Verbs That Start With A

Verbs that start with A in English often animate language beautifully. Asserting clarity, they amplify messages effectively. Acknowledging this, authors frequently adopt them. Aiming for precision, these verbs adeptly anchor sentences.

Additionally, they adeptly accentuate emotions, articulating thoughts vividly.”

Verbs That Start With A

Apply for Assassin
Act up Ascribe
Arrive Appetit
Activate Allay
Accustom Answer to
Apiary Account for
Appreciate Adopt out
Apothegmatize Advise
Abrade Alert
Astound Aggrandize
Alloy Adjute
Aligned Append
Adipocerate Ask in
Asperse Attack
Advertise Accompany
Acclimate Appetize
Attask Advocate
Apply Acclimatize
Athink Attemperate
Adact Apology
Accomplished Amuse
Ascertain Admire of
Accend Appease
Amaze Advocated
Albumenize Animate
Assibilate Alarm
Awake Alkalizate
Adjudge Accelerate
Againbuy Arise
Actualize Adapted
Address with Accrete
Accurse Accrue
Assay Analyze
Adaw Attitudinize
Access Accoil
Abridge Ally
Adhort Appeach
Adjust by Abominate
Attaint Apostate
Aggrieve Attain
Audit Atterrate
Algebraize Addict
Act Attinge
Alliance Annoy
Agglomerate Assassinate
Admit Atrede
Allineate Adonize
Assessor Assign
Attent Ascend
Aid Arbitrate
Adduce Admire in
Arranged Abet
Adight Agnize
Achieved Alligate
Allude Attenuate
Answer Abortive
Adjective Aggroup
Aggrace Agree with
Acknowledge Abuse
Adjust in Aguilt
Assault Adfected
Accost Allegorize
Accouple Abode
Alkalize Ague
Attendant Allow for
Alienate Avoid
Allocate Agast
Allect Accumb
Advanced Againstand
Abjudicate Appose
Assent Allfours
Allatrate Accent
Aced Administered
Allonge Assert
Amplified Account
Applicate Alacrify
Aberr Agnominate
Atrophy Accord
Admix Apparel
Ablactate Acclaim
Applied Aggravate
Abstract noun Abjugate
Ample Accoy
Affiliate Abort
Afford Atticize
Accorporate Adopt
Accede Answer back
Allegge Answered
Adduct Apparaillyng
Adjoin Atone
Assecure Acquaint
Aspirate Attrahent
Architected Appair
Apostrophize Assimilate
Accentuate Alliterate
Acquit Aberrate
Agrarianize Abduce
Accriminate Accordment
Adjugate Assize
Adjure for Abear
Abdicate Attorney
Agrace Arbitrated
Authorize Attire
Aggrege Affirm
Agglutinate Ask for
Alegge Ask
Authorized Abbreviate
Alledge Adjourn
Abnodate Accoast
Aphetize Accite
Admarginate Apocopate
Abirritate Abalienate
Abash Agrise
Authored Advise against
Attache Abortifacient
Alien Aliment
Altercate Adeem
Amplify Accept
Atake Apple
Aim at Add up
Appeal Argue
Askance Apostatize
Abjudge Add in
Againsay Aided
Abolitionize Analyzed
Agitate Abolish
Attempt Aggerate
Appendicate Assiege
Accoutre Aspire
Anticipate Adjure with
Attend to Ascertained
Apostemate Admire to
Alight Agatize
Accroach Ask over
Afforest Abligate
Account to Attorn
Arouse Attame
Appointed Aghast
Affect Adapt with
Administerof Assisted
Announce Appeal to
Addle Act upon
Atheize Aline
Attend Abandon
Attaste Automate
Attune Atmolyze
Abduct Adaunt
Assess Ash
Assessed Ablude
Attract Add for
Assist Apportion
Assignee Adject
Add with Allow
Advance Ask round
Aggest Abide
Admire out Aphorize
Adore Alcoholize
Allure Act out
Apotheosize Accloy
Alchemize Apperceive
Align Age
Ask out Allotropize
Ape Attest
Alleviate Amend
Adapt for Addoom
Appertain Ablegate
Attemper Associate
Answer for Administrate
Admove Aguise
Asphyxiate Aliene
Accomplish Applaud
Appraise Asseverate
Accumulate Allot
Appall Appointee
Applot Abord
Alter Adhere
Adapt before Atom
Abhor Abnegate
Acquired Accresce
Ablaqueate Approve
Ashame Address by
Awarded Attendance
Admonish Appay
Addeem Absent
Assembled Advised
Addressed Acted As
Address Asperne
Asperate Agonize
Atomize Assart
Attained Alkalify
Absolve Assever
Acquire Assail
Apprentice Attrap
Audited Addulce
Agree Arrest
Accouter Aband
Abate Adjudicate
Admeasure in Appear
Assemble Accommodate
Accumber Aggress
Accourt Accuse
Adulate Agist
Arrange Allege
Attach Adhibit
Age out Administer for
Asphalt Abase
Abjure Ask after
Apologize Accourage
Accede for Atrenne
Aslake Act on
Accredit Attribute
Appoint Abound

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Verbs Starting With A

  1. Accept
    • Meaning: To receive willingly.
    • Example: She accepted the gift graciously.
  2. Accomplish
    • Meaning: To achieve or complete successfully.
    • Example: He accomplished his goal of running a marathon.
  3. Account
    • Meaning: To explain or justify.
    • Example: She accounted for all the expenses in the report.
  4. Accuse
    • Meaning: To charge with a fault or offense.
    • Example: The detective accused the suspect of the crime.
  5. Achieve
    • Meaning: To successfully bring about or reach a desired objective.
    • Example: They achieved a remarkable victory.
  6. Acknowledge
    • Meaning: To recognize or admit the existence or truth of something.
    • Example: He acknowledged his mistake.
  7. Acquire
    • Meaning: To obtain something for oneself.
    • Example: She acquired a new skill during the course.
  8. Act
    • Meaning: To take action or do something.
    • Example: He acted quickly in the emergency.
  9. Adapt
    • Meaning: To make suitable to requirements or conditions.
    • Example: They adapted the novel for the screenplay.
  10. Add
    • Meaning: To join something to something else.
    • Example: Add some sugar to the tea.
  11. Address
    • Meaning: To direct a speech or written statement to.
    • Example: The president addressed the nation.
  12. Adjust
    • Meaning: To alter or move something slightly.
    • Example: Adjust the microscope for a clearer view.
  13. Administer
    • Meaning: To manage or direct.
    • Example: She administers the funds carefully.
  14. Admire
    • Meaning: To regard with wonder, pleasure, or approval.
    • Example: He admires her courage.
  15. Admit
    • Meaning: To confess or acknowledge.
    • Example: She admitted her mistake.
  16. Adopt
    • Meaning: To take up or start to use something.
    • Example: They decided to adopt a healthier lifestyle.
  17. Adore
    • Meaning: To love and respect someone deeply.
    • Example: She adores her grandchildren.
  18. Advise
    • Meaning: To offer suggestions about the best course of action.
    • Example: He advises patience in this matter.
  19. Affect
    • Meaning: To have an influence on or make a difference to.
    • Example: The decision will affect the outcome of the election.
  20. Affirm
    • Meaning: To state as a fact; assert strongly and publicly.
    • Example: She affirmed her commitment to the project.
  21. Aid
    • Meaning: To help, assist, or support.
    • Example: He aided her in her research.
  22. Aim
    • Meaning: To point or direct at a target.
    • Example: The archer aimed at the target.
  23. Allow
    • Meaning: To permit or give permission.
    • Example: They allow each employee two breaks a day.
  24. Alter
    • Meaning: To change or modify.
    • Example: She altered her plans due to the weather.
  25. Amaze
    • Meaning: To surprise or astonish greatly.
    • Example: The magician’s tricks amaze the audience.
  26. Amend
    • Meaning: To make minor changes to something.
    • Example: They voted to amend the constitution.
  27. Analyze
    • Meaning: To examine in detail.
    • Example: The scientist analyzes the data carefully.
  28. Announce
    • Meaning: To make a public or formal declaration about.
    • Example: They announce the winners at the ceremony.
  29. Annoy
    • Meaning: To irritate or make someone a little angry.
    • Example: Loud noises annoy me.
  30. Answer
    • Meaning: To respond to a question.
    • Example: She answered the question correctly.
  31. Anticipate
    • Meaning: To expect or predict.
    • Example: They anticipate a large crowd at the event.
  32. Apologize
    • Meaning: To express regret for something done or said.
    • Example: He apologized for being late.
  33. Appear
    • Meaning: To become visible or noticeable.
    • Example: The sun appears over the horizon.
  34. Apply
    • Meaning: To put to use or assign to a particular task.
    • Example: Apply the paint evenly on the surface.
  35. Appoint
    • Meaning: To assign a job or role to someone.
    • Example: She was appointed as the new director.
  36. Appreciate
    • Meaning: To recognize the full worth of.
    • Example: I appreciate your help.
  37. Approach
    • Meaning: To come near or nearer to.
    • Example: The deadline is approaching fast.
  38. Approve
    • Meaning: To officially agree to or accept as satisfactory.
    • Example: The committee approved the new regulations.
  39. Argue
    • Meaning: To exchange or express diverging or opposite views.
    • Example: They argue about politics frequently.
  40. Arrange
    • Meaning: To put things in a neat, attractive, or required order.
    • Example: Arrange the flowers in a vase.
  41. Arrest
    • Meaning: To seize by legal authority and take into custody.
    • Example: The police arrest the suspect.
  42. Arrive
    • Meaning: To reach a place.
    • Example: The train arrived on time.
  43. Ask
    • Meaning: To request information.
    • Example: She asked him a question.
  44. Assemble
    • Meaning: To gather together in one place for a common purpose.
    • Example: The students assemble in the auditorium.
  45. Assess
    • Meaning: To evaluate or estimate the nature, ability, or quality of.
    • Example: The teacher assesses the students’ work.
  46. Assign
    • Meaning: To allocate a task or duty.
    • Example: Assign each team member a role.
  47. Assist
    • Meaning: To help or give support.
    • Example: He assisted her with the heavy boxes.
  48. Assume
    • Meaning: To suppose to be the case, without proof.
    • Example: She assumes that he will arrive on time.
  49. Assure
    • Meaning: To tell someone something positively to dispel any doubts.
    • Example: I assure you that the project will be completed.
  50. Attach
    • Meaning: To fasten or join one thing to another.
    • Example: Attach the document to the email.

Action Verbs Starting With A

  1. Accept – Receive
  2. Achieve – Accomplish
  3. Act – Perform
  4. Adapt – Modify
  5. Add – Increase
  6. Adjust – Alter
  7. Admire – Appreciate
  8. Admit – Confess
  9. Advise – Counsel
  10. Afford – Provide
  11. Agree – Consent
  12. Aid – Help
  13. Aim – Target
  14. Allow – Permit
  15. Amend – Modify
  16. Analyze – Examine
  17. Answer – Reply
  18. Apologize – Atone
  19. Appear – Show
  20. Apply – Use
  21. Appoint – Assign
  22. Appreciate – Value
  23. Approach – Near
  24. Argue – Debate
  25. Arrange – Organize
  26. Arrest – Detain
  27. Arrive – Reach
  28. Ask – Inquire
  29. Assemble – Gather
  30. Assess – Evaluate
  31. Assign – Allocate
  32. Assist – Help
  33. Assume – Presume
  34. Assure – Guarantee
  35. Attach – Connect
  36. Attack – Assault
  37. Attend – Participate
  38. Attract – Draw
  39. Audit – Examine
  40. Avoid – Evade
  41. Awake – Wake
  42. Award – Honor
  43. Advocate – Support
  44. Animate – Enliven
  45. Announce – Declare
  46. Anticipate – Expect
  47. Alter – Change
  48. Accelerate – Hasten
  49. Accommodate – Fit
  50. Accuse – Charge

Positive Verbs That Start With A

  1. Admire – Respect
  2. Adore – Love
  3. Appreciate – Value
  4. Applaud – Praise
  5. Accomplish – Achieve
  6. Assist – Help
  7. Amuse – Entertain
  8. Animate – Energize
  9. Advocate – Support
  10. Affirm – Confirm
  11. Ascend – Rise
  12. Aspire – Desire
  13. Amaze – Astonish
  14. Attract – Lure
  15. Accredit – Approve
  16. Acquire – Obtain
  17. Alleviate – Ease
  18. Amplify – Intensify
  19. Acknowledge – Recognize
  20. Award – Honor
  21. Adapt – Adjust
  22. Adorn – Decorate
  23. Align – Arrange
  24. Activate – Initiate
  25. Advance – Progress
  26. Aid – Support
  27. Arouse – Stimulate
  28. Authorize – Permit
  29. Accentuate – Emphasize
  30. Achieve – Succeed
  31. Agree – Consent
  32. Announce – Declare
  33. Arrive – Reach
  34. Acquaint – Familiarize
  35. Accommodate – Adjust
  36. Affectionate – Loving
  37. Allure – Attract
  38. Applause – Clap
  39. Assure – Reassure
  40. Abound – Flourish
  41. Absolve – Pardon
  42. Accent – Highlight
  43. Accept – Receive
  44. Accompany – Escort
  45. AccustomHabituate
  46. Achiever – Winner
  47. Acclaim – Praise
  48. Accrue – Accumulate
  49. Acumen – Insight
  50. Advertise – Promote

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