5 Examples of Future Tense

5 Examples of Future Tense. There are many different types of verbs in English, but one of the most important distinctions is between past tense and future tense.

Verbs in the future tense indicate that an action will take place at some point after the present moment. For example, the sentence “I will meet you at the park” indicates that the speaker plans to meet someone else at a specific time in the future.

There are a few different ways to form the future tense in English, which can be confusing for learners. However, once you understand the basic rules, it’s not so difficult.

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5 Examples of Future Tense

5 Future Tense Examples

  • I will meet you at the park.
  • They will arrive tomorrow.
  • We will have a party next weekend.
  • I will finish my homework tonight.
  • You will feel better soon.
  • I will be fat.
  • You will be ugly.
  • He will be a Loser.
  • She will be a Failure.
  • It will be the End of the World.

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