Verbs that start with C in English

Verbs that start with the letter ‘C’ in English can be a fun way to expand your language skills. There are many verbs beginning with C available to you that can be used in writing or conversation. From cooking to catching, these verbs can help you communicate more effectively and accurately express yourself.

Verbs That Start With C

Crayon Characterize
Chaplet Chak
Charted Concentrate
Concert Chaffern
Cling Cry
Consist Coffer
Crave Cream
Chug-a-lug Comb
Crack Coact
Charcoal Carried Out
Crash Circumduct
Circulate Coalesce
Cabin Come off
Circumference Curvet
Complement Calve
Circumagitate Cob
Clang Creance
Clearstarch Crack on
Cessment Cund
Confess Crease
Come back Call
Count up Catch up
Come together Cognize
Catch on Coached
Cope Care
Cede Circumstantiate
Come under Contracted
Cool down Circumundulate
Clapperclaw Convince
Coadventure Come into
Cicatrize Culminate
Cackle Cabal
Chortle Chark
Chancel Circumvent
Clack Can
Coal Cudgel
Curb Clip
Clepe Creaght
Critiqued Count down
Cleanse Conduce
Coalite Copy
Caddy Cesser
Crawl Chaperon
Cataloged Coextend
Cockneyfy Calculated
Cack Chapel
Crush Compliment
Cipher Coak
Crow Correct
Create Ceiling
Chain-smoke Candy
Clock in Confection
Consist in Consolidated
Cumshaw Computed
Cockbill Converted
Cup Circumvallate
Chase Cater
Confide Catch
Cram Check up
Circumfuse Cun
Come on Compared
Comfort Chirp
Check in Code
Champion Carry on
Calcimine Clam
Cooperate Cade
Created Connect
Corresponded Concluded
Clabber Cupboard
Call for Cessor
Companion Coiffure
Cham Cracknel
Creak Coax
Clock off Counseled
Claps Complain
Check out Captivate
Charm Come up
Cultivate Clarify
Calcitrate Circumstance
Chill Censure
Circumfer Circumambulate
Carry Construct
Crenelate Cabob
Commend Close up
Collected Coddle
Clear away Call out
Chicken out Civilize
Centuriate Cure
Compare Codify
Condensed Clear out
Come along Clerk
Clary Claw
Curse Chance
Consider Clean out
Coat Confirm
Crackle Cluster
Calcine Compelled
Cuckoldize Calcify
Chafery Cross
Color Celestialize
Circumflect Circumgyrate
Cheer up Cancel out
Centralize Canoodle
Crop out Captured
Clamp Chaffer
Cost Congratulate
Cable Checked
Classify Cuddle
Clapboard Chafe
Curtail Curve
Count out Clawback
Coast Civilise
Clay Constructed
Championed Circumgyre
Calamistrate Carry over
Clench Commit
Cradle Cross off
Cheat Circumnutate
Calumniate Cabbage
Clangor Come in
Commanded Count on
Combine Climb
Cause Contributed
Carol Count off
Crate Creaturize
Currycomb Carve
Clean up Coafforest
Cocoon Creed
Crafted Circle
Chastise Calibrate
Crack down Curl
Clamor Clothe
Crane Chaff
Come with Clatter
Cess Cosy
Chit Count
Chamber Come down
Call back Credit
Craft Celestify
Crase Coerce
Crew Cage
Communicated Crache
Coagment Chat
Cere Crack up
Cut through Coil
Compel Contribute
Conveyed Change
Cranny Choke
Come by Craze
Culls Conserved
Chameleonize Cabinet
Cell Confuse
Clap Cognition
Cumber Cleave
Capitalized Composed
Chace Chaperone
Click Circumflex
Cultivated Cook
Cupel Chorus
Convert Cut up
Cicurate Currie
Controlled Circinate
Cover Conceptualized
Calm Chew up
Cog Craven
Come apart Circuit
Cache Calver
Classified Circummure
Cacuminate Cozy
Cake Come for
Come across Centre
Crack out Charge
Curtain Cough
Curdle Chaired
Clarified Check
Camp Cajole
Calcinate Come between
Cast Credence
Cancel Censor
Cry off Curtsy
Cleftgraft Calculate
Cranch Customized
Close off Certificate
Corrected Coarsen
Call off Calenture
Cinch Chagrin
Campaigned Calque
Coannex Calm down
Codle Coexist
Char Cullet
Cadger Close
Creep Chain
Command Cadence
Curr Come forth
Celebrate Close down
Crap Colour
Convinced Cross over
Control Continued
Consulted Centralized
Calendar Cumulate
Crankle Coadjust
Come around Conducted
Coffin Chop
Call down Consist of
Circumvolve Challenge
Clart Carry out
Clock out Crabsidle
Chapter Cuff
Clean Cohere
Conquer Celticize
Chant Come upon
Curative Cocker
Culture Chalk
Cockle Complete
Crake Closed
Come forward Channel
Cube Circumvest
Cobble Curable
Calk Class
Cremate Cabalize
Clasp Chare
Ceil Choose
Curarize Completed
Chew Call in
Clem Cut out
Chum Contain
Cut down Coordinated
Circumnavigate Cleat
Center Cerebrate
Continue Cogitate
Caress Cut back
Chariot Come through
Collaborated Come
Cross out Circumscribe
Cherish Cement
Clarigate Concern
Chew out Count in
Caftan Chamfer
Coacervate Come about
Call on Cub
Claim Come from
Cuckold Circumduce
Coruscate Certify
Cease Could
Compete Come over
Circumrotate Come to
Come at Content
Clam up Come before
Calcule Calefy
Cramp Collect
Compiled Clank
Crab Chime
Character Cue
Clear Creosote
Concrete Cadge
Chide Carry off
Cense Chuckle
Cull Coagulate
Cinchonize Curry
Centuple Chap
Circumcise Coach
Cut Come round
Call away Callet
Come away Co-authored
Cheer Cut off
Craunch Cock
Crank Conceived
Cool Champ
Chill out Counsel
Communicate Chair
Cohabit Chafing

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Verbs  Starting With C

  1. Calculate
  • Meaning: Determine mathematically.
  • Example: He calculated the total cost.
  1. Call
  • Meaning: Contact via phone.
  • Example: She called her friend.
  1. Calm
  • Meaning: Make peaceful.
  • Example: The music calmed the baby.
  1. Camp
  • Meaning: Live temporarily outdoors.
  • Example: They camped by the lake.
  1. Cancel
  • Meaning: Annul or void.
  • Example: The event was canceled.
  1. Capture
  • Meaning: Seize or take.
  • Example: The photographer captured the sunset.
  1. Care
  • Meaning: Look after.
  • Example: He cares for his plants.
  1. Carry
  • Meaning: Transport or hold.
  • Example: She carried the groceries.
  1. Carve
  • Meaning: Cut into a shape.
  • Example: He carved the wood into a sculpture.
  1. Cast
  • Meaning: Throw or project.
  • Example: She cast the fishing line.
  1. Catch
  • Meaning: Capture or intercept.
  • Example: He caught the ball.
  1. Cause
  • Meaning: Induce or bring about.
  • Example: Pollution causes harm.
  1. Celebrate
  • Meaning: Mark an occasion.
  • Example: They celebrated their anniversary.
  1. Challenge
  • Meaning: Test abilities.
  • Example: The puzzle challenged her mind.
  1. Change
  • Meaning: Make or become different.
  • Example: They changed the room’s layout.
  1. Charge
  • Meaning: Demand payment.
  • Example: The store charged for delivery.
  1. Chase
  • Meaning:
  • Example: The cat chased the mouse.
  1. Chat
  • Meaning: Talk informally.
  • Example: They chatted over coffee.
  1. Check
  • Meaning: Verify or inspect.
  • Example: He checked the engine’s condition.
  1. Cheer
  • Meaning: Encourage or support.
  • Example: Fans cheered the team.
  1. Cherish
  • Meaning: Treasure or hold dear.
  • Example: She cherishes her family memories.
  1. Chew
  • Meaning: Bite and grind with teeth.
  • Example: He chewed his food thoroughly.
  1. Chill
  • Meaning: Cool or refrigerate.
  • Example: Chill the drinks before serving.
  1. Choose
  • Meaning: Select or decide.
  • Example: She chose the red dress.
  1. Chop
  • Meaning: Cut into pieces.
  • Example: He chopped the vegetables.
  1. Circle
  • Meaning: Move in a loop.
  • Example: The plane circled the airport.
  1. Claim
  • Meaning: State as a fact.
  • Example: He claimed victory.
  1. Clap
  • Meaning: Strike hands together.
  • Example: The audience clapped loudly.
  1. Clean
  • Meaning: Make neat and tidy.
  • Example: She cleaned the house.
  1. Climb
  • Meaning: Go up or ascend.
  • Example: They climbed the mountain.
  1. Close
  • Meaning: Shut or seal.
  • Example: He closed the door gently.
  1. Coach
  • Meaning: Train or instruct.
  • Example: She coached the soccer team.
  1. Coat
  • Meaning: Cover with a layer.
  • Example: He coated the cake with icing.
  1. Code
  • Meaning: Write computer programs.
  • Example: She coded a new app.
  1. Collect
  • Meaning: Gather or accumulate.
  • Example: He collected stamps.
  1. Color
  • Meaning: Apply colors.
  • Example: The children colored the drawings.
  1. Combine
  • Meaning: Merge or unite.
  • Example: Combine the ingredients.
  1. Come
  • Meaning: Move toward or arrive.
  • Example: They came to the party.
  1. Comfort
  • Meaning: Provide consolation.
  • Example: She comforted her friend.
  1. Command
  • Meaning: Give an order.
  • Example: The officer commanded his troops.
  1. Comment
  • Meaning: Express an opinion.
  • Example: He commented on the news.
  1. Commit
  • Meaning: Pledge or engage.
  • Example: She committed to her goals.
  1. Communicate
  • Meaning: Share or exchange information.
  • Example: They communicated effectively.
  1. Compare
  • Meaning: Note similarities or differences.
  • Example: Compare the two versions.
  1. Compete
  • Meaning: Strive against others.
  • Example: They competed in the race.
  1. Complete
  • Meaning: Finish or fulfill.
  • Example: He completed the project.
  1. Compose
  • Meaning: Create or form.
  • Example: She composed a new song.
  1. Comprehend
  • Meaning: Understand or grasp.
  • Example: He comprehended the complex theory.
  1. Conceal
  • Meaning: Hide or cover up.
  • Example: She concealed the gift.
  1. Concentrate
  • Meaning: Focus or direct attention.
  • Example: Concentrate on your work.

Action Verbs Starting With C

  1. Calculate – Compute
  2. Call – Summon
  3. Capture – Seize
  4. Carry – Transport
  5. Carve – Sculpt
  6. Cast – Throw
  7. Catch – Grab
  8. Categorize – Classify
  9. Cause – Provoke
  10. Cease – Stop
  11. Celebrate – Commemorate
  12. Challenge – Dare
  13. Change – Alter
  14. Charge – Accuse
  15. Chase – Pursue
  16. Chat – Converse
  17. Check – Verify
  18. Cheer – Encourage
  19. Cherish – Value
  20. Chew – Masticate
  21. Chill – Cool
  22. Choose – Select
  23. Chop – Cut
  24. Circle – Encircle
  25. Clap – Applaud
  26. Clean – Sanitize
  27. Climb – Ascend
  28. Close – Shut
  29. Coach – Train
  30. Coat – Cover
  31. Code – Program
  32. Collect – Gather
  33. Color – Tint
  34. Combine – Merge
  35. Come – Arrive
  36. Comfort – Console
  37. Command – Order
  38. Comment – Remark
  39. Commit – Dedicate
  40. Communicate – Convey
  41. Compare – Contrast
  42. Compete – Rival
  43. Complete – Finish
  44. Compose – Create
  45. Comprehend – Understand
  46. Conceal – Hide
  47. Concentrate – Focus
  48. Condemn – Denounce
  49. Conduct – Lead
  50. Confess – Admit

Positive Verbs That Start With C

  1. Care – Provide attention and concern.
  2. Caress – Touch gently and lovingly.
  3. Celebrate – Acknowledge joyously.
  4. Champion – Support vigorously.
  5. Charm – Delight or enchant.
  6. Cheer – Encourage or hearten.
  7. Cherish – Treasure affectionately.
  8. Choose – Select with preference.
  9. Clarify – Make clear or understandable.
  10. Cleanse – Purify or make clean.
  11. Climb – Ascend with effort.
  12. Collaborate – Work together cooperatively.
  13. Comfort – Offer solace or reassurance.
  14. Commend – Praise or applaud.
  15. Commit – Dedicate oneself wholeheartedly.
  16. Communicate – Share thoughts effectively.
  17. Compliment – Express praise or admiration.
  18. Concentrate – Focus with purpose.
  19. Conclude – Finish with success.
  20. Contribute – Give or add positively.
  21. Cooperate – Work jointly.
  22. Coordinate – Organize harmoniously.
  23. Craft – Create with skill.
  24. Cradle – Hold protectively.
  25. Create – Bring into existence.
  26. Cultivate – Develop or improve.
  27. Cuddle – Embrace affectionately.
  28. Cure – Heal or restore.
  29. Customize – Tailor to preferences.
  30. Cherish – Hold dear.
  31. Cheer – Brighten or uplift.
  32. Chuckle – Laugh softly.
  33. Clarify – Explain clearly.
  34. Clean – Make neat.
  35. Climb – Ascend or rise.
  36. Comfort – Ease or console.
  37. Compliment – Admire or praise.
  38. Compose – Create calmly.
  39. Conserve – Preserve or protect.
  40. Construct – Build positively.
  41. Contemplate – Consider thoughtfully.
  42. Contribute – Add value.
  43. Convalesce – Recover health.
  44. CooperateWork together.
  45. Coordinate – Arrange efficiently.
  46. Counsel – Advise wisely.
  47. Craft – Make skillfully.
  48. Create – Produce imaginatively.
  49. Cultivate – Nurture or grow.
  50. Cuddle – Snuggle affectionately.

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Verbs that beginning with C

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