Verbs that start with I in English

Verbs that start with I in English are not as abundant as some other alphabets, but there are still several words for one to learn. Some of these verbs could be used to describe a certain action, while others may have an alternative meaning and can be used in different contexts. In this article, we will take a look at all the verbs starting with I in English and their various uses.

Verbs That Start With I

Imagined Inter
Invaginate Introduced
Inure Irk
Invented Imbed
Interject Interdepend
Insinuate Immolate
Indite Informed
Innervate Iodinate
Incite Imitate
Intubate Infant
Influenced Implicate
Interpenetrate Inebriate
Infest Ideate
Institute Infuse
Interlink Inherit
Infix Invite
Incline Impel
Intrust Intoxicate
Indue Inch
Interlude Importune
Interpret Introduce
Infringe Infer
Interchange Itemized
Incurvate Immunize
Immerge Impeach
Intumesce Intimidate
Improve Induce
Issue Instance
Indemnify Iron
Interest Incorporated
Imperil Impose
Inseminate Industrialize
Isolate Import
Intermarry Insufflate
Infect Immigrate
Illuminate Incriminate
Invigorate Idolize
Interbreed Impanel
Inspan Implode
Injure Impact
Invalidate Identify
Interviewed Inconvenience
Inveigh Inactivate
Impale Indicate
Inhibit Illustrated
Inculpate Impart
Itinerate Initialize
Imbrue Interiorize
Illume Inventoried
Intersect Increased
Investigated Intertwine
Instantiate Imagine
Investigate Interlard
Initiate Installed
Intern Imbue
Iodize Interfere
Indwell Internationalize
Inflame Itemise
Initiated Incense
Insert Isomerize
Invade Inflict
Intermingle Interlope
Intervene Intrude
Inoculate Incubate
Inscribe Instructed
Instil Ink
Imprison Involve
Interdict Input
Insure Innovated
Inveigle Introvert
Intercept Incapacitate
Indoctrinate Include
Illegalize Interweave
Indurate Index
Image Instruct
Inset Inflate
Interconnect Ingratiate
Iterate Impend
Invalid Inhabit
Ignore Immaterialize
Inosculate Incarnate
Intermit Ignite
Inhume Immerse
Intercalate Impound
Impute Impress
Incarnadine Intimate
Inquire Inform
Invoke Intervened
Ice Inclose
Interrogate Intercede
Incommode Interlay
Intrigue Improvised
Instituted Interstratify
Inspect Impoverish
Implant Impregnate
Interrelate Inject
Immortalize Illumine
Infiltrate Indispose
Imbibe Inflect
Introspect Intensify
Inspire Improved
Incandesce Incise
Infatuate Invoice
Instigate Illustrate
Inhere Itch
Inweave Inculcate
Incrust Influence
Inundate Imbricate
Interrupt Iron Out
Ingraft Inspissate
Increase Inlay
Imprint Instrument
Intend Imprecate
Immobilize Insulate
Induct Inspirit
Instill Intone
Implemented Irradiate
Indorse Immix
Implore Intermediate
Indent Indict
Irrupt Infuriate
Insist Imply
Illtreat Incinerate
Interleave Institutionalize
Incorporate Interlock
Insolate Idealize
Intellectualize Instal
Immure Infuscate
Insult Impugn
Identified Implement
Intromit Interpose
Initial Irrigate
Integrated Intrench
Idle Invest
Incur Inventory
Install Ingest
Intensified Invigilate
Interview Internalize
Inspired Integrate
Ingurgitate Italicize
Innovate Immingle
Irritate Intuit
Impair Imported
Introject Invent
Ingrain Inhale
Incarcerate Interpellate
Individualize Impinge
Indenture Impede
Interact Intermix
Intersperse Itemize
Interlace Intercommunicate
Indulge Infract
Incase Individuate
Inspected Interpolate
Improvise Italianize
Impersonate Intonate
Interpreted Inaugurate

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Verbs Starting with I

1. Illuminate

  • Meaning: To light up or make clear.
  • Example: The candles illuminate the room beautifully.

2. Illustrate

  • Meaning: To explain or make something clear through examples.
  • Example: Diagrams illustrate the concept well.

3. Imagine

  • Meaning: To form a mental image or concept.
  • Example: Can you imagine a world without music?

4. Imitate

  • Meaning: To copy or mimic someone or something.
  • Example: Children often imitate their parents.

5. Immerse

  • Meaning: To deeply engage or involve oneself.
  • Example: She immersed herself in learning French.

6. Impact

  • Meaning: To have a strong effect on something.
  • Example: The policy impacted economic growth.

7. Impair

  • Meaning: To weaken or damage something.
  • Example: Alcohol can impair judgment.

8. Implement

  • Meaning: To put into effect.
  • Example: We need to implement these changes soon.

9. Implicate

  • Meaning: To show someone to be involved in a crime.
  • Example: Evidence implicates him in the crime.

10. Implore

  • Meaning: To beg earnestly for something.
  • Example: He implored her to stay.

11. Imply

  • Meaning: To suggest something indirectly.
  • Example: Are you implying I am wrong?

12. Import

  • Meaning: To bring goods or services into a country.
  • Example: We import coffee from Brazil.

13. Impress

  • Meaning: To make someone feel admiration and respect.
  • Example: His knowledge impressed the panel.

14. Improve

  • Meaning: To make something better.
  • Example: She improved her skills through practice.

15. Include

  • Meaning: To make someone or something a part of a whole.
  • Example: The package includes all necessary tools.

16. Incorporate

  • Meaning: To include or combine parts into a whole.
  • Example: They incorporated his suggestions into the plan.

17. Increase

  • Meaning: To make or become larger.
  • Example: The company plans to increase production.

18. Indicate

  • Meaning: To point out or show.
  • Example: Signs indicate the exit routes.

19. Induce

  • Meaning: To cause something to happen.
  • Example: Medication can induce sleep.

20. Infect

  • Meaning: To contaminate with a disease-causing substance.
  • Example: The virus quickly infected the population.

21. Inflate

  • Meaning: To fill something with air or gas.
  • Example: Inflate the balloon gently.

22. Influence

  • Meaning: To have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something.
  • Example: His speech influenced public opinion.

23. Inform

  • Meaning: To give information to someone.
  • Example: Please inform us of any changes.

24. Inhabit

  • Meaning: To live or reside in.
  • Example: Many species inhabit the rainforest.

25. Inherit

  • Meaning: To receive (money, property, or a title) as an heir.
  • Example: She inherited the house from her grandparents.

26. Initiate

  • Meaning: To begin or start something.
  • Example: The program was initiated last year.

27. Inject

  • Meaning: To introduce (a substance) into the body using a syringe.
  • Example: The doctor injected the vaccine.

28. Injure

  • Meaning: To do harm or damage to someone or something.
  • Example: He injured his leg playing soccer.

29. Innovate

  • Meaning: To introduce new methods, ideas, or products.
  • Example: The company is known for innovating.

30. Inquire

  • Meaning: To ask for information.
  • Example: He inquired about train schedules.

31. Insert

  • Meaning: To place or fit inside.
  • Example: Insert the key into the lock.

32. Insist

  • Meaning: To demand something forcefully.
  • Example: She insisted on paying for dinner.

33. Inspire

  • Meaning: To fill with the urge or ability to do or feel something.
  • Example: His bravery inspired others.

34. Install

  • Meaning: To place or fix (equipment or machinery) in position ready for use.
  • Example: They installed new software on my computer.

35. Insult

  • Meaning: To speak to or treat with disrespect.
  • Example: His comments insulted her.

36. Integrate

  • Meaning: To combine one thing with another to form a whole.
  • Example: The program integrates theory and practice.

37. Interact

  • Meaning: To communicate or be involved directly.
  • Example: Children learn to interact socially at school.

38. Intercept

  • Meaning: To stop, seize, or interrupt (a communication or course).
  • Example: The police intercepted the stolen goods.

39. Interest

  • Meaning: To arouse curiosity or concern.
  • Example: This book interests me.

40. Interpret

  • Meaning: To explain the meaning of something.
  • Example: She interpreted the data for us.

41. Interrupt

  • Meaning: To stop the continuous progress of an activity or process.
  • Example: Please don’t interrupt while I’m speaking.

42. Intervene

  • Meaning: To come between so as to prevent or alter a result or course of events.
  • Example: The government intervened in the crisis.

43. Interview

  • Meaning: To conduct a formal meeting with someone.
  • Example: He was interviewed for the job.

44. Introduce

  • Meaning: To bring something into use for the first time.
  • Example: The company introduced a new product.

45. Invent

  • Meaning: To create or design something that has not existed before.
  • Example: She invented a useful gadget.

46. Invest

  • Meaning: To put money into something to gain a profit.
  • Example: He invested in stocks.

47. Investigate

  • Meaning: To carry out a formal inquiry or examination.
  • Example: Police are investigating the incident.

48. Invite

  • Meaning: To ask someone to go somewhere or do something.
  • Example: They invited us to their wedding.

49. Involve

  • Meaning: To include as a necessary part or result.
  • Example: The job involves a lot of travel.

50. Irritate

  • Meaning: To annoy or make someone angry.
  • Example: Loud noises irritate me.

Action Verbs Starting with I

  1. Illuminate – Enlighten
  2. Illustrate – Demonstrate
  3. Imagine – Visualize
  4. Imitate – Copy
  5. Immerse – Engulf
  6. Impact – Affect
  7. Impair – Weaken
  8. Implement – Execute
  9. Implicate – Involve
  10. Implore – Beg
  11. Imply – Suggest
  12. Import – Bring-in
  13. Impress – Dazzle
  14. Improve – Enhance
  15. Include – Incorporate
  16. Incorporate – Integrate
  17. Increase – Amplify
  18. Indicate – Signal
  19. Induce – Provoke
  20. Infect – Contaminate
  21. Inflate – Expand
  22. Influence – Persuade
  23. Inform – Notify
  24. Inhabit – Reside
  25. Inherit – Receive
  26. Initiate – Begin
  27. Inject – Introduce
  28. Injure – Harm
  29. Innovate – Invent
  30. Inquire – Question
  31. Insert – Embed
  32. Insist – Demand
  33. Inspire – Motivate
  34. Install – Establish
  35. Insult – Offend
  36. Integrate – Combine
  37. Interact – Communicate
  38. Intercept – Block
  39. Interest – Engage
  40. Interpret – Explain
  41. Interrupt – Disrupt
  42. Intervene – Mediate
  43. Interview – Question
  44. Introduce – Present
  45. Invent – Create
  46. Invest – Finance
  47. Investigate – Examine
  48. Invite – Summon
  49. Involve – Include
  50. Irritate – Annoy

Positive Verbs Starting with I

  1. Illuminate – Brighten
  2. Illustrate – Clarify
  3. Imagine – Dream
  4. Imitate – Emulate
  5. Immerse – Submerge
  6. Impact – Influence
  7. Impart – Convey
  8. Implement – Fulfill
  9. Impress – Awe
  10. Improve – Better
  11. Incentivize – Motivate
  12. Include – Embrace
  13. Increase – Grow
  14. Indulge – Pamper
  15. Influence – Shape
  16. Inform – Enlighten
  17. Innovate – Revolutionize
  18. Inspire – Uplift
  19. Instruct – Teach
  20. Integrate – Unify
  21. Interact – Socialize
  22. Interest – Captivate
  23. Interpret – Translate
  24. Intervene – Assist
  25. Introduce – Launch
  26. Invest – Commit
  27. Invigorate – Energize
  28. Invite – Welcome
  29. Invoke – Summon
  30. Involve – Engage
  31. Ionize – Charge
  32. Iron – Smooth
  33. Irrigate – Water
  34. Itemize – List
  35. Iterate – Repeat
  36. Idolize – Admire
  37. Ignite – Light
  38. Immortalize – Eternalize
  39. Immunize – Protect
  40. Impel – Drive
  41. Imperil – Endanger
  42. Implore – Beseech
  43. Importune – Urge
  44. Impregnate – Fertilize
  45. Imprint – Mark
  46. Inaugurate Initiate
  47. Incite – Stir
  48. Incline – Lean
  49. Incorporate – Merge
  50. Increase – Expand

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Verbs that beginning with I

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