Verbs that start with O in English

Verbs that start with the letter O in English are quite uncommon, but there are a few examples. One verb that starts with O is “obfuscate.” This verb means to make something obscure or unclear. Another example of an O-verb is “obtain,” which means to acquire something. There is also “opine,” which can mean either to express an opinion or to predict something.

Verbs That Start With O

Oration Overidealize
Ouse Outblush
Overbow Outbud
Overawe Objected
Obelisk Oblique
Obsecrate Oppilate
Opacate Outbalance
Overcharge Overcome
Oversaw Orbit
Overslip Overdose
Overhear Optimize
Oratorize Occrustate
Obsessed Obtrude
Overabound Outcant
Offend Opinlate
Organize Overran
Overclimb Overbuild
Out Overburn
Outlawed Overcrowd
Obscuration Ooze
Overcame Opalize
Osculate Occupate
Opinion Obrogate
Opportune Obtain
Outbeg Overbend
Obequitate Obsignate
Obstringe Objectivate
Outdo Outdream
Outbabble Outdazzle
Obscure Outdare
Orientate Overdare
Outran Overcrow
Outbow Ordain
Office Obolize
Obectize Obelize
Overcast Occlude
Overaffect Officer
Outcrop Oblatrate
Overboil Overcanopy
Overcount Overarch
Outrage Occur
Obsolesce Outsourced
Outburn Officiate
Overcloy Overbear
Outgrow Occurs
Obtained Object
Own Up Outpaced
Outmove Obfirm
Overbid Orthographize
Outdrink Objectify
Objurgate Obdure
Ok Outbrave
Overcolor Operated
Overbulk Oblige
Outcheat Obduct
Obfirmate Occasion
Oppose Ossify
Outshine Overcloud
Obey Outbuild
Outbid Outperformed
Obnubilate Outpitch
Overact Offered
Originate Opiate
Orientalize Outargue
Overcatch Overhauled
Overgrown Offset
Organ Obliterate
Originated Outbribe
Obligate Optate
Overdate Overdoing
Obdurate Overbreed
Overbide Outclimb
Order Oppress
Overrate Outbleat
Orb Oblectate
Ostend Oscillate
Outdure Outdraw
Obstupefy Operate
Orphan Ornament
Observe Officiated
Ope Overbuy
Overbrow Oppone
Outact Oracle
Outcrafty Overbrim
Outer Overburden
Overcover Orient
Off Observed
Obsign Open
Oriented Outswim
Outbring Outface
Overstrike Outbar
Outbreast Oust
Occult Overbalance
Outbreathe Obstacle
Opalesce Ostracize
Ostentate Orchestrated
Open Up Outtaken
Overagitate Overhaul
Obduce Outbray
Ordinate Overflow
Ornate Overblow
Orchestrate Outcompass
Obviate Opens
Obstruct Overcarry
Organized Occupy
Outbrag Orn
Oppignerate Oppugn
Obsess Obsolete
Organizing Obfuscate
Outdwell Offer
Opine Occasionate
Okay Outbrazen
Owe Overdo

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Verbs Starting With O

1. Observe

  • Meaning: To watch attentively.
  • Example: She observed the stars through a telescope.

2. Obtain

  • Meaning: To acquire or get.
  • Example: He obtained permission for his project.

3. Occupy

  • Meaning: To reside or use a space.
  • Example: The family occupies a large house.

4. Offer

  • Meaning: To propose or present.
  • Example: She offered her help to the neighbors.

5. Operate

  • Meaning: To function or work.
  • Example: The machine operates smoothly.

6. Overcome

  • Meaning: To conquer or overcome a challenge.
  • Example: He overcame his fears.

7. Overlook

  • Meaning: To miss or ignore.
  • Example: She overlooked a critical detail.

8. Overtake

  • Meaning: To catch up and surpass.
  • Example: The cyclist overtook his competitor.

9. Owe

  • Meaning: To be in debt or obligated.
  • Example: He owes a substantial amount of money.

10. Own

  • Meaning: To possess.
  • Example: They own a small business.

11. Object

  • Meaning: To disagree or oppose.
  • Example: He objected to the proposal.

12. Oblige

  • Meaning: To compel or bind.
  • Example: Circumstances obliged him to act.

13. Obscure

  • Meaning: To make unclear or hidden.
  • Example: The fog obscured the view.

14. Obstruct

  • Meaning: To block or impede.
  • Example: A fallen tree obstructed the road.

15. Obtain

  • Meaning: To get or acquire.
  • Example: She obtained a rare book.

16. Occur

  • Meaning: To happen or take place.
  • Example: An accident occurred on the highway.

17. Offend

  • Meaning: To upset or insult.
  • Example: His comments offended many people.

18. Omit

  • Meaning: To leave out or exclude.
  • Example: He omitted important facts.

19. Opt

  • Meaning: To make a choice or decision.
  • Example: She opted for the vegetarian meal.

20. Orchestrate

  • Meaning: To arrange or coordinate.
  • Example: He orchestrated a successful event.

21. Order

  • Meaning: To request or command.
  • Example: She ordered a new book online.

22. Organize

  • Meaning: To arrange systematically.
  • Example: They organized the conference efficiently.

23. Originate

  • Meaning: To begin or start.
  • Example: The idea originated during a meeting.

24. Outdo

  • Meaning: To surpass or exceed.
  • Example: She always tries to outdo her last performance.

25. Outlast

  • Meaning: To endure or last longer.
  • Example: The veteran player outlasted his younger opponents.

26. Outlaw

  • Meaning: To prohibit or ban.
  • Example: The government outlawed smoking in public places.

27. Outnumber

  • Meaning: To exceed in number.
  • Example: The protestors outnumbered the police.

28. Outperform

  • Meaning: To do better than.
  • Example: The new model outperforms the older versions.

29. Outrun

  • Meaning: To run faster than.
  • Example: He outran his competitors in the race.

30. Outshine

  • Meaning: To surpass in brilliance or excellence.
  • Example: Her performance outshined all others.

31. Overact

  • Meaning: To exaggerate a performance.
  • Example: He tends to overact in dramatic scenes.

32. Overanalyze

  • Meaning: To examine too much.
  • Example: She has a tendency to overanalyze situations.

33. Overcharge

  • Meaning: To charge too much.
  • Example: The shop overcharged for the services.

34. Overcook

  • Meaning: To cook too long.
  • Example: She overcooked the vegetables.

35. Overestimate

  • Meaning: To estimate more than the actual value.
  • Example: He overestimated his abilities.

36. Overexpose

  • Meaning: To expose too much to light.
  • Example: The photo was overexposed.

37. Overflow

  • Meaning: To flow over the edge.
  • Example: The river overflowed its banks.

38. Overhear

  • Meaning: To hear something not intended for one’s ears.
  • Example: She overheard their conversation.

39. Overpower

  • Meaning: To overpower or dominate.
  • Example: The stronger team overpowered their opponents.

40. Overrule

  • Meaning: To reverse a decision.
  • Example: The judge overruled the objection.

41. Oversee

  • Meaning: To supervise or manage.
  • Example: He oversees the entire operation.

42. Overshadow

  • Meaning: To dominate or make less significant.
  • Example: His performance overshadowed the others.

43. Oversimplify

  • Meaning: To make too simple.
  • Example: The article oversimplified the issue.

44. Overtake

  • Meaning: To catch up with and pass.
  • Example: The car overtook the truck on the highway.

45. Overthrow

  • Meaning: To remove from power.
  • Example: The revolution sought to overthrow the government.

46. Overtire

  • Meaning: To become excessively tired.
  • Example: The long journey overtired them.

47. Overturn

  • Meaning: To turn over or flip.
  • Example: The strong winds overturned the boat.

48. Overwhelm

  • Meaning: To overpower emotionally or physically.
  • Example: She was overwhelmed by the news.

49. Owe

  • Meaning: To be in debt to someone.
  • Example: I owe you a favor.

50. Oxidize

  • Meaning: To combine with oxygen.
  • Example: Iron oxidizes to form rust.

Action Verbs Starting With O

  1. Observe: Watch
  2. Obtain: Acquire
  3. Occupy: Inhabit
  4. Offer: Propose
  5. Operate: Function
  6. Optimize: Enhance
  7. Orchestrate: Coordinate
  8. Order: Command
  9. Organize: Arrange
  10. Originate: Initiate
  11. Outdo: Surpass
  12. Outlast: Endure
  13. Outlaw: Prohibit
  14. Outline: Summarize
  15. Outpace: Exceed
  16. Outperform: Excel
  17. Outrun: Race
  18. Outshine: Eclipse
  19. Outsmart: Outwit
  20. Outvote: Overrule
  21. Overcome: Conquer
  22. Overcook: Burn
  23. Overestimate: Misjudge
  24. Overexpose: Reveal
  25. Overflow: Flood
  26. Overhaul: Revamp
  27. Overhear: Eavesdrop
  28. Overlap: Intersect
  29. Overload: Burden
  30. Overlook: Miss
  31. Overpower: Dominate
  32. Oversee: Supervise
  33. Overshadow: Diminish
  34. Overspend: Squander
  35. Overspread: Cover
  36. Overstate: Exaggerate
  37. Overstep: Transgress
  38. Overthrow: Topple
  39. Overtire: Exhaust
  40. Overturn: Capsize
  41. Overwhelm: Engulf
  42. Owe: Indebt
  43. Own: Possess
  44. Oxidize: Rust
  45. Ostracize: Exclude
  46. Oscillate: Swing
  47. Orbit: Circle
  48. Oppose: Resist
  49. Opine: Suggest
  50. Open: Unveil

Positive Verbs That Start With O

  1. Observe: Notice
  2. Obtain: Gain
  3. Occupy: Fill
  4. Offer: Present
  5. Operate: Run
  6. Optimize: Improve
  7. Orchestrate: Manage
  8. Order: Request
  9. Organize: Systematize
  10. Originate: Create
  11. Outdo: Beat
  12. Outlast: Survive
  13. Outlaw: Ban
  14. Outline: Sketch
  15. Outpace: Outstrip
  16. Outperform: Triumph
  17. Outrun: Outspeed
  18. Outshine: Dazzle
  19. Outsmart: Deceive
  20. Outvote: Prevail
  21. Overcome: Defeat
  22. Overcook: Overdo
  23. Overestimate: Overvalue
  24. Overexpose: Disclose
  25. Overflow: Spill
  26. Overhaul: Repair
  27. Overhear: Intercept
  28. Overlap: Extend
  29. Overload: Overburden
  30. Overlook: Ignore
  31. Overpower: Subdue
  32. Oversee: Watch
  33. Overshadow: Overshade
  34. Overspend: Waste
  35. Overspread: Expand
  36. Overstate: Inflate
  37. Overstep: Intrude
  38. Overthrow: Dethrone
  39. Overtire: Weary
  40. Overturn: Invert
  41. Overwhelm: Swamp
  42. Owe: Repay
  43. Own: Hold
  44. Oxidize: Corrode
  45. Ostracize: Shun
  46. Oscillate: Vibrate
  47. Orbit: Revolve
  48. Oppose: Contest
  49. Opine: Think
  50. Open: Unlock

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Verbs that begin with O

Verbs that start with O in English

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