Verbs that start with T in English

Verbs that start with t in English are an important part of the language. They are used to express actions, states, and occurrences. Knowing them can help you build a better understanding of how to use verbs effectively in your speech and writing.

Verbs That Start With T

Touch Telephone
Twist Teen
Teathe Tell
Thermolyze Transact
Tweag Tint
Tune Tibicinate
Tug Trim
Telegraph Tame
Tale Throb
Tea Threap
Think Thirst
Twitch Train
Teasel Tinge
Tick Total
Thread Tol
Throat Transfer
Trait Talent
Turn Out Twit
Traduct Try Out
Tynd Tabby
Ting Tangent
Tranquilize Terminated
Tumulate Tailor
Tut Tend
Top-Slice Tumble
Tun Take Out
Talk Over Tweel
Taper Tiller
Tramp Turn Over
Turn To Thick
Trade Ticket
Tongue Tenderize
Throdden Tincture
Titillate Tie
Temper Tillow
Tumult Transitioned
Teend Tighten
Transformed Typify
Thieve To-Rend
Toddle Tweedle
Tempest Turn Against
Tooth Tiddle
Tohew Tobacconist
Transcolate Turn Into
Thimblerig Transcur
Transferred Tout
Tice Talk
Turnip Tickle
Traitor Table
Thak Tender
Tabu Transfix
Tye Twirl
Tapestry Tomb
Tod Torch
Trammel Thrack
Team Tie-Dye
Temp Tiff
Turn Taint
Type Tinsel
Tip Off Tyrant
Thrid Turn In
Tusk Tag
Think Back Toady
Tract Tolerate
Tabularize Tubicinate
Tease Thicken
Tight Teach
Trace Temperament
Tope Tile
Typeset Thwarted
Tweak Tinker
Tempt Tine
Trance Throw Away
Taught Taboo
Tull Torment
Tack Tinkle
Tampon Toboggan
Tonguester Transelementate
Tallage Topcoat
Transanimate Think Over
Temple Turn Off
Tabulate Tiptoe
Tennis Teazle
Tap Theosophize
Ted Tyre
Tuck Temporize
Talk Through Trouble
Tutor Transcend
Throw Tambour
Tool Teamed With
Trust Tell Off
Turnpike Times
Tabefy Thrash
Threpe Tracked
Thou Twin
Turn Down Tamp
Thresh Thole
Travel Turn Up
Try Thorn
Tabulated Teasle
Torpify Twattle
Tub Theorize
Top-Dress Transcorporate
Tractable Tallow
Tripled Teazel
Traffic Telescope
Torase Tedder
Tier The
Transfigure Tidy
Taste Tipsify
Temperate Tantamount
Toom Threaten
Ta Tenant
Tone Tind
Teeter Take
Tomahawk Thanksgive
Tramble Tumultuate
Turn On Torace
Try On Tabour
Tipple Twiddle
Thrall Transcribe
Transfigurate Targeted
Teeth TRUE
Troubleshot Twig
Twinkle Transelement
Tip Thraw
Trampoose Tegumentary
Tee Thrust
Twifallow Tally
Thrifallow Tidder
Timber Thaw
Tear Tink
Tested Track
Twitter Twine
Toreador Think Up
Transfeminate Turn Around
Take On Take Off
Theologize Twight
Thrill Tackle
Tangle Turn Round
Turf Time
Toll Treasure
Taber Thrive
Temperance Transforate
Torpedo Turgesce
Tollbooth Teem
Thraste Tilt
Tube Tympanize
Tradition Traject
Tyne Tinct
Tole Till
Tucker Tunnel
Thring Talk Down
Twinge Topple
Thank Tot
Tellurize Tussle
Toast Twill
Toe Tump
Trample Toil
Tantalize Typewrite
Tail Traduce
Tin Torture
Tyrannize Twire
Twaddle Traipse
Tan Thin
Tralineate Tide
Toot Tingle
Transdialect Tamper
Terrorize Tantivy
Thirl Twang
Talk Into Teethe
Twink Trail
Tup Theorem
Tang Turbinate
Take After Tuft
Threste Triumph
Twank Turn Back
Trained Translated
Tread Tutorize
Turney Tabor
Tene Trustee
Tumefy Torrefy
Tabernacle Turmoil
Top Twangle

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Verbs Starting With T


  • Meaning: To speak or converse.
  • Example: She likes to talk about her travels.

2. Teach

  • Meaning: To instruct or educate.
  • Example: He teaches mathematics at the university.

3. Tackle

  • Meaning: To confront or take on a challenge.
  • Example: She tackled the problem head-on.

4. Take

  • Meaning: To grasp or obtain.
  • Example: He took the book from the shelf.

5. Tap

  • Meaning: To hit lightly.
  • Example: She tapped her fingers on the table.

6. Taste

  • Meaning: To perceive the flavor of something.
  • Example: He tasted the soup to check the seasoning.

7. Tear

  • Meaning: To rip or split.
  • Example: The paper tore easily.

8. Tease

  • Meaning: To mock playfully.
  • Example: They teased each other constantly.

9. Tell

  • Meaning: To inform or narrate.
  • Example: She told a fascinating story.

10. Tempt

  • Meaning: To entice or allure.
  • Example: The offer tempted him greatly.

11. Tend

  • Meaning: To care for or look after.
  • Example: She tends her garden lovingly.

12. Terminate

  • Meaning: To end or conclude.
  • Example: The contract was terminated early.

13. Test

  • Meaning: To try or examine.
  • Example: He tested the device for errors.

14. Thank

  • Meaning: To express gratitude.
  • Example: She thanked him for his help.

15. Think

  • Meaning: To consider or reflect.
  • Example: He thinks deeply about these issues.

16. Thrive

  • Meaning: To prosper or flourish.
  • Example: The plants thrive in this climate.

17. Throw

  • Meaning: To propel through the air.
  • Example: He threw the ball to his dog.

18. Tickle

  • Meaning: To touch lightly causing laughter.
  • Example: She tickled her brother playfully.

19. Tie

  • Meaning: To bind or fasten.
  • Example: He tied his shoelaces quickly.

20. Tilt

  • Meaning: To lean or incline.
  • Example: She tilted her head in curiosity.

21. Time

  • Meaning: To measure the duration of.
  • Example: They timed the race accurately.

22. Tip

  • Meaning: To give advice or a gratuity.
  • Example: He tipped the waiter generously.

23. Tire

  • Meaning: To become weary.
  • Example: She tires easily after long walks.

24. Touch

  • Meaning: To make physical contact.
  • Example: He touched the fabric to feel its texture.

25. Tour

  • Meaning: To travel around a place.
  • Example: They toured Europe last summer.

26. Tow

  • Meaning: To pull along.
  • Example: The car was towed after the accident.

27. Trace

  • Meaning: To outline or follow a path.
  • Example: She traced the steps of the ancient explorers.

28. Trade

  • Meaning: To exchange goods or services.
  • Example: They trade stocks online.

29. Train

  • Meaning: To practice or prepare.
  • Example: He trains for marathons regularly.

30. Transform

  • Meaning: To change in form or appearance.
  • Example: The caterpillar transformed into a butterfly.

31. Translate

  • Meaning: To convert from one language to another.
  • Example: She translates novels from French to English.

32. Transmit

  • Meaning: To send or convey.
  • Example: The message was transmitted via satellite.

33. Transport

  • Meaning: To carry from one place to another.
  • Example: Goods are transported by truck.

34. Travel

  • Meaning: To move or journey.
  • Example: They love to travel to exotic places.

35. Treat

  • Meaning: To deal with or act towards.
  • Example: He treats everyone with respect.

36. Tremble

  • Meaning: To shake involuntarily.
  • Example: She trembled with excitement.

37. Trim

  • Meaning: To cut or reduce.
  • Example: He trimmed the bushes in the garden.

38. Triumph

  • Meaning: To achieve victory or success.
  • Example: She triumphed in the competition.

39. Trust

  • Meaning: To rely on or believe in.
  • Example: I trust you completely.

40. Try

  • Meaning: To attempt or make an effort.
  • Example: He tried his best in the exam.

41. Turn

  • Meaning: To change direction.
  • Example: Turn left at the next street.

42. Tutor

  • Meaning: To instruct privately.
  • Example: She tutors students in math.

43. Twist

  • Meaning: To entwine or rotate.
  • Example: He twisted the rope tightly.

44. Type

  • Meaning: To write using a keyboard.
  • Example: She types her essays on her laptop.

45. Tarnish

  • Meaning: To lose luster or become discolored.
  • Example: The silverware tarnished over time.

46. Tether

  • Meaning: To tie with a rope or chain.
  • Example: The boat was tethered to the dock.

47. Tingle

  • Meaning: To feel a slight prickling sensation.
  • Example: Her skin tingled in the cold.

48. Toss

  • Meaning: To throw lightly or casually.
  • Example: He tossed the salad before serving.

49. Tumble

  • Meaning: To fall or roll helplessly.
  • Example: The books tumbled off the shelf.

50. Tweak

  • Meaning: To adjust or modify slightly.
  • Example: She tweaked the recipe to her taste.

Action Verbs Starting With T

  1. TalkConverse
  2. TeachEducate
  3. TackleConfront
  4. TakeObtain
  5. TapStrike
  6. TasteSample
  7. TearRip
  8. TeaseMock
  9. TellNarrate
  10. TemptEntice
  11. TendCare
  12. TerminateEnd
  13. TestExamine
  14. ThankAppreciate
  15. ThinkPonder
  16. ThriveFlourish
  17. ThrowPropel
  18. TickleAmuse
  19. TieBind
  20. TiltLean
  21. TimeMeasure
  22. TipAdvise
  23. TireExhaust
  24. TouchContact
  25. TourTravel
  26. TowPull
  27. TraceOutline
  28. TradeExchange
  29. TrainPrepare
  30. TransformChange
  31. TranslateConvert
  32. TransmitSend
  33. TransportCarry
  34. TravelJourney
  35. TreatHandle
  36. TrembleShake
  37. TrimCut
  38. TriumphWin
  39. TrustBelieve
  40. TryAttempt
  41. TurnRotate
  42. TutorInstruct
  43. TwistEntwine
  44. TypeWrite
  45. TarnishDiscolor
  46. TetherSecure
  47. TinglePrickle
  48. TossThrow
  49. TumbleFall
  50. TweakAdjust

Positive Verbs That Start With T

  1. ThriveProsper
  2. TransformRevolutionize
  3. TreasureCherish
  4. ThankGratitude
  5. TranscendSurpass
  6. TenderGentle
  7. TriumphSucceed
  8. TrustConfide
  9. TolerateAccept
  10. TactSkill
  11. TitillateExcite
  12. TantalizeAllure
  13. TreatPamper
  14. TidyOrganize
  15. ToastCelebrate
  16. TuneHarmonize
  17. TeamCollaborate
  18. TingleStimulate
  19. TendNurture
  20. TutorGuide
  21. TravelExplore
  22. TemptAttract
  23. ToneRefine
  24. TailorCustomize
  25. TallyCount
  26. TameCalm
  27. TeachInstruct
  28. ThrillExcite
  29. TickleAmuse
  30. TimeSchedule
  31. TipReward
  32. TossFlip
  33. ToutPromote
  34. ToyPlay
  35. TraceFollow
  36. TradeBarter
  37. TransfigureTransform
  38. TransplantRelocate
  39. TreasureValue
  40. TriggerActivate
  41. TrimPrune
  42. TrotJog
  43. TrucePeace
  44. TwinkleGlimmer
  45. TwitterChirp
  46. TallyAdd
  47. TangleWeave
  48. TaperNarrow
  49. TeemAbound
  50. TemperModerate

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Verbs that begin with T

Verbs that start with T in English

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