feel sick).
  • We would not have gotten there if we had taken a taxi.
  • She would not have been fatigued if she had gone to bed earlier • She would have become a teacher if she had attended university • He would have arrived at the interview on time if he had left the house at nine o’clock
  • Could we not have met them if we had gone?
  • We would not have been able to meet her if she had been preoccupied.
  • If my friend had been a multibillionaire, he might have purchased that diamond ring.

second conditional sentences

what are conditional sentences in English grammar?

Ans: Example of conditional sentences

  • It’s possible that if……, my friend would have purchased the diamond ring.
  • We would have arrived in Kuwait earlier if we had flown by plane.
  • We would have arrived in Kuwait pretty late if we had traveled by ship.
  • If our neighbors had greeted us, we would have responded enthusiastically.
  • If the students had passed two of their subjects, they might have been promoted.
  • I must have been in a rush if I said that.
  • If I’d been in your shoes, I’d have passed; if I’d met him, I’d have had a conversation with him.
  • They may have seen this news if they possessed a television.
  • You could have been saved from your attackers if I had been beside you. (The word “with” is employed as a preposition.)
  • Would he have come if you had phoned him?
  • Could we not have met them if we had gone?
  • Could I do this if I were in your shoes?
  • Could I have struck up a conversation with her if I’d met her?
  • Could Kashmir have been annexed (joined) to Pakistan if the Pakistan-India I wish I had not wasted my time with them?

example of conditional sentences

Conditional sentences in English grammar examples

  • What if the war had continued in 1965?
  • The gathering would have been more colorful if she had been invited.
  • If our leaders had been wiser, our civilization would have been a better place.
  • If she had been invited to the celebration, wouldn’t it have been more colorful?
  • Ali would have received a prize if he had won the bout. (Would he have received a reward?)
  • One thing is contingent on the usage of the word “unless.”
  • If you don’t instruct me, I won’t be able to pass.
  • I will not pass unless you teach me.
  • Unless you intervene, she will purchase a useless watch.
  • Feelings or wishes for the future and past.
  • We wish we had the opportunity to go around the world.
  • I wish I was in charge of the country’s affairs.

Conditional Sentences Exercises

  • If they come, we ——–will be overjoyed.
  • If it rains, the crop will be perfect.
  • She’ll be in big trouble if she doesn’t show up for these classes.
  • Had I been present, I would have heard the news.
  • ——— They came to see us, and we —— greeted them.
  • We wouldn’t be able to meet the teacher if she was ——- busy.
  • If the weather was nice, we could ——- out for a walk.
  • If she —– able to, she would (do) her task.
  • If you ——— in my shoes, you’ll be in big trouble.
  • I would answer the questions if I ———- there.
  • If Ali was given the opportunity, she could ——- write this essay.
  • If you ——— asked, would I not ——— come?
  • Is it possible that if I ———– asked, I could fix this problem?
  • Could you afford to build a large home if you were ———– wealthy?
  • Wouldn’t you have been ———– happier if you were ———– poorer?
  • If they saw him in distress, they would ——— assist him.
  • ——— You purchase this book and read it thoroughly.
  • If war breaks out next week, we’ll all be in big trouble.
  • You should not ——— purchase this useless timepiece.
  • I would ——– do a good job on my papers if I had ———— enough information.

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