Verbs that start with G in English

Verbs that start with G are a great way to expand your English vocab. There are many verbs in the English language that begin with the letter ‘G’ and can be used to convey action or state of being. Let’s take a look at some of these verbs and their definitions.

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Verbs That Start With G

Gossip Get out
Gun Go along
Gather Grant
Guillotine Govern
Glorify Garrisoned
Goddamn Go for
Gag Give up
Give way Grow
Grouse Go away
Germinate Go under
Gutted Granulate
Gloss Greet
Get to Grapple
Grass Gain
Guerdon Go across
Get after Goad
Go on Go off
Grovel Get around
Graze Get on
Gear Give back
Gouge Gyrate
Gargle Gained
Ground Gurgle
Grieve Grinned
Get across Get over
Go together Gallivant
Give in Grew
Give Get together
Glisten Guffaw
Glove Get used
Generated Gull
Grunt Globalize
Glide Get away
Grace Go
Garland Glamorize
Garrote Get down
Guard Get it
Gallop Garb
Go after Guest
Give out Gnaw
Go back Get by
Get into Gladden
Gawk Gild
Glamour Grow up
Glue Go before
Go out Glean
Groom Game
Give forth Gulp
Guarantee Go past
Garden Garble
Guide Go through
Geld Go without
Grill Google
Gangrene Go towards
Giggle Get behind
Grub Go at
Generate Glance
Guess Gin
Gauge Go around
Glare Garnish
Get ahead Get back
Governed Glimmer
Gush Grimace
Graduate Get with
Go up Garner
Grind Get in
Grab Gratify
Gad Get off
Grasp Go about
Go by Glad-hand
Ginger Grok
Gape Grade
Group Gravel
Glow Gloat
Gear up Gasp
Go down Go to
Go forward Gesticulate
Get along Go with
Get onto Gab
Gaze Go round
Go against Gash
Gift Give off
Gut Gobble
Gird Go in
Galvanize Grin
Grope Groan
Grate Glaze
Grain Gesture
Gnash Give over
Get through Ghost
Get Graduated
Gentle Grumble
Go below Graft
Grip Gang
Gussy Grubstake
Glister Go ahead
Grit Get at
Gravitate Grease
Get up Go over
Glad Get about
Graunt Gleam
Glory Give away
Go into Guzzle
Generalize Gamble
Groove Glimpse

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Verbs Starting With G

1. Gather

  • Meaning: To collect or assemble items together.
  • Example: She gathered seashells along the beach.

2. Grasp

  • Meaning: To grip something firmly.
  • Example: He grasped the rope tightly.

3. Glare

  • Meaning: To stare in an angry or fierce way.
  • Example: The cat glared at the intruder.

4. Glide

  • Meaning: To move smoothly and effortlessly.
  • Example: The skater glided across the ice.

5. Grow

  • Meaning: To increase in size or amount.
  • Example: The plant grew rapidly.

6. Generate

  • Meaning: To produce or create something.
  • Example: The windmill generates electricity.

7. Greet

  • Meaning: To give a polite acknowledgment.
  • Example: She greeted her guests warmly.

8. Guess

  • Meaning: To estimate or suppose without sufficient information.
  • Example: He guessed the answer correctly.

9. Gallop

  • Meaning: The fastest pace of a horse.
  • Example: The horse galloped across the field.

10. Gaze

  • Meaning: To look steadily and intently.
  • Example: She gazed at the stars.

11. Guard

  • Meaning: To protect or watch over.
  • Example: He guards the treasure.

12. Glow

  • Meaning: To emit a steady light.
  • Example: The lamp glowed softly.

13. Grant

  • Meaning: To agree to give or allow something.
  • Example: The wish was granted.

14. Grind

  • Meaning: To reduce something to small particles.
  • Example: He grinds the coffee beans.

15. Groan

  • Meaning: To make a deep sound in response to pain or despair.
  • Example: He groaned in discomfort.

16. Gobble

  • Meaning: To eat quickly and greedily.
  • Example: She gobbled up her lunch.

17. Gaze

  • Meaning: To look at something for a long time.
  • Example: He gazed at the painting.

18. Gesture

  • Meaning: To move one’s hands as part of communication.
  • Example: She gestured for them to come closer.

19. Glisten

  • Meaning: To shine with a sparkling light.
  • Example: The dew glistened on the grass.

20. Glue

  • Meaning: To stick things together using an adhesive.
  • Example: He glued the pieces of the vase.

21. Govern

  • Meaning: To rule over or manage.
  • Example: She governs the town efficiently.

22. Grip

  • Meaning: To hold tightly.
  • Example: The climber gripped the rope.

23. Groove

  • Meaning: To enjoy or take pleasure in something.
  • Example: They grooved to the music.

24. Guess

  • Meaning: To make an assumption or prediction.
  • Example: I guess he’ll arrive by noon.

25. Gamble

  • Meaning: To take a risk for a potential gain.
  • Example: He gambled at the casino.

26. Garnish

  • Meaning: To decorate or embellish food.
  • Example: She garnished the dish with herbs.

27. Gasify

  • Meaning: To convert into a gas.
  • Example: The plant gasifies coal for fuel.

28. Gauge

  • Meaning: To measure or estimate.
  • Example: He gauged the distance accurately.

29. Gel

  • Meaning: To become like a gel.
  • Example: The mixture gelled into a solid.

30. Generalize

  • Meaning: To make a general statement.
  • Example: He tends to generalize about people.

31. Gesticulate

  • Meaning: To use dramatic hand movements.
  • Example: He gesticulated wildly during his speech.

32. Gift

  • Meaning: To give something as a gift.
  • Example: She gifted him a watch.

33. Gild

  • Meaning: To cover with a thin layer of gold.
  • Example: The frame was gilded beautifully.

34. Gird

  • Meaning: To encircle with a belt or band.
  • Example: He girded his waist with a rope.

35. Give

  • Meaning: To present voluntarily without expecting something in return.
  • Example: She gave her time to help others.

36. Gladden

  • Meaning: To make joyful or happy.
  • Example: The news gladdened his heart.

37. Glance

  • Meaning: To take a quick look.
  • Example: He glanced at his watch.

38. Glean

  • Meaning: To gather information bit by bit.
  • Example: She gleaned facts for her report.

39. Glide

  • Meaning: To move smoothly and continuously.
  • Example: Birds glide in the air.

40. Glint

  • Meaning: To give off a small, bright light.
  • Example: The sun glinted off the lake.

41. Gloat

  • Meaning: To show excessive pleasure at one’s own success.
  • Example: He gloated over his victory.

42. Glorify

  • Meaning: To praise or honor.
  • Example: They glorify the heroes.

43. Gloss

  • Meaning: To give a smooth, shiny surface.
  • Example: She glossed her lips.

44. Glow

  • Meaning: To emit a soft light.
  • Example: Fireflies glow in the dark.

45. Gnaw

  • Meaning: To bite or chew on something persistently.
  • Example: The dog gnawed on the bone.

46. Go

  • Meaning: To move or proceed.
  • Example: Let’s go to the park.

47. Goad

  • Meaning: To provoke or annoy someone.
  • Example: He goaded his friend into arguing.

48. Gobble

  • Meaning: To eat something hurriedly.
  • Example: The children gobbled the cookies.

49. Govern

  • Meaning: To control or direct.
  • Example: The laws govern the country.

50. Grapple

  • Meaning: To engage in a close fight or struggle.
  • Example: Wrestlers grapple in the ring.

Action Verbs Starting With G

  1. Gallop (Speed)
  2. Gamble (Risk)
  3. Gather (Collect)
  4. Gaze (Look)
  5. Generate (Create)
  6. Gesture (Signal)
  7. Giggle (Laugh)
  8. Give (Donate)
  9. Glide (Slide)
  10. Gloat (Boast)
  11. Glow (Shine)
  12. Glue (Adhere)
  13. Gnaw (Chew)
  14. Go (Move)
  15. Gobble (Devour)
  16. Govern (Rule)
  17. Grab (Seize)
  18. Grade (Evaluate)
  19. Graduate (Advance)
  20. Grant (Allow)
  21. Grasp (Hold)
  22. Grate (Shred)
  23. Gravitate (Attract)
  24. Greet (Welcome)
  25. Grill (Cook)
  26. Grimace (Frown)
  27. Grind (Crush)
  28. Grip (Clutch)
  29. Groan (Moan)
  30. Groom (Clean)
  31. Groove (Dance)
  32. Grow (Cultivate)
  33. Growl (Snarl)
  34. Grumble (Complain)
  35. Guarantee (Promise)
  36. Guard (Protect)
  37. Guess (Speculate)
  38. Guide (Lead)
  39. Gush (Spout)
  40. Guzzle (Drink)
  41. Gyrate (Spin)
  42. Garnish (Decorate)
  43. Galvanize (Motivate)
  44. Gesticulate (Express)
  45. Glamorize (Beautify)
  46. Glance (Peek)
  47. Glean (Extract)
  48. Glitter (Sparkle)
  49. Glorify (Praise)
  50. Goad (Provoke)

Positive Verbs That Start With G

  1. Galvanize (Inspire)
  2. Garner (Accumulate)
  3. Garnish (Embellish)
  4. Gaze (Admire)
  5. Generate (Produce)
  6. Gift (Present)
  7. Giggle (Chuckle)
  8. Gild (Enhance)
  9. Give (Contribute)
  10. Glad (Cheer)
  11. Glamorize (Adorn)
  12. Gleam (Shine)
  13. Glide (Sail)
  14. Glisten (Sparkle)
  15. Glitter (Twinkle)
  16. Glorify (Honor)
  17. Glow (Radiate)
  18. Graduate (Complete)
  19. Grant (Bestow)
  20. Grasp (Understand)
  21. Gratify (Please)
  22. Greet (Salute)
  23. Grin (Smile)
  24. Grow (Expand)
  25. Guarantee (Assure)
  26. Guard (Defend)
  27. Guide (Direct)
  28. Gush (Flow)
  29. Gyrate (Twirl)
  30. Gallop (Hurry)
  31. Gamble (Venture)
  32. Gather (Assemble)
  33. Gesture (Motion)
  34. Glorious (Majestic)
  35. Genuine (Authentic)
  36. Gentle (Soft)
  37. Gifted (Talented)
  38. Gracious (Kind)
  39. Gregarious (Sociable)
  40. Groom (Prepare)
  41. Ground (Stabilize)
  42. Groove (Enjoy)
  43. Guarantee (Ensure)
  44. Guess (Predict)
  45. Guild (Organize)
  46. Gush (Exuberate)
  47. Guzzle (Consume)
  48. Glimmer (Glow)
  49. Gloss (Polish)
  50. Gladden (Delight)

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Verbs that beginning with G

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